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Geen Nigeria

Nee meneer, ’t is nu Congo geworden, en helemaal op de modale Belg afgestemd:

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is MR JAN VONDEL, a legal practitioner resident in Brussels Belgium, and I am a foreign solicitor to COL. EEDY KAPEND who was the army spokesman and special aide to the late PRESIDENT LUARENT KABILA of the democratic Republic of Congo 1997-2001.

I am contacting you in benevolent spirit; utmost confidence and trust to enable us provide a solution to a money transfer of US$42M( Forty Two Million Dollars) that is presently putting my client (Col. Eddy Kapend) and his family into great disarray. You may be quite surprised at my sudden contact to you but do not despair. I got your contact from a business website on the Internet. So, I am contacting you due to the urgency required for us to immediately transfer the said funds from Cotonou, Republic of Benin where the funds are currently kept in a vault in a private security COMPANY.

When PRESIDENT LAURENT KABILA came to Power May 1997 following a rebellion against former dictator MOBUTU SESE SEKO, he recovered millions of dollars from Mobutu Sese Seko, which nobody knew of except Col. Eddy kapend who was a special aide to him. Out of the money, he left US$140M in the Apex bank of Congo escrow account for further transfer into a foreign account and the sum of US$42M (Forty Two million Dollars) was secretly lodged in private security vault in Cotonou. He did not disclose to them the content of the boxes. To the security outfit, they believe he has TREASURY BILLS AND BEARER BONDS, this does not call for any alarm, as there is no possible way they could find out and more so, because he used PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (PIN) for the lodging, therefore, it is 100% risk free and the Security Firm also issued him with a Certificate of deposit of the consignments. Note that I have all these information in my custody.

The US$140M has been investigated by the investigating agency from the Apex bank of Congo escrow account under the present administration of Kabila’s son, but was unable to discover the later, which he kept in the vaults. This is because he used (PIN) to lodge in the funds instead of his name and thus is not traceable.

The only person who has the information about the funds is Col. Eddy Kapend who was special aide to President Kabila and he is presently put in detention by the current President of Congo for alleged involvement in the killing of Late Laurent Kabila. Now that COL. EDDY KAPEND and his solicitor and close associates are in detention, I believe I owe his entire family, to make sure they have good life, because from all indications, Eddy Kapend might remain in jail for the rest of his life or be assassinated and all he has acquired will be confiscated and the immediate arrangement to move the funds into a safe foreign account for investments.

With the present situation, I cannot lay claims; it is based on this that I am making this contact with you. I have done a thorough home work and fine tuned the best way to create you as the bona fide beneficiary to enable you lay claims once the funds is transferred. Be rest assured that the modalities I have resolved to finalize this project guarantees our safety and the successful transfer of the funds. So you will be absolutely right when you say that the project is risk free and viable. If you accept and are willing to assist me, please contact me at once through my email address as specified in my email to you as above.

I am presently undercover and I will be traveling to Cotonou to monitor the process transferring the funds as quickly as possible. As a solicitor I will effect the legal changes from the first party (Col. Eddy Kapend) who actually lodged the funds to your name as the beneficiary. Upon receipt of a positive response from you, I shall commence work on the change of beneficiary name and I will give you more details on the procedure we shall follow. For your assistance, we are ready to give you 20% of the total funds after transfer and invest a reasonable percentage into any viable business you may suggest.

Please, I need your assistance to make this happen. I depend on you for this to happen. It will be a source of upliftment to you. You have absolutely nothing to lose in assisting us instead; you have so much to gain here on earth and in heaven.

Awaiting your urgent and positive response.

Best regards,


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  1. Mijn brievenbus duwen ze ook vol met dit soort onzin…

    Zouden er echt mensen bestaan die hierop reageren ?

  2. Yep, helaas. Volgens Snopes, de authoriteit op het gebied van scams en hoaxes en urban legends:

    The Nigerian scam is hugely successful. According to a 1997 newspaper article:

    “We have confirmed losses just in the United States of over $100 million in the last 15 months,” said Special Agent James Caldwell, of the Secret Service financial crimes division. “And that’s just the ones we know of. We figure a lot of people don’t report them.”

