Het was op alle nieuwsuitzendingen: het amerikaanse leger (fuck “coalition”, ik wil wel toegeven tot “anglo-amerikaans leger”, maar da’s al) heeft eindelijk gevonden waarvoor ze de oorlog aan het voeren zijn.

Weapons of Mass Destruction! Gifgas! Mosterdgas! Sarin! Heelder bommen vol! Lange-afstandsraketten met anthrax! Of toch zeker middellange afstand! Of postduiven of zo! Maar zeker met sarin! Gifgas! Van massavernietiging!!

Of wacht, euh, neen. ’t Was onkruidverdelger. Oops:

“We don’t have any extraordinary finds at this point while we’re still looking,” CentCom spokesman US Brigadier General Vincent Brooks told a news briefing.

He expressed confidence that the US forces would eventually find the proof they were looking for.

Maar bon, ondertussen zijn ze er toch zo zeker van dat er nog wapens van massavernietiging liggen, dat de soldaten blijbaar niet eens hun gasmaskers meer mee moeten doen:

In a further sign that US commanders are unconcerned about an Iraqi nuclear, biological or chemical attack, they ordered forces near Baghdad on Monday to shed their protective gear.

“It’s great to have them off,” Lieutenant Colonel Fred Padilla, commander of the 1st Marines Battalion, said after his troops stripped down to lighter camouflage garb.

Padilla said an order to take off the cumbersome and hot protection suits had come down from his superiors.

“They made an assessment and they determined there was not a serious threat right now,” he said.