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Links van 13 augustus 2017 tot 15 augustus 2017

I’m An Ex-Google Woman Tech Leader And I’m Sick Of Our Approach To Diversity!
In the name of diversity, when we fill quotas to check boxes, we fuck it up for the genuinely amazing women in tech. And this makes me sick.

7 Traits of a Great CTO | ButterCMS
A great CTO can be a critical driver behind a technology company’s success — whereas a bad CTO can lead to stalled projects, high turnover, and poor quality software.. But what traits actually make up a great CTO? Generic characteristics like a strong work ethic have their place of course, but the role of a CTO is intricate, encompassing far more than just coding and project management.

De Standaard
De meeste bedrijven zijn niet klaar voor de nieuwe privacywet en ze zijn er zich zelfs niet bewust van. Ze riskeren hoge boetes. Voor de consument wordt het leuk.

Ad blocking is under attack
Yesterday a strange commit landed in the EasyList repo. The "functionalclam.com" domain was removed with a comment "Removed due to DMCA takedown request". An ad server was unblocked by all ad blockers due to a DMCA request. Let that sink in for a moment.

Google warns 700 publishers digital ads will be blocked by Chrome update | New York Post
Google has warned about 700 publishers that their current digital ads would be blocked from reaching consumers under the new Chrome browser system set to be introduced next year that will have much tighter ad-blocking software.

Links van 6 augustus 2017 tot 11 augustus 2017

Backreaction: Outraged about the Google diversity memo? I want you to think about it.
That leaked internal memo from James Damore at Google? The one that says one shouldn’t expect employees in all professions to reflect the demographics of the whole population? Well, that was a pretty dumb thing to write. But not because it’s wrong. Dumb is that Damore thought he could have a reasoned discussion about this. In the USA, out of all places.

SoundCloud faces do-or-die vote by investors | TechCrunch
SoundCloud has proven it can’t manage itself. It’s too damaged, too in debt and too far behind to thrive independently without a miracle turnaround. No matter what, the whole service is on shaky footing, so musicians may want to archive their audio and start promoting their presence somewhere safer.

How I, a woman in tech, benefited from sexism in Silicon Valley
I know you’re tired of hearing about that Google manifesto. Me too. I’ve read the memo. I’ve read Yonatan Zunger’s angry response and profoundly disagree with his opinion that the act of publishing it was “incredibly stupid and harmful”. I’ve read Megan McArdle’s essay and relate with her feeling of isolation as I’m often the only woman in an environment dominated by men. I’ve watched Damore’s interview and was struck by his sincerity and calmness even when the reporter was pushing him into corner. Throughout the entire process, I was deeply conflicted. As a woman in tech, I understand precisely what everyone is talking about. However, as a woman in tech who has experienced sexism to the point of accepting it as background noise, I have the feeling that we’ve been only addressing one side of the story. It’s the side where women are victims. I’m here to tell the story of how I, as a woman in tech, benefited from sexism and that men can be victims too.

UX brutalism
Forget seamless experiences. The Brutalist UX Framework™ creates rough edge moments that will make your users love you. A new type of experience based on neglect, and on user affinity caused by brutality.

Zebras Hate You For No Reason: Why Amdahl’s Law is Misleading in a World of Cats (And Maybe in Ours Too) – Jason Sachs
I started writing this article in December 2015, but put it on hold shortly thereafter, while working on the Padé delay article, and managed to free myself from the Kittens Game a month or two later. When I resumed working on this article a few weeks ago, I took some screenshots from the game and double-checked a couple of facts about it. Unfortunately now I’ve been sucked in again….

173 rejections while fundraising and we were considered successful
As I look back in our fundraising spreadsheets, I can count over 175 firms or individuals that turned us down. Often I’ll talk to first-time entrepreneurs that get frustrated after hearing their first five rejections. They think they are failing — that they won’t be able to raise the money they need. It is with mixed emotions that I tell them that they need an order of magnitude more rejections before they can consider their fundraising efforts unsuccessful. A dozen rejections are barely scratching the surface!

Links van 31 juli 2017 tot 6 augustus 2017

How to Build a Rumor – Rands in Repose
The rule for your team is, “In the absence of information, they will make up the worst possible version of the truth usually reflecting the worst fears.” This deceptively simple rule is the reason for many of the rumors in your team and at your company.

