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My “Undocumented ColdFusion MX 6.1” Presentation

Kijk eens aan.

As requested, I have posted a FlashPaper version of the “Undocumented ColdFusion MX 6.1” presentation that I have used in user group presentations. The URL is http://www.forta.com/cf/resources/flash/CFMX_61_Undocumented.swf. This presentation keeps evolving, each time I discover or am informed of something new of interest I try to include it (the update date is on the title page). If you have any additional tips, or find that any of the content is incorrect or no longer work, let me know.
[Ben Forta’s Blog]

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  1. jaja, zeer wijs, maar zouden we toch niet beter in java of .net zelf doen dan? 🙂 coldfusion is bijna zo in elkaar gehackt als onze dingen 🙂

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