  3. Hello, I hope you can read english. I to, have experianced this same scam, by a person under the name of Zentel. He is posing as Col. Eddy Kapend’s lawyer. I have been researching to find out these things, and came across your web log. I live in the United States, and fortunatly I did not send any money to him! Good Day to you sir. Rose

  4. Hello, I hope you can read english. I to, have experianced this same scam, by a person under the name of Zentel. He is posing as Col. Eddy Kapend’s lawyer. I have been researching to find out these things, and came across your web log. I live in the United States, and fortunatly I did not send any money to him! Good Day to you sir. Rose

  5. Hello, I hope you can read english. I to, have experianced this same scam, by a person under the name of Zentel. He is posing as Col. Eddy Kapend’s lawyer. I have been researching to find out these things, and came across your web log. I live in the United States, and fortunatly I did not send any money to him! Good Day to you sir. Rose

  6. Hi from England,
    I received email from peterzentel this week re the above. I am so please I checked out his clients name and found your article. I do not speak your language but I understood enough to understand the word scam! I told him I had no money! Thank you.

  7. From America,
    i recieved the letter from peter zentel. luckilly i did some research and found this site. also watch out for a similar letter from Barrister Edwin Herbert. I could not find any information on him, so i have a feeling that this is a scam also!!

  8. From America,
    i recieved the letter from peter zentel. luckilly i did some research and found this site. also watch out for a similar letter from Barrister Edwin Herbert. I could not find any information on him, so i have a feeling that this is a scam also!!

  9. I have recieved a letter from this zental dude and deciced to do research I knew it didn’t sound right

  10. Is die meta-spam? :p

  11. Recieved an email from Peter Zentel on January 16, 2005. I played along for amusement. He told me I needed to fly to Malaga, Spain to secure the transaction. I live in the U.S.

    Peter’s email address started out as: pzlaus8@yahoo.no

    Suddenly, his next reply comes from: peterzentelaus@yahoo.co.uk

    These people will get caught one day.

  12. want to thank you very much for your prompt response and the willingness to assist us in transferring the funds in question. What I require from you in this transaction is maximum cooperation through its duration. As you already know, I am presently making final negotiations with the Private Security Deposit Firm in London to affect changes on the beneficiary name and to transfer the funds. So, there is need for us to commence at once. Most importantly, due to the sensitive nature of this transaction and for the safety of my client’s family, we must at all times and at every situation treat this transaction with a very high level of confidentiality.

    SOURCE OF FUNDS: My client generated the funds in question from the legal sales of copper and diamonds even though he recovered millions of dollars with President Laurent-Desire Kabila from former dictator Mobutu Sese Seko. The funds he made from the sales were deposited in cash with a Private Security Deposit Firm in London for future investments. Therefore this transaction is 100% risk free. Please note that it is only my client and his family that has knowledge of this transaction and has the entire information, it is not normal for him to lay claims now that the incumbent government has sentenced him to death in connection with the assassination of President Laurent-Desire Kabila. Most of my client’s assets have been confisticated and the funds cannot to left with the Private Security Deposit Firm to waste away. Since my client, cannot personally handle it due to his present predicament, he has mandated me to take care of the entire transaction with a complete foreigner who is capable of investing the funds into viable business ventures. The reason why we need to execute this transaction with a foreigner is to avoid unnecessary exposure. Therefore, there is need for absolute cooperation and confidentiality.

    MODE OF TRANSFER: The mode of transfer has been perfectly worked out to ensure a successful and hitch free transaction. Since the said funds is in cash and with a Private Security Deposit Firm in London, I have made negotiations and arrangements with the Firm to change the beneficiary name from my client’s name to your name as the new beneficiary. The Security Deposit Firm will prepare a transfer of ownership from the first party who actually deposited the funds (my client) to the beneficiary name that you will provide. Your attention will be required and is important to lay claims on the funds as the beneficiary and put the funds into the banking system.

    I have also concluded arrangements with my proxies at the security firm where the funds is lodged on the best way to successfully convey the funds as consignments out of London to a safe place Belgium where the transaction can be successfully completed without raising any eyebrows. According to them, Belgium would be the most appropriate since they have good banking facilities and connections to facilitate the transfer of the funds there. This is why we need to finalize the entire transaction in Belgium.

    There are several requirements I need to fulfill before the consignments can be successfully conveyed. Firstly, I have insured the consignments against any risk, paid for the demurrage from the time the consignments was lodged till date, I am also in the process of finalizing arrangements/payments to air freight the funds as consignments via diplomatic means to Belgium under your name as the new beneficiary of the funds. You can see that this is not an easy task for me to fulfill. To achieve this I took loan and mortgaged my family properties and my only hope of paying back will be after we have successfully concluded the transaction. So, we cannot afford to fail and if you know that you are not going to be committed and dedicate time, kindly let me know now but if you are fully ready to embark on the transaction with me to the end, confirm to me at once so that I can go ahead to finalize all arrangements in our favour.