What is a “10x” Programmer?
Without a mental model, it's difficult to either work towards being a great programmer or identify such individuals when hiring. What follows is an (opinionated) attempt to distill some of the qualities that make a great programmer. In particular, this list emphasizes delivering value within an organization (as distinct from the pure craft of programming). The list is loosely sorted in ascending order of difficulty / rarity.

De Backer roept slachtoffers van camerahacking op klacht in te dienen – België – Knack.be
Hij was nochtans al op Datakamp, dus hij moest dat al vroeger geweten hebben. 🙂 "Tientallen Belgische gezinnen en bedrijven worden nog steeds via hun eigen bewakingscamera's of webcams begluurd. De camera's worden gehackt en de beelden worden op sites geplaatst die voor iedereen beschikbaar zijn, zo meldt de VRT woensdagavond."

Cost of lab-grown burger patty drops from $325,000 to $11.36 – ScienceAlert
Een oplossing voor vegetariërs! "Who’s up for a $325K burger made from cultured muscle tissue cells? Anyone? Last chance? You sure?  But just two years on, and scientists have announced a drastic cut in the cost of producing one of these patties, saying the price tag is now just a little more than $11 per burger, or $80 per kilogram of the meat. And the best part? The technique requires just a just a small piece of muscle to produce 10,000 kilos of lab meat."

What the ctenophore says about the evolution of intelligence | Aeon Essays
Ctenophores provide an extreme, striking example of what is probably a general pattern: just as eyes, wings and fins evolved many times over the course of animal evolution, so too have nerve cells. Moroz now counts nine to 12 independent evolutionary origins of the nervous system – including at least one in cnidaria (the group that includes jellyfish and anemones), three in echinoderms (the group that includes sea stars, sea lilies, urchins and sand dollars), one in arthropods (the group that includes insects, spiders and crustaceans), one in molluscs (the group that includes clams, snails, squid and octopuses), one in vertebrates – and now, at least one in ctenophores. ‘There is more than one way to make a neuron, more than one way to make a brain,’ says Moroz. In each of these evolutionary branches, a different subset of genes, proteins and molecules was blindly chosen, through random gene duplication and mutation, to take part in building a nervous system.

Can we hope to understand how the Greeks saw their world? | Aeon Essays
When the sea is called porphureos, what is described is a mix of brightness and movement, changing according to the light conditions at different hours of the day and with different weather, which was the aspect of the sea that most attracted Greek sensitivity. This is why Homer calls the sea ‘winey’, which alludes not so much to the wine tint of the water as to the shine of the liquid inside the cups used to drink out of at a symposium.

Links van 27 juli 2017 tot 30 juli 2017

We Have forgotten historical Real food… in the raising?GOT by Adamsfamily  Diy grassfed meats — Kickstarter
The animals most commonly slaughtered for food are cattle and water buffalo for beef. { Got-RealBeef ? } They Have been tampered with, From D.N.A. to the feedings of , The industry has even fed Beef products to Cow's  [  human altered & interventions ]   /As most should be aware, our friend theTyrannosaurus….  [ A red Meat eater ] Rex makes everything better! Gobbles up everything ,So 'why a T-rex?' Diet ? really is a question that should never, ever be asked in life. A COW OR TREX?.As per the golden rule, if you can fit a T-Rex into what you're doing, you fit it in – end of story. . [ Period ]  And we've [ modern day  Society  in Productions of ]  decided to bring . modified from nature …genetically introduce to shots antibiotics especially designed with Fatty oils taste specifications, To  human tounge sensations.. for taste due to the modern-day upbringing of livestock side by side techniques [ the reasoning behind ???–  for the sake of profit ] $$$

European Commission – PRESS RELEASES – Press release – Antitrust: Commission takes further steps in investigations alleging Google’s comparison shopping and advertising-related practices breach EU rules*
Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, in charge of competition policy, said: "Google has come up with many innovative products that have made a difference to our lives. But that doesn't give Google the right to deny other companies the chance to compete and innovate. Today, we have further strengthened our case that Google has unduly favoured its own comparison shopping service in its general search result pages. It means consumers may not see the most relevant results to their search queries. We have also raised concerns that Google has hindered competition by limiting the ability of its competitors to place search adverts on third party websites, which stifles consumer choice and innovation.

