Dat waren de tijden:

  1. The disk limit is as of now 50 x 2.88 megabytes or 2,915,328 bytes.
    This equates to a total of 144 megabytes of compressed data or
    145,766,400 bytes. Using 2.88 megabyte archives enables us to keep the
    standard 8 character filename with a 3 character extension. This will
    also help contribute to the elimination of the ‘missing disk’
    phenomenon, plaguing end-users worldwide. Acceptable compression
    formats at this time are ACE or RAR, followed by the traditional
  2. Every release under this limit will be a functionally and playably
    complete game. This means that included will be every component
    necessary for the successful completion of the game (every level, track,
    course and other NECESSARY component).
  3. Sound effects WILL and MUST be included.
  4. Intros, Outros and Cut-Scenes should be removed if the size of the
    release is 40 x 2.88 disks or more with them included. Intros should
    NOT be iuncluded in a Movie Add-On, only Cut-Scenes and Outro (aka
    End-Scene) should be included. Animation files, such as .SMKs, should
    be “framed” and not blacked out. Re-indexing of large files, should
    consist of an actual re-index instead of just creating a file full of
    0’s, (which doesn’t change the actual file size, but allows it to
    compress to virtually nothing), thus promoting more quality minded rips
    and cracks.
  5. Only 2 Add-Ons should be released per game. Each Add-On should be no
    more than 25 x 2.88 megabyte archives.
  6. A brief outline of what has been stripped from the game should be
    clearly stated in the game-release .NFO, as well as information as to
    whether or not Add-Ons can be expected.
  7. Children’s games (aka Kiddie games) and Edutainment software do not
    qualify under THE FACTION’s guidelines for acceptable releases.
  8. In regard to games distributed in the United States that are LATER
    distributed in Europe or vice versa under the same or different name /
    publisher. These games if released AFTER another group’s release are
    counted as DUPES unless it can be proven that there is a clearly
    noticeable PLAYABLE difference in the latter release (eg. new levels,
    enhanced graphics, or other new features).
  9. Fully cracked Update Patches and Trainers are highly regarded, though
    they are not the responsibility of any group (including that of which
    released the original game.) If 2 trainers from the same or different
    groups are released for 1 game, this does NOT qualify as a dupe unless
    the latter trainer provides no new features over the prior trainer.
  10. Admittance to THE FACTION is done on an invite / vote-in basis. The
    group invitation must be proposed before ALL current FACTION member-
    group representatives, and the corresponding vote must be undertaken by
    ALL FACTION member-group representatives. This council operates in a
    purely democratic manner and all parties therein have upon joining,
    agreed to follow all stated guidelines of this Declaration of Scene
    Independence. Today is not only a new dawn in the games scene, but our
    Independence Day where differences are at least temporarily put aside
    and our unity re-consolidated.

This document was signed & approved on October 17th, 1998 by the following
individuals, representing their respective groups:

Mr.Skill – [CLASS] – ZEUS [PARADIGM] – The Punisher [RAZOR 1911]

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4 reacties

  1. Een warez groupke waar ge aan meegedaan hebt? Of waar ge veel van hebt gezien? Of die in die tijd heel bekend waren? 144meg voor 1998 is toch ne propere rip. Ik weet niet hoeveel CD’s Command&Conquer Generals normaal is, maar ik heb ne “rip” die 1 cd groot is. Met alle filmkes erin. Het extracten duurt wel een dik uur, tis gewoon mega-gecompressed. Impressive stuff!

  2. Zoiets als Fairlight (FLT) en Damn nu dus. Ik dacht dat gij al uw software kocht? Later, als ik geld heb (hoort mij) zal ik dat denk ik ook wel doen. Nochthans, ik ken ne kerel van dik in de 40 en die draait dag en nacht een ftp server bij hem thuis, niet te geloven wat daar op staat. Makkelijk 500 gigabyte.

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