Jazeker! Mijn vertrouwen in het internet is weer helemaal opgekrikt.

In the fine tradition of I can eat glass, it will not harm me, and other Internet Rosetta Stone projects, here is a page on which you will find many translations of “Oh my god! There’s an axe in my head.”

Greek: hristo mou! eho ena maheri sto kefali mou!
Tagalog: Ay Dios ko! May palakol sa ulo ko!
Danish: Oh min gud! Der er en oekse i mit hoved.
Afrikaans: O God! Daar’s ’n byl in my kop!
Polish: O Moj Boze! Mam siekiere w glowie!
Maori: Ave Te Ariki! He toki ki roto taku mahuna!
Italian: Dio mio! C’e’ un’ ascia nella mia testa!

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