Google’s European Nightmare | Vrge Strategies
Nearly every headline about the European Commission’s antitrust decision against Google focused on the record-breaking $2.7 billion fine the commission levied against the search giant. While the fine is eye-popping, it is undoubtedly the least important aspect of the decision. In the future, we will likely remember this as a defining moment in Google’s history and a warning shot heard around Silicon Valley. To better understand why, here are four reasons the decision is far worse than you think:

P&G Cuts More Than $100 Million in ‘Largely Ineffective’ Digital Ads – WSJ
Procter & Gamble Co. said that its move to cut more than $100 million in digital marketing spend in the June quarter had little impact on its business, proving that those digital ads were largely ineffective.

Interactive Sex Questionnaire for Couples | Mojo Upgrade
Muhuhu. "Mojo Upgrade is an interactive sex questionnaire for couples to help them discover the fantasies that they might both enjoy together."

Links van 9 juli 2017 tot 27 juli 2017

Why We’ve Lost to President Trump
If it was going to happen, it would have happened by now. After months of chanting this is not normal the new normal is fully vested in our society. The critical moment came upon us, and when it did the People stood up and spoke with a single voice with a clear message: We'll put up with it.

John McCain Is the Perfect American Lie | GQ
This is vile. John McCain was never anyone’s white knight. This is the man who ushered in the age of troll candidacies by tapping Sarah Palin as his running mate. This is the man who caved to Donald Trump even after Trump had the audacity to mock his time as a POW. This is the man who called his own wife a cunt in public. This is a man who has spent all this time acting as if all the Bad Republicans were forcing him to go along with their nefarious deeds while voting in lockstep with them. He is not a reluctant Republican. He’s a shitbag, same as the rest of them.

Stortvloed van verontwaardiging: Gentse politie doorprikt illusie kuikens in blender | Topics.be
"De media berichtten meer over de heisa dan over de achtergrond", merkt Michel Vuijlsteke op, lid van de ethische commissie van CirQ. "Over de duizenden kuikentjes die dagelijks in machines worden verhakseld verscheen geen woord."

Gezien: Vlaams Belang en N-VA vieren samen 11 juli | BRUZZ
Op de affiche staan leden van het Vlaams Belang en de N-VA schouder aan schouder, met onder meer de Brusselse N-VA'ers Karl Vanlouwe, Johan Van den Driesche, Liesbeth Dhaene en Cieltje Van Achter. Maar ook nationale N-VA-kopstukken zoals Jan Peumans, Zuhal Demir en Theo Francken, die de uitnodiging via Facebook mee verspreidt, tekenen present. "Het is inderdaad bijzonder dat we mensen van allerlei partijen hebben, los van de partijpolitieke concurrentie", zegt Daelemans daarover.

Startups that raised $1.48 billion have shut down, or may soon – Business Insider
We're halfway through 2017 and already a group of startups that together raised $1.48 billion have shut down.

Links van 3 juli 2017 tot 9 juli 2017

No One Would Buy My Photos, So Here They Are For Free: Mosul 2017
I tried and failed to find newspapers and wire services who would purchase my photos. But the soldiers had fed me and given me a seat in their Humvees, and the refugees had tolerated my presence on some of the worst days of their lives. They very rightly expected that I would tell their story.

wearehive/project-guidelines: A set of best practices for JavaScript projects
While developing a new project is like rolling on a green field for you, maintaining it is a potential dark twisted nightmare for someone else. Here's a list of guidelines we've found, written and gathered that (we think) works really well with most javascript projects here at hive.

Two Decades of Recommender Systems at Amazon.com
Amazon is well-known for personalization and recommendations, which help customers discover items they might otherwise not have found. In this update to our original paper, we discuss some of the changes as Amazon has grown.

Facebook video ad viewability rates are as low as 20 percent, agencies say – Digiday
Sometimes the figure Facebook reports is five times higher than the [Media Rating Council] standard, but sometimes it’s five times lower, with no clear pattern for under- or over-reporting. It’s a concern in general that there is no consistency

What’s Wrong with Apple’s New Headquarters | WIRED
You can’t understand a building without looking at what’s around it—its site, as the architects say. From that angle, Apple’s new HQ is a retrograde, literally inward-looking building with contempt for the city where it lives and cities in general.

