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More Photoshop tips from Gnomie Melissa!

That’s it. Ik unsubscribe van die lockergnome-lijsten. Nee maar:

More Photoshop tips from Gnomie Melissa!

Want to zoom in or out?
After pressing the zoom icon on the toolbar, by default it is showing the plus (which is zooming in). Press Alt (for Windows) or Option (for Mac) to get the minus sign – this will allow you to zoom out of the picture.

Deselecting without using the mouse
You can deselect the infamous marquee (or what is called “marching ants”) by hitting Ctrl-D. This works the same in the Mac version, too.

Cut, paste, copy
You know you heard these terms used in Windows, right? The simple shortcut commands work in Photoshop as well. Ctrl-C is copy, Ctrl-X is cut, and Ctrl-V is paste. These also work in Mac’s version.

[Lockergnome Webmaster Weekly]

Komaan zeg, wat nog allemaal? De mensen zo als idioten behandelen!

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  1. Ze daarbij niet beledigen is het fijnere werk, of op den duur vertwijfeling…

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