Stupid, stupid people

Sometimes the mind boggles. No really. Sometimes it really, really does.

Imagine you’re a foreign national working somewhere in Belgium. Further imagine you were let go from that position, for reasons too tedious to go into right now.

What’s your next move? You’ve held a position at an arguably prestigious and certainly internationally renowned place, you’ve maybe worked on a huge contract for important clients, you’ve perhaps worked on an international team for some time.

Leverage that experience, right? Write an impressive CV and move on, right.

I don’t know about you, but my first move would not be to leave miffed comments on my ex-boss’ weblog.

Well, I say miffed… Starting on 11 October 2007 (“Die”, written as “tintin”), over “EVIL BITCH” on 11 June 2008, to yesterday’s choice comments “freak!!!!!!!!! unlucky sprogs tramp and unfit mother”, “DIRTY CUNT STILL FUCKIN AROUND WITH P”, “still cheatin on your husband” as “back stabbin” — there’s literally oodles where that came from.

I really don’t know, but I’m pretty sure that would not be my first move.

And, you know, Shane: I certainly wouldn’t be so career-suicidally stupid as to sign all my comments with my very own personal e-mail address. From an IP address that can be quite accurately traced.

[In case you were wondering: yes, we’re very sure of who it is, yes, we’ve been in touch with him to ask him to stop, and yes, he’s been reported to Yahoo abuse. And yes, he’s fecking lucky I didn’t feel particularly vindictive today. Any guesses as to how fast a post with his full name in the title would rise to the top of the relevant Google rankings?]


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