En nog in de serie wat krijgen we nu? — Half Life 2 komt eraan!

First Half-Life 2 Screens?
4/22/2003 10:22 PST | Half-Life | by
Fragmaster | 10 Comments
Is this really Half-Life 2? Scans from the next PC Gamer are starting to leak out… we’re not completely sure that these are legit, but decide for yourself:

UPDATE: We had to pull these scans at PC Gamer’s request.

I hate to editorialize here, but I think giving Half-Life 2 “exclusives” to print magazines first wasn’t exactly the smartest move. Who the hell reads ‘em anymore? Circulation numbers are way down, you can get the same kind of content online more quickly and for free, and when mags do get a rare scoop, scans ALWAYS leak out. I’m sure you’ll be able to find complete scans of the article elsewhere very shortly.

So instead of presenting nice, clean screenshots and well written articles to the online fans, the most hardcore fans of the game, we instead get lots of rumors, speculation, and horrible low-quality scans.

Eens zoeken op tinternet.