Ik krijg per abuis elke zoveel tijd een rapport van een golfclub in Engeland. De highlights van de laatste mail.

Desaster in het machinedepartement!

The Ford 2120 tractor went up in flames and is now scrap. The Bank Cutting machine needs an £1100 repair, the Rough Mower is unreliable and breaks down each time it is used…it has done 7000 hours. The clutch on the tractor they use for digging has gone and is beyond repair. The Semi Rough and fall back Banks Machine broke down on Friday.

De club staat te koop, en het lijkt er echt wel op dat ze het allemaal maar wat hebben laten aanmodderen:

Lyndon said that with all the plant & equipment breaking down at the same period it is obvious that a maintenance programme is either not in place, or has not been adhered too. [sic]

En vandalisme!

Louis was sad to report that someone had defaced the 8 th bunker by writing JOKE deep into the sand. This was totally out of order as there had been a very heavy rain-storm that morning making the maintenance of the bunkers impossible.

Lady Captain also reported that a wall in the ladies toilets had been defaced. She had cleaned it herself. She could not believe that it was one of our lady members, and suspected that the locker room was being used by external people at functions.

Inconceivable dat het een lid zou zijn, natuurlijk!

Eén dezer moet de club verkocht worden. Spannend!