Gisteren was het nog allemaal redelijk duidelijk, maar nu zijn ze het er bij de NASA gelijk niet meer over eens:

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An Unusual Event Over South Wales
Credit & Copyright:
Jon Burnett


Jon Burnett, a teenager from
South Wales,
UK, was photographing some friends
skateboarding last week when the sky did something very strange.

By diverting his camera, he was able to
document this rare sky
and capture one of the more spectacular
sky images yet recorded.

Roughly one minute later, he took
another picture of the dispersing trial.

What is it? Experts disagree. The first guess was
a sofa-sized rock that exploded as a daytime
fireball, but perhaps a
better hypothesis is an unusual airplane contrail reflecting the
setting Sun.

Bright fireballs
occur over someplace on Earth nearly every day.

A separate bolide,
likely even more dramatic,
struck India only a few days ago.