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YouTube – Gaggenau CX480-100 Full Surface Induction Cooktop
Premium German manufacturor Gaggenau introduce the revolutionary CX480-100 Full Surface Induction Cooktop. Featuring touch control LCD control panel.

YouTube – MTF Exclusive: Jamie Cullum on the Seaboard @ Music Tech Fest 2013
A meeting of creative minds: Jamie Cullum, Roli and RiffRaff Films join forces in this Music Tech Fest Special. Seaboard inventor and CEO of ROLI, Roland Lamb meets Jamie Cullum to demo The Seaboard, a new musical instrument which bridges the gap between acoustic and digital music by putting the control of pitch, volume and timbre right at your fingertips.

Tydlig – Calculator Reimagined for iPad & iPhone
Why do most iOS calculators look like someone taped an old plastic calculator to the screen? How come calculator apps still have buttons like MC/MR/M+/M- when there is enough room on modern devices to store all numbers you could ever think of? Tydlig starts with a clean sheet, then by only adding interface components that truly makes sense on iPhone and iPad it lets you focus on what really matters: your calculations.

FeministSoftwareFoundation / C-plus-Equality / source / sortingalternative.Xe — Bitbucket
/* The concept of 'sorting' things has long been a cornerstone of patriarchal *discrimination against women and PoC. To 'sort' objects according to some perceived 'value' is morally wrong and oppressive. Therefore a truly feminist algorithm cannot be based upon comparing values of 'objects'. Feminist sorting algorithms have to take various things into consideration: gender, race, the program's feelings and the current make-up of the objects to be sorted. To implement this, we use a progressive stack with added affirmative action. */

33 Jaw-Droppingly Stupid Multiple-Choice Questions from the Christian Education Curriculum | Alternet
This is what happens when you leave education to people for whom religious conversion is everything and learning is a distant afterthought.

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