How to Hold in Your Poop in Embarrassing Situations: 10 Steps
It’s harder to hold in poop if your muscles around your rectum are weak. If your nerves are damaged in that area, you might not even know a stool has come out. See a doctor in such cases.

The Boys of Brexit: Tony Blair and Nigel Farage – The New York Times
It seems like an impossible feat. But Tony Blair has done it. He has made himself even less popular in Britain.

Tony Blair Says the Left Has Lost Its Way – POLITICO Magazine
Tony Blair thinks Americans are way too worried about Donald Trump—and not enough about Bernie Sanders.

First “Blade Runner 2049” Reactions Are Ecstatic – Dark Horizons
oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy; "Denis Villeneuve’s “Blade Runner 2049” had its first screenings for press the other day, and while full reviews are not yet allowed – first social media reactions are now out. Here’s a sampling of the reactions from the journalists and critics in attendance, and the word is incredible with labels of it being a sci-fi masterpiece and one that could even be an awards contender. Certainly, the response is overwhelmingly positive."

God is een vluchteling – David Dessin | Polis
God is terug en woont in Europa. Ruim de helft van de migranten in de Europese Unie behoort tot het christendom. 13 miljoen van hen zijn afkomstig van buiten Europa (tegenover 12 miljoen moslims). Ook onder de recente vluchtelingenstromen zijn er veel christenen. Hoe kan het ook anders? Twee derde van de 2,2 miljard christenen woont buiten Europa, vaak als minderheden in door oorlog en honger bedreigde gebieden. Toch horen we daar amper iets over. Vanwaar die vreemde blindheid voor vervolgde christenen?