Links van 24 juni 2017 tot 30 juni 2017

Waarom er geen militairen op Werchter zijn – De Standaard
Kijk nu: "Op het kabinet-Jambon wordt benadrukt dat ‘militairen geen object zijn dat je zomaar kan inzetten’."

Reactie van een Gutmensch op heer Boudry | MO*
Onlangs las ik een mooie tekst van de Joodse schrijver David Grossman. Daarin schreef hij: ‘We hebben eindeloos veel manieren om in het leven te zijn… Heel snel, heel jong, verkalken we en sluiten we ons op in één enkel ik, een welomschreven wezen. … Voor mij is schrijven een reis langs de denkbeeldige assen tussen het jongetje dat ik was, en de oude man die ik zal zijn, tussen de Israëliër die ik ben, en de Palestijn die ik had kunnen zijn.’

Why we’re betting against real-time team messaging – Ambition & Balance
This post is the story of why we stopped using Slack. It’s also the story of how we had the (possibly) crazy idea that we could contribute something fundamentally different to an already cluttered team communication market. Something for teams like ours with the audacity to think that maybe there’s more to work than keeping up with group chat…

Hersh’s new Syria revelations buried from view
As for the substance of Hersh’s investigation, he finds that Trump launched 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian air base in April “despite having been warned by the US intelligence community that it had found no evidence that the Syrians had used a chemical weapon.” In fact, Hersh reveals that, contrary to the popular narrative, the Syrian strike on a jihadist meeting place in Khan Sheikhoun on April 4 was closely coordinated beforehand between Russian and US intelligence agencies. The US were well apprised of what would happen and tracked the events.

The secret lives of IS fighters – BBC News
Three young IS militants lie dead on the banks of the River Tigris. They left behind personal photos and documents which reveal the extraordinary story of their private lives.

Links van 15 juni 2017 tot 23 juni 2017

Real-time streaming in Power BI | Microsoft Power BI
With Power BI real-time streaming, you can stream data and update dashboards in real-time. Any visual or dashboard that can be created in Power BI can also be created to display and update real-time data and visuals. The devices and sources of streaming data can be factory sensors, social media sources, service usage metrics, and anything else from which time-sensitive data can be collected or transmitted.

Nee, het waren niet de militairen die gisteren een aanslag wisten te ‘verhinderen’ – DeWereldMorgen.be
Hebben de militairen eigenlijk de aanslag weten te voorkomen? Het antwoord is nee. Wat zich in Brussel-Centaal heeft afgespeeld is een mislukte aanslag, geen verijdelde aanslag. De verdachte kon probleemloos het station binnenwandelen, een bom pogen tot ontploffing te brengen, daarna het perron op rennen. Lees even mee uit de officiële mededeling van het federaal parket: “'Een man is gisteren om 20.39 binnengestapt in Brussel-Centraal via de lokettenzaal. Daar is hij op reizigers toegestapt beneden aan de trappen. Hij heeft zich eerst afgezonderd om rond 20.44 uur midden in een groep te gaan staan met zijn tas”. Let op het tijdsverloop: de man kon zich minutenlang rustig voorbereiden in het station en zich daarna tussen een groep reizigers mengen. Daarna kon hij zich ook nog richting perron begeven. De mededeling van het federaal parket gaat verder: “De man liep vervolgens op een militair af en riep "allahu akhbar" waarop de militair het vuur opende en hem verschillende keren raakte. De man, die geen bommengordel droeg, overleed ter plaatse aan zijn verwondingen.”

Microsoft Surface Laptop Teardown – iFixit
The Surface Laptop is not a laptop. It’s a glue-filled monstrosity. There is nothing about it that is upgradable or long-lasting, and it literally can’t be opened without destroying it.

The Story of TheSun.co.uk shows us why SEO is so important – SISTRIX
Even for a brand as strong as TheSun.co.uk having a paywall would have resulted in customer migration to their competitors, in the long run, and thereby a weakening of the brand.

