Links van 24 december 2015 tot 2 januari 2016 Le journal d’Anne Frank est un cadeau.
Pour ce texte, pour ce témoignage, pour ce qu'il représente, pour ce qu'il permet de ne jamais oublier et pour ce qu'il permettra à tant de lecteurs de construire et de comprendre, je garde la conviction qu'il n'y a pas d'autre combat à mener que celui de sa libération, pas d'autre hommage à rendre que celui de son partage sans limite, pas d'autre place à lui accorder que celle qui lui revient de droit en le laissant s'élever ce jour dans le domaine public. Voici le texte original néerlandais au format epub (.epub), word (.doc), et texte (.txt)

The Discovery of Roscoe Holcomb and the “High Lonesome Sound” – The New Yorker
When Holcomb starts to sing in his loud, stick-straight, foghorn voice, my whole body shifts into a hyper-aware, overperceptive state: in the language of our age, this is called “being present,” but it feels more like “being electrified.” Suddenly, you see and feel everything. Comparable situations include being frightened (when, say, someone has followed you down a dark block), or, perhaps more generously, falling in love: nothing matters except whatever is happening directly in front of you. Cohen would eventually—and famously—describe this as “the high lonesome sound.” For years, he couldn’t even unpack his own response to it. “I thought it was modern, but also ancient. It was really rural, but appealed to my avant-garde tastes somehow,” he said. There was something in Holcomb’s playing that seemed to defy time while simultaneously confirming time, reiterating a continuum: “I was hearing a man confronting the dilemma of his own existence,” is how Cohen put it later.

When Chefs Come To Medical School, Doctors Learn Nutrition : Shots – Health News : NPR
Is your doctor your go-to for nutrition advice? Neither is mine. And why would I expect that? Fewer than a quarter of doctors say they've had sufficient training to provide nutritional advice to their patients, according to recent polls. We all know about the Hippocratic oath, but there's that other thing Hippocrates said: "Let food be thy medicine."

Feminist trouble | spiked
I am continually shocked and dismayed by the nearly Victorian notions promulgated by today’s feminists about the fragility of women and their naïve helplessness in asserting control over their own dating lives. Female undergraduates incapable of negotiating the oafish pleasures and perils of campus fraternity parties are hardly prepared to win leadership positions in business or government in the future.

Procedural modeling and procedural lighting. Shading is a mix of procedural and textures. Raymarched. You'll need a fast machine for this one.

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  1. Hoorde inderdaad op het nieuws dat de tekst van Anne Frank integraal op het net te vinden is, ondanks het feit dat volgens het Anne Frank huis de publicatierechten nog niet vervallen zijn ?

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