    MODALITIES: Once all necessary arrangements/documentations have been finalized, the consignments would be conveyed to the Belgium at once and as soon as it arrives, you shall be contacted as the beneficiary to lay claims to the consignments. At this point we shall both meet in Belgium to finalize everything and as soon as they have made contact with you, I will need you to contact me so that I can co-ordinate my travelling arrangements to meet with you

    Please strongly note that these funds will be conveyed via diplomatic means from London to Belgium under the care of diplomatic agents that will ensure that the consignments are properly cleared from the Belgian customs and delivered to you. They will also guide you to open a transit domiciliary account in Belgium so that as soon as the consignments are cleared, the funds will be deposited into the new account that you have opened for further transfer to your nominated bank account..

    REQUIREMENTS: All that we require from you to conclude this transaction includes

    (1) The complete name, address, telephone and fax numbers you intend to use as the beneficiary. This will enable me prepare an agreement that will bind us in this transaction and in the area of investments. More so, it shall be used in preparing documents that will enable you claim the ownership of the funds

    (2) Most importantly, you will be required to take care of your travelling expenses and other miscellaneous expenses (tax payment required by the Belgian Government in order to clear consignments when they arrive Belgium) that will be required from you by the diplomatic agents in Belgium. These expenses will equally be deducted and reimbursed back to you before sharing. We strongly believe in a fair deal.

    If you have considered this transaction has something you are competent enough to handle, then you can confirm the above requirements in your return reply to me. On receipt of the above information from you, it will take not later than three working days to conclude the entire arrangements with the Private Security Firm and after everything is concluded at their end, they will communicate with you immediately so that you can coordinate your travelling arrangements to be in Belgium upon confirmation that the consignments have arrived there under your name as the beneficiary.

    For security and confidentiality reasons, I will make no attempt to call you using land based telephone, which is routinely bugged and monitored; the only safe telephone is the satellite phone. You can call me on my cell phone number +27-728086672 or on my satellite telephone number ++871-761356762 or fax number ++871-761356764 for more details and clarifications. You can reach me through these numbers by dialling your international access code before the satellite numbers. If you experience any difficulties, please consult your international telephone operator for assistance.

    Thank you once again for your interest and willingness to participate in the successful execution of this transaction. Do not forget to realize that we both stand to benefit enormously from the success of this transaction. Therefore a genuine commitment is required from you. I hope to have a good business relationship with you as I wait to hear from you again soonest.

    Best regards,

    PETER Zentel

    CEL: ++27-728086672

    TEL: ++871-761356762

    FAX: ++871-761356764

  13. To all who have received this email from peter zentel.

    Do not send this person any money at all. I sent this person 6,000 us dollars, because i thought it was a real transaction. Peter Zentel claims to be a barrister representing the family noted in the paragraph.I lost this money and had to file bankruptcy and lost everything i owned. Peter says to me that he will refund my money and so far has not.
    don’t believe everything you read.
    I would like to find this person and kick his ass myself.
    thank you

  14. Hello to all who receive this email from peter Zentel, OR Jan Vondel ect.
    Do not, and i repeat DO NOT!!!!! send this person any money. This is the way the transaction goes=
    Peter zentel will either have you open an account in a offshore banking system or he will have you fly to were ever to sign the papers to become the benificerary of the funds. I couldn’t fly over so i did the transaction by internet and fax. Once Peter sent me the documents to sign and fax back to him, and so i complied. I also set up a bank account to a bank in Nevis called “FIRST OCEANIC CREDIT UNION” The firm who was holding the Funds in Question, then emails you (ATLAN TRUST)the amount you are to send by western union which comes up to the amount of 2700 british pounds(5400 us dollars).Once you send the money ,they will Fax you a kind of receit with signatures and posted stamps on it and then you have to fax peter the receit for his personal records. This so-called bank will then fax you a document stating that 48million us dollars is in deposite through wire transfer. Peter will then ask for a copy of that fax as well. Peter Zentel will then email you a bank account to transfer 100.000 us dollars so he can make arrangements to meet you in the usa. By this time you overjoyed by the progress you have made. So in my case i thought that i was in the clear, called into work and started to look at 400,000dollar homes to purchase with the money i was going to receive.
    But here’s were this becomes very weird. Once you try to wire some money the bank emails you back and states that the money cannot be transfered because the FMU Financial monitoring unit has place the account on hold. I’m like (WHAT THE F**K is this peter). This dumb ass plays stupid, and then says” i have no idea what is going on?” let me consult with my proxies and see. Peter calles you back stating that because the september 11 tragity all accounts in high numbers are placed on hold in suspect of terriorism. The united states government is the one who issued the hold on terriorist accounts not the fmu from london england
    The fmu then calls you and faxes you a document in which you have to pay 26,000 us dollars for an icc(identification claim certificate). So this didn’t sound right to me, so i took this to the keybank and they assured me that this was a Scam.
    Dam it!! I borrowed the money, and because i bought a brand new truck two months earler, i couldn’t pay everything back at once. I lost everything because this good for nothing coward of a man Peter Zentel.
    OOO. But it gets better, less than 5 months later i emailed him from a different email address and he contacted me with the same Bullshit story.
    And then on top of that, Peter Called my house not knowing who it was, and said that the amount i would have to send would be 25,000 euro’s(almost 33,000 us dollars). So i played along and then he had a man from different place (MR Douglas smith) from Magala spain saying, that i had to make arrangements to fly over and sign the documents and papers and bring the 25,000 euro’s.
    with me. Needless to say i called peter from work and he called me about 3am on my cell phone.
    peter said he was in the process of wraping up the transaction and he would fly over to meet with me in the united states to refund the money i had lost. On top of that, Peter also said he would give 500,000 to restart my life.
    To make a long story short, Peter Zentel eventualy found out it was me from the start and began to curse me out. I still talk to Peter and have Comunication with him on a monthly basis.
    But one Question i have for Peter if i ever see to kick his ass. WERE IS THE MONEY YOU PROMISED ME PETER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And to all who read this, Please be wise about your way and be careful,because anything can catch you off gaurd and ruin your life.
    Feel very free to email me if you have any Question at (Jodnn25@netzero.net)
    thank you