‘Gutmenschen blijven immuun voor de verdeel-en-heersstrategie van populisten en religieuze extremisten’ – België – Knack Mobile
Gutmenschen zijn zogenaamde naïevelingen die moeilijk doen wanneer een zoveelste politicus een voorstel lanceert dat regelrecht indruist tegen onze rechtstaat. Het zijn burgers die nog geloven dat alle landgenoten gelijkwaardig zijn en dat je mensenrechten niet à la carte kunt toepassen of afnemen. Het zijn zij die immuun blijven voor de verdeel-en-heersstrategie van populisten en religieuze extremisten. Het zijn zij die werkelijk onze normen en waarden verdedigen tegen populisten die 'onze normen en waarden' scanderen terwijl ze aan de poten van onze rechtstaat zagen.

Links van 4 juni 2017 tot 15 juni 2017

reinderien/mimic: [ab]using Unicode to create tragedy
It's inspired by this terrible idea floating around: MT: Replace a semicolon (;) with a greek question mark (;) in your friend's C# code and watch them pull their hair out over the syntax error

Wayne Piekarski | Modifying Microsoft Flight Simulator 4 to run on three immersive monitors
Since I'm running the whole thing within a DOSBox emulator, I now have access to networking and modern tools to try and achieve what I want however. DOS games were very simple in that they didn't use much of an operating system, and wrote everything directly to unprotected memory. I figured that the developer would have written the X Y Z and Heading Pitch Roll values to some kind of struct in a consistent location in memory. If I could work out the memory location of where the aircraft state is stored, I could intercept this with DOSBox, send UDP packets over the network to other DOSBox instances, and write to those same memory locations.

There’s No Magic in Venture-Backed Home Care – Kyle Hill – Medium
Boehoehoe. Startup die teert op ondermaatse arbeidsomstandigheden en profiteert van zwakke werknemers, stopt ermee. Boehoehoe.

The State of CSS – Ryan Oglesby
CSS has quietly been improving by leaps and bounds lately. So much so, that you may not even recognize it much anymore. While you weren’t looking, the CSS community has developed real solutions to many of the oddities, hacks, and deficiencies that made CSS the black sheep of the front end family in the past. In this post I’ll reveal 5 old-fashioned CSS things that you don’t need to do anymore, and what you should do instead.

Home Office may not publish terrorist funding report amid claims it focuses on Saudi Arabia | The Independent
An investigation into the foreign funding of extremist Islamist groups may never be published, the Home Office has admitted. The inquiry commissioned by David Cameron, was launched as part of a deal with the Liberal Democrats in December 2015, in exchange for the party supporting the extension of British airstrikes against Isis into Syria. But although it was due to be published in the spring of 2016, it has not been completed and may never be made public due to its "sensitive" contents. It is thought to focus on Saudi Arabia, which the UK recently approved £3.5bn worth of arms export licences to.

Our report found that 75% of press coverage misrepresents Jeremy Corbyn – we can’t ignore media bias anymore | The Independent
Our rigorous and statistically representative analysis concluded that when it comes to the coverage of Corbyn in his role as leader of the opposition, the majority of the press did not act as a critical watchdog of the powers that be, but rather more often as an antagonistic attackdog.

Links van 24 mei 2017 tot 3 juni 2017

90 people were murdered by Islamist terrorists in Kabul this week. Where is the minute’s silence for them? | The Independent
How many Muslims do Isis, al-Qaeda, the Taliban and others need to kill for us to realise that perhaps Islam isn’t the problem?

Trump Is Playing the International Strategy Game Like a Novice Among Experts | Foreign Policy
Putin’s chess moves seek to retain popular support by convincing his own people that the West is out to get them, as he and his friends line their pockets with Russia’s wealth. Putin’s queen is Iran. For both Russia and Iran, Bashar al-Assad’s Syria has been a pawn. Russia has skillfully maneuvered its engagement in Syria to keep upward pressure on oil prices and destabilize Europe with refugees. By supporting nationalist candidates, Putin seeks to undermine unity within Europe. Russia’s occupation of Crimea and meddling in Ukraine has raised doubts about whether NATO will honor its security guarantees. China is more complicated. While the West tends to wait for a Clausewitz-style battle to the finish, China follows Sun Tzu’s precept that “the skillful leader subdues the enemy’s troops without any fighting.”

