Hacking my body clock by getting up at 4am changed my life – for the worse | Arwa Mahdawi | Opinion | The Guardian
Please, fellow night owls, do not suffer like I did. Listen to your body; do not force yourself to be someone else. If someone invites you to a stupid breakfast meeting at a stupid hour, feel free to tell them No. Defend your chronotype and never let anyone disrespect your DNA.

» Hitchhiking the Galaxy Infocom-Style The Digital Antiquarian
Deel 2.

» The Computerized Hitchhiker’s The Digital Antiquarian
Deel 1.

» Elite (or, The Universe on 32 K Per Day) The Digital Antiquarian
Sometimes great works go unappreciated during their time. Other times their time knows exactly what they’re on about. The latter was the good fortune of Elite, Ian Bell and David Braben’s epic game of space combat, trading, and exploration.

‘Sociale sector heeft alle vertrouwen in Antwerps stadsbestuur verloren’ – Apache
Het Antwerps schepencollege heeft de tien sociale projecten die het op de private markt wilde aanbieden aan commerciële bedrijven terug toegewezen aan de oorspronkelijke uitvoerders in de non profit sector. Dit gebeurde al op vrijdag 6 oktober, maar hierover is vrijwel niets in de pers verschenen.

Staying awake: the surprisingly effective way to treat depression | Mosaic
Using sleep deprivation to lift people out of severe depression may seem counterintuitive, but for some people, it’s the only thing that works.