  15. I have had the same experiance a sthe John person, I lost 18,000 and a very close friend. I hope that they catch him and he is punished for what he has done. I would like to kick his ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. To all People who reads this, and to everyone who acknowleges what i have wrote in the past about Peter Zentel. I herby take everything i said about this man and truly appologize to him and his family for my selfish ambishions. It was my own greed and behavior that led me to write a false statement about a man i never met before.
    Peter Zentel is honest hearted barrister,who is only doing what is in his nature, to help people who he cares for. I will Admit to one thing, and that is, I am by far the one who needs to be punished for my wrongful acts toward this man.
    He was in need of help, and no one would help him, because someone has to write one bad thing about another, and it causes doubt in ones heart.
    It was anger as well, and the big reason why peter wouldn’t return my emails, because i insulted him.
    This man is not. I REPEAT, IS NOT A SCAMMER!!!!!!
    Please disregard the things i wrote about him.
    I pray for forgiveness by GOD and Forgiveness from PETER ZENTEL a very close friend.

  17. To everyone
    let’s not hold our breath about a speech!!!!!!

  18. I really hope to reconsider what i have written about mr Zentel.
    Peter Zentel is not only a scammer but a lier and a cheat. Mr zentel told me that if i pulled what i wrote about him on this website, he would infact refund my money to me in full, because he explained that he finalized this SO-CALLED transaction in the amount 48, million dollars.
    every week i call him to ask about the money and i get the same excuse everytime, more or less peter’s just procrastinating. I’ve been receiving emails from viewers stating that, they have been getting the same story as i had.About this transaction. BOLOGNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IF peter finalized a transaction, why are peter getting emails on finalizing this transaction.
    I have a question for peter and everyone who reads this, because peter does in fact go to this website.
    Any bank can transfer 48, million over to euro dollars in a matter of seconds. how’s come it take almost a month peter!!!!!!! because you never finalized a transaction. THIS TRANSACTION IS FAKE!!!!!!!!!
    Don’t become friends with someone you’ve never met before.
    And now i not only lost 6,000 dollars but now i have to pay outrageous phone bill from calling him.I LOST EVERYTHING BY A MERE TRUST AND GUT FEELING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    DON”T SEND THIS MAN ANY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    your truly











  21. hello to all, i’m very sorry to say these ,things about to say about peter zentel but i have no choice.

    mr zentel sent me all the information about this transaction, and assured me that this was a infact a transaction.
    I fell for it and now because of this stupid transaction, i lost almost 92,000 dollars.I thought that this transaction would help out for the better, i guess i’m stupid for fallig for this.this was my life saving, since the age of
    16.65 years old and retired. i hope to really warn all of you people about Peter Zentel.
    don’t send him any money, because you get screwed from someone you’ve never met.
    please someone catch him so i can get my retirement money back
    I just hope this reaches you in the mean time.
    thank you henry

  22. Well, well, well,

    If Peter Zentel is not a scammer then he is a good lier.
    I contacted mr zentel many times to try and get my money back, but, he kept blowing me off all the time.
    So he said that he would send me a money order in the amount of 16,000 dollars and then another one a week later in the amount of 50,000 for compensation.
    A week went by and nothing happend, and then the week after i recieved an express letter with the money orders in them.. these people must think i’m stupid or something!!!!