Donald Trump Is a Menace to the World: Opinion – SPIEGEL ONLINE
The U.S. elected a laughing stock to the presidency and has now made itself dependent on a joke of a man. The country is, as David Brooks wrote recently in the New York Times, dependent on a child. The Trump administration has no foreign policy because Trump has consistently promised American withdrawal while invoking America's strength. He has promised both no wars and more wars. He makes decisions according to his mood, with no strategic coherence or tactical logic. Moscow and Beijing are laughing at America. Elsewhere, people are worried.

‘Vlaanderen heeft dringend zijn eigen John Oliver nodig’ – TV & Radio – KnackFocus.be
Ja, verdomme: "Om zo'n succesverhaal ook in Vlaanderen te vertellen, zie ik meer dan voldoende kandidaten. Denk aan hoe heerlijk het zou zijn om elke week een halfuur te kijken naar een razende Michael Van Peel in pak die zich in puntgave grappen, misschien wel mee geschreven door Nigel Williams, Jelle De Beule, Jeroen Leenders en Joost Vandecasteele, opwindt over de lonen van parlementsleden en de tweets van jongerenvoorzitters. Het enige dat zo'n programma nodig heeft, is een zender die de ballen heeft om het in primetime uit te zenden. Zondagavond, zo weten we van John Oliver en Arjen Lubach, is het perfecte moment. Een stevig potje beuken op loze beloftes en achterkamertjespolitiek, met oog voor onderwerpen die anders geen aandacht zouden krijgen en ondersteund door een gedreven team onderzoeksjournalisten."

Boorde Homans nieuwssite Apache een krediet door de neus? ‘Dit ruikt sterk naar een politiek manoeuvre’ – België – Knack.be
Ondanks de strakke communicatieregie bereikten ons enkele commentaren. 'Nooit zo veel politieke druk in een raad van bestuur ondervonden', noteerden we meermaals. Anekdotes over de N-VA-campagne tegen Apache werden op fluistertoon gedeeld. De angst voor represailles zit er diep in, in de sociale economie. Minister Homans, zo luidt het, heeft de macht, het geld en lange tenen.

Links van 11 mei 2017 tot 23 mei 2017

Liever Gutmenschen dan cynici – De Standaard
Dat die stroom aan verwijten niet ophoudt, is vreemd. Rechts heeft het op veel plaatsen allang voor het zeggen, ­militairen staan op straat en debatten over migratie en islam worden grotendeels door rechtse ideeën gedomineerd. Waarom dan nog blijven verwijzen naar wat anderen (zouden) doen? Vanwaar de nood aan die sardonische spot? Natuurlijk is de weg naar de hel geplaveid met goeie bedoelingen en omvat politiek meer dan sentiment, maar wat zouden we doen zonder juiste intenties?

Handel domineert het circulatieplan: Gent schaaft parkeertar… (Gent) – Het Nieuwsblad
De realiteit is dat parkeren in Gent niet duurder is dan in Antwerpen of Brussel. Onder de Vrijdagmarkt, bijvoorbeeld (6 euro voor 3 uur), betaal je ongeveer even veel als aan de Meir (7,50 euro) of aan de Beurs in Brussel (6,90 euro). Het zijn grotere steden, met andere sterktes en zwaktes. Maar parkeren in steden is nergens goedkoop. Behalve in Brugge, de helft zo groot als Gent. Daar kom je er met 4 euro vanaf voor 3 uur.

A Story of Slavery in Modern America – The Atlantic
I had a family, a career, a house in the suburbs—the American dream. And then I had a slave.

Bart De Wever, voorzitter-voor-het-leven, blijft onvervangbaar – Apache
’Ten laatste in 2014 stop ik als partijvoorzitter,” zei De Wever toen aan Gazet van Antwerpen (…). Dat staat in marmer gekapt. Ik heb er dan 10 jaar opzitten. Langer zou nadelig zijn voor de partij. Ik heb al te veel politici ten onder zien gaan aan de illusie van onsterfelijkheid.

