Sambo was a lazy coon, ’t is wel wat, die cantusliedjes in het rugby. Voor de derde helft, zoals ze zeggen.

Er bestaat blijkbaar ook een navy-versie van:

Sambo was a lazy coon
Who went to sleep in the afternoon
So tired was he
So tired was he.

Off to the jungle he did go
Swinging his chopper to and fro
When along came a bee
A fucking great bumblebee.

Fly away you bumblebee
I ain’t no rose
Get off my nasal
Get off my fucking nose.

Arse ‘ole rules the navy
Arse ‘ole rules the navy
Arse ‘ole rules the navy.

If you want some fanny
You fuck my granny
But you’ll get no arse of me, oi!