    The money orders were very fraudulent, and so i had them sent to the proper authoities.

    The thing that gets me the most, is why it takes so long for the united states to act when someone gets scammed. I work hard, i pay taxes, i live an honest life, I contiune to as WHY????

    Well i hope someday when they do put mr zentel in jail that i would recieve the money back.
    YEA RIGHT!!!!!!!!!

    Everyone who reads this has been forwarned.
    have a nice day.

  23. Have the police caught this peter zentel guy yet.
    I look forward to the day when that happens.
    Maybe these lazy people in nigeria will finally work to make a living, instead of scamming hard working people all the time.

    It’s not right for them to talk advantage of people and get away with it.

    Law enforcement must take him into arrest, and hold charges for him,

    What do you think? It’s only my opion.

    Maybe someday they will arrest peter!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Hello to everyone, have they caught this peter zentel guy yet? Or if thats his real name?

    It’s been a year since the loss of my 6,000 dollars and still i haven’t heard anything back.
    I guess i lost that money for an unworthy cost.

    but if anyone has any information regarding this scamm, please contact me asap by email.
    thank you

  25. Hello peter Zentel , i know your out there, i hope you can read this, I hope you get what you deserve. How about jail? If you are still scamming people, you will get it in the end and you have only one person to blame. YOU!!!!!!!!

    If anyone receives anything from any scammer report them immediatly, The nigerian scams are those men who just want to sit on there lazy asses and take advantage of hard working people here in the united states.
    And i really hope a nigerian scammer reads what i have to say, ” BECAUSE IT’S TRUE”!!!!!!!!
    GET A JOB AND DO SOME HONEST WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. For anyone would have contact info on this Peter Zental, Harriman Peters, Maurice Cruz, Oman. Please don’t hestitate to email me. I would to have there heads place on my desk, stuffed and put in my trophy room. Peter if you every get a chance to read this before my people find you. I have more money for you. I have $3,000,000.00 for the disposal of yourself. mail me

  27. Hello everyone, just wanted to touch base on the case of mr zentel.
    This man really messed up my life. I had to file bankruptcy because of this, but i’m happy to report, I have a clearer understanding on how these nigerian scams work. Where i’m weak in understanding makes me a stronger person. Peter zentel took money from me, because of a spoof promise of riches, AND I WAS THE SUCKER!!!!!!!!!!
    I really don’t know where he’s at, Maybe in jail, i don’t know, I hope he learns his lesson.
    There is a lesson to be learned in trusting someone you haven’t met before,DON’T TRUST SOMEONE OVERSEAS. Well who ever reads this can learn from my experince, who knows maybe my money will someday be returned to me.
    Have a nice day.
    John denney

  28. I don’t see why all this fuss is about.
    I’ve send Mr. Zentel 10.000 £ Sterling two months ago and last week i recieved via diplomatic means from London to Belgium the sum of 1.250.000 £ as first payment of twelve whitout all the hassle Mr. Denney described.
    Maybe Mr. Denney should try once more ? It certainly worked fine by me! 😉

  29. *Hem helemaal zot krijgen*

  30. Hello to all, It’s been along time since my last message i wrote. I really hope that mr zentel(or if that’s his real name) comes forward with the money i sent him. I know times are hard according to the bible in GODS WORD. I’m not mad or unpset in any way. But just Come forward and talk to me, let me know what’s going on. Mr zentel did infact take 6000 us dollars from me, because i thought that it was a legitimate transaction. But mr zentel did very wrong things in running away. YOU can contact me peter at j-s-denney78@netzero. net if you have the gull to answer me.
    Thank you

  31. Peter Zentel, de man die via meeuwen kon communiceren.

  32. Het liedje over de 419 scam ooit gezien?
    Het heeft bijna te maken met nationale trots 🙂

  33. Like you, my ex boyfriend and I have also been fooled by Peter Zentel in 2003. We had lost $2000.

    Yesterday just by curiosity I have typed peter Zentel on google then I saw your comments. Just wanted to know whether he has been caught yet or not?



  34. It all started in 2003. My ex boyfriend and I, we were studying in Russia when one day my ex boyfriend got that common and popular email. It was so convincing and also we were very young and got fooled by this Peter Zentel. We lost our $2000 which we were saving for our university fees.

    I just hope that this man goes to hell or leads a very painful and diseaseful life.

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