WordPress is evolving and you should care – Riad Benguella
Do you know WordPress, this tool that powers 27% of the web? This big old CMS everyone loves to hate because It’s oldish, it’s PHP and it’s not an SPA? but in the same time, everyone uses because it’s so great at achieving the goal it’s designed for: creating content? Well! It’s time to stop criticizing and take a look at what’s happening in the WordPress community and what we’ll get for the next iteration of our beloved CMS.

Links van 7 mei 2017 tot 11 mei 2017

Where have all the insects gone? | Science | AAAS
Entomologists call it the windshield phenomenon. "If you talk to people, they have a gut feeling. They remember how insects used to smash on your windscreen," says Wolfgang Wägele, director of the Leibniz Institute for Animal Biodiversity in Bonn, Germany. Today, drivers spend less time scraping and scrubbing. "I'm a very data-driven person," says Scott Black, executive director of the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation in Portland, Oregon. "But it is a visceral reaction when you realize you don't see that mess anymore."

Japan’s Brexit note to Britain – Business Insider
You should read Japan's message to Britain on Brexit. Especially if you supported Leave. It's a brutal, lengthy, detailed dissection of all the potential economic damage leaving the EU will do to the UK.

Don’t believe Theresa May. The election won’t change Brexit one bit | Guy Verhofstadt | Opinion | The Guardian
The theory espoused by some, that May is calling a general election in order to secure a better deal with the EU, is nonsensical. We can only conclude that many British politicians and the media still don’t fathom how article 50 will work. As with the referendum, which many European leaders saw as a Tory cat fight that got out of control, I have little doubt many on the continent see this election as again motivated by the internal machinations of the Tory party.

The great British Brexit robbery: how our democracy was hijacked | Technology | The Guardian
There are three strands to this story. How the foundations of an authoritarian surveillance state are being laid in the US. How British democracy was subverted through a covert, far-reaching plan of coordination enabled by a US billionaire. And how we are in the midst of a massive land grab for power by billionaires via our data. Data which is being silently amassed, harvested and stored. Whoever owns this data owns the future.

Les notes du mathématicien Alexandre Grothendieck arrivent sur le net – Libération
Un accord est intervenu entre la famille du mathématicien et l'université de Montpellier qui détenaient 28 000 pages de notes. Elles seront bientôt accessibles sur Internet.

Links van 4 mei 2017 tot 7 mei 2017

The 9 questions that uncover the most surprising insights from employees
How do you discern if an employee has an idea to improve the company that she hasn’t brought up yet? How do you figure out if an employee is frustrated with her manager? Or, how can you tell if she’s thinking about leaving?

Why Do North Koreans Hate Us? One Reason — They Remember the Korean War.
ow many Americans, for example, are aware of the fact that U.S. planes dropped on the Korean peninsula more bombs — 635,000 tons — and napalm — 32,557 tons — than during the entire Pacific campaign against the Japanese during World War II? How many Americans know that “over a period of three years or so,” to quote Air Force Gen. Curtis LeMay, head of the Strategic Air Command during the Korean War, “we killed off … 20 percent of the population”? Twenty. Percent. For a point of comparison, the Nazis exterminated 20 percent of Poland’s pre-World War II population. According to LeMay, “We went over there and fought the war and eventually burned down every town in North Korea.” Every. Town. More than 3 million civilians are believed to have been killed in the fighting, the vast majority of them in the north.

24 billion clicks show mobile ad fraud is rampant: 8 networks are 100% fraudulent | VentureBeat | Marketing | by Stewart Rogers
Mobile ad fraud is an enduring problem that is costing marketers a small fortune. Estimates vary wildly, but we know this for sure — somewhere between $7.2 billion and $16.4 billion is being lost thanks to ad fraud. And thanks to a new study released today by Tune, which takes in data from 24 billion clicks and analyzes over 700 ad networks, we now know just how bad things are at a network level. In fact, the analysis shows that eight ad networks consist of nothing by fraudulent clicks. Another 35 networks are revealed to contain more than 50 percent fraud.

In-Depth: Your Patek Philippe Caliber 89 Now Needs A Service – A Look At Horology’s Easter Problem
There are many indications that the sole important application of arithmetic in Europe in the Middle Ages was the calculation of the date of Easter.

Wat is er mis met een hoofdknik? – De Standaard
Ik kan mij niet van de indruk ontdoen dat hier een klein misverstand opgeblazen wordt. Wat wij nodig hebben, zijn politici die problemen oplossen, niet politici die ze uitvergroten.

