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It gets worse before it gets better

Zo is het maar net. In het begin is alles zeer eenvoudig en enorm wijs om bij te leren (programmeren, photoshop, fotograferen, genealogie), en dan is er een lange periode van bijleren met van tijd tot tijd een speed bump:

It seems that the longer you stick with a particular hobby or profession, the more complicated things get. In digital photography, once you get past that initial thrill of being able to view, edit, and print your own photos, you start to become aware of subtleties like the fact that certain colors on your monitor don’t match what is printed. You do some research and it seems that there is something called “color management” or “ICC profiles” that can fix your problem, but the whole concept seems almost like snake oil, or worse… some foreign language only spoken by rocket scientists.

Over the gamut and through the woods: colour management uitgelegd. [via Digital Photography Blog]

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  1. Alvast leuk om te lezen. En herkenbaar!

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