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New Mac OS nukes external drive

Grappig. ’t Moet niet altijd Microsoft zijn die de boter opgegeten heeft hé.

The new Mac OS upgrade, X 10.3, called “Panther,” has a serious bug that makes Microsoft’s security problems look like a picnic: many users have reported that external FireWire hard disks are erased when they upgrade! This is a particularly nasty surprise, obviously, especially as external hard drives are what people are likely to use to backup date before an OS update. [Secular Blasphemy]

Ugh, ik moet er niet aan denken:

“Panther has managed not only to lose my iTunes Library and my iPhoto Library, but also their backups kept on — you guessed it — my external FireWire hard disk,” reported John Irvine on Apple’s discussion forums. “I’ve lost ALL of my baby pictures for my two small children. My children’s BABY PICTURES…. I’m astonished…. It’s a monster.”

Ik ga straks al mijn foto’s naar DVD backuppen, goed geweten.

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  1. In combinatie met de LG CD-ROM drives die door Mandrake 9.2 ge-fried werden, is dit weer een mooi staaltje van “in your fucking face, microsoft bashers!”

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