This Is What a Modern-Day Witch Hunt Looks Like
All in all, it’s remarkable how many basic facts this letter gets wrong about Tuvel’s paper. Either the authors simply lied about the article’s contents, or they didn’t read it at all. Every single one of the hundreds of signatories on the open letter now has their name on a document that severely (and arguably maliciously) mischaracterizes the work of one of their colleagues. This is not the sort of thing that usually happens in academia — it’s a really strange, disturbing instance of mass groupthink, perhaps fueled by the dynamics of online shaming and piling-on.

Links van 2 mei 2017 tot 4 mei 2017

Adverteren op sites voor ‘virtuele verkrachting’ – NRC
Bedrijven weten vaak niet waar hun advertenties terechtkomen. De grotendeels geautomatiseerde online advertentiemarkt werkt met flitsveilingen die in minder dan een seconde bepalen welke advertentie aan welke bezoeker wordt getoond. Tekenend is de reactie van een woordvoerder van Stichting Vluchteling: „Wij zouden nooit bewust een advertentie plaatsen op zulke sites. We gaan kijken hoe we dit in de toekomst kunnen voorkomen.”

How Trump Could Get Fired – The New Yorker
“God knows Presidents don’t need to know the details of health-care bills and tax bills, and I certainly don’t, either—that’s what you have aides for. But not even having a basic level of understanding? I think that has rattled people a little bit.” He added, “Reagan may not have had a subtle grasp of everything, but he read the briefing books and he knew the arguments, basically. And Trump is not even at that level.”

I Am a Tinder Guy Holding a Fish and I Will Provide for You – The New Yorker
As you may have suspected, my talents do not end at fishing. I excel in many areas. Working out, for instance. In this picture I display for you my abdomen. Abdomens are important for fishing excursions and mirror selfies, such as this one. I flex for you. What do you think? I will provide you with many orgasms and sea bass.

Adults in the Room by Yanis Varoufakis review – one of the greatest political memoirs ever? | Books | The Guardian
Elected politicians have little power; Wall Street and a network of hedge funds, billionaires and media owners have the real power, and the art of being in politics is to recognise this as a fact of life and achieve what you can without disrupting the system. That was the offer. Varoufakis not only rejected it – by describing it in frank detail now, he is arming us against the stupidity of the left’s occasional fantasies that the system built by neoliberalism can somehow bend or compromise to our desire for social justice.

Google and Amazon killed their Apple Watch apps and it went unnoticed for weeks – The Verge
A handful of apps are no longer supported on the Apple Watch, according to a report by Apple Insider. Major apps like Google Maps, Amazon, and eBay appear to have quietly abandoned the Apple Watch App Store, without giving a heads up or providing any explanation to users.

Links van 27 april 2017 tot 30 april 2017

Pieter Vreede (Red Zebra, The Wolf Banes) lanceert nieuw project Bellemont: “Voor mij staat alles op het spel met deze plaat”
Dat het moeilijk is om op te vallen met een nieuwe plaat moet je Pieter Vreede niet vertellen. Met Bellemont heeft de bassist/gitarist die als lid van Red Zebra en The Wolf Banes al deel uitmaakte van een stukje Belpop een nieuw kindje: Bellemont. Met het debuut ‘Live Or Lavish: The Jet Sessions’ maakt hij een vuist tegen de turbotijdsgeest van vandaag, want een dubbelaar met elk nummer in twee versies.

‘ Links had het voor het zeggen in Europa. En we hebben er n… – De Standaard
Hij doet geen enkele moeite om het probleem te ontkennen. Ja, de sociaaldemocratie hangt in de touwen, zegt Louis Tobback. Hij spaart de eigen kerk niet. ‘Telkens als er iemand over Europa wilde beginnen, moest Tony Blair naar het toilet. En Jeroen Dijsselbloem? Ik word mottig van die jongen.’

Lubbeek, de gemeente van Theo Francken, laat asielzoekers betalen – HLN.be
Het asielcentrum in Lubbeek sluit tegen het einde van het jaar. Op die manier kunnen we er toch nog wat munt uit slaan. Want daar zijn al heel wat kosten aan geweