dat ’t in klingonsch beter es. Outline voor The Tempest, naar het engels terugvertaald van het origineel tlhIngan Hol:

Prospero, a once vigorous warlord, has sunk to the study of magic and religion. Sidetracked, he is swept away in a crucial battle against traitorous allies and finds himself on an island, ruled by a witch. They have a passionate encounter, and she expires, overwhelmed by his inner warrior’s spirit. Foolishly, blindly, he continues on with the study of magic.

Her son, the noble Caliban, seeks adoption into Prospero’s clan. Diligently he attends Prospero and the pursuit of arms, while feigning bondage to magic. Prospero’s daughter despises him for not being vigorous enough, his true nature hidden by his patient planning.

Then, a ship with the traitors is washed ashore.

There is a stunning confrontation, where Prospero finally heeds Caliban’s words and discards sorcery and religion for the truth of a warriors arms. Shoulder to shoulder they fight and triumph over all enemies. Caliban is adopted by marriage into Prospero’s clan and they make a triumphant return to the mainland, sweeping all enemies before them, their fierce warrior hearts openly expressed. [bron]

Veel en veel beter dan het weak-ass “origineel“.