Is Powell nu een idioot, een slachtoffer of een vuige hypocriet?

  • 12 februari: “The policy of the administration is not regime change, President Aristide is the elected president of Haiti.”
  • 17 februari: “We cannot buy into a proposition that says the elected president must be forced out of office by thugs and those who do not respect law and are bringing terrible violence to the Haitian people.”
  • 26 februari: “He (Aristide) is the democratically elected president, but he has had difficulties in his presidency, and I think (…) whether or not he is able to effectively continue as president is something that he will have to examine.”
  • 27 februari: “(He should) examine the situation he is in and make a careful examination of how best to serve the Haitian people at this time”.
  • 29 februari: “(Arisitide was) an individual who may have been elected democratically but was not governing effectively or democratically”.

Tja. Zoals The Guardian zei over dat laatste: “Were it not for the fact that Aristide has at least won a couple of elections, Powell could have been talking about President Bush.”