Genre Snobbery Is a ‘Bizarre Act of Self-Mutilation’ | WIRED
Literary writers find their creativity hemmed in on all sides by close-minded attitudes about what a novel should be, and fantasy and science fiction writers find their work dismissed out of hand by large numbers of readers and critics. But the biggest losers are readers themselves. “It’s a bizarre act of self-mutilation to say that ‘I don’t get on with science fiction and fantasy, therefore I’m never going to read any,'” Mitchell says. “What a shame. All those great books that you’re cutting yourself off from.”

Google Is Beta Testing Its Answer To Header Bidding, Called ‘DFP First Look’ | AdExchanger
Google is beta testing a solution within DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) that will allow publishers to bring in high-value impressions before reserved inventory in their ad server.

How ISIS Spread in Syria and Iraq—and How to Stop It – The Atlantic
“It is perfectly true, as the philosophers say, that life must be understood backwards. But they forget the other proposition: that it must be lived forwards.” This observation was made in 1843 by the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard in a journal entry, but it might have been written about the contemporary Middle East. We have been living the Islamic State forwards, surprised at every turn, but we can perhaps begin to understand it backwards. Although ISIS took most of the world by surprise when it swept into the Iraqi city of Mosul in June 2014, the group and its forebears had been proclaiming their goals for a decade. Like many consequential events, this one didn’t sneak up on policymakers; they simply didn’t see what was taking shape in front of them. ISIS told us exactly what it was going to do, and then did it. This was a secret conspiracy hiding in plain sight.

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‘De Europese hypocrisie en schizofrenie over ggo’s moet stoppen’ – België –
En iedereen doet rustig mee. We mogen ggo's invoeren als dierenvoer (ongeveer 30 miljoen ton per jaar), maar we mogen het hier niet telen. Dat is de – op zijn zachtst gezegd – onlogische stand van zaken na de stemming in het Europees Parlement vanochtend. Het wordt tijd dat Europa luistert naar de wetenschappelijke adviezen van EFSA en niet naar ngo's en politici die hun ganse ideologie, van anti-globalisering tot anti-kapitalisme, projecteren op de problematiek van de ggo's. Je zou het kunnen vergelijken met de klimaatonderhandelingen in Parijs. Daar laat Europa toch ook zijn agenda niet bepalen door ontkenners van de klimaatopwarming en een stelletje gemarginaliseerde wetenschappers? Waarom doet ze dat dan wel in het GGO-debat? Want de wetenschappelijke consensus rond GGO is minstens even groot als deze rond klimaatopwarming.

Sinds wanneer wordt beleid immers gevormd door diegene die het luidst praat of door een buikgevoel en niet door wetenschappelijke argumenten op basis van objectieve data en heldere procedures?