Soms komt er nog eens goeie spam binnen:

Believe in God, the best mathematician of the world

Good evening,

My name is Pierre Boisjoli from Montreal and I developed a mathematical model by tensors between 1982 and 1984 which joins economy, social sciences and politic to explain the destiny of the world. I gave the model to the President of International Conference of Social Action in August 1984. Gorbachev used it to split the USSR and I saved the world.

I had a very difficult life because my family stool me the money from the heritage of my parent and I cry against them. They putted Motorcycle gangs against me. I am like a lonely wolf against the beast.I wrote my story on the web at the address . Texts are in french; it is my first language. 

To understand who I am, I invite you to read the Interpretation of King Nabucodonosor dream reported by the prophet Daniel in the Old Testament. The two legs of the statue are the freedom and efficacity for capitalist world and solidarity and social justice for communist world and the pebble droped on the toe of the statue is my mathematical model.

I invite you to read my story and to write me at the address . I believe that mass destruction weapons are the sword of Apocalypse.

Thank you for your attention and may God bless you

Pierre Boisjoli
The Divine Counsellor

Somebody set us up the bomb! My family stool me the money!

In het frans is het beter leesbaar, maar bevestigt hij in hoofdstuk 26 wat hij in de e-mail ook al zei:

J’affirme que je suis le messie des juifs que le prophète Daniel a annoncé et j’ai développé la pierre qui a frappé l’orteil de la statue du rêve du roi Nabuchodonosor. La pierre est un modèle mathématique pour expliquer le comportement socio-économique du monde par les tenseurs de spatialité copié sur le modèle de rupture d’une roche soumise à une compression simple.

…en het aardige is dat hij een paar duizend jaar geleden misschien wel écht in een bijbelboek zou verzeild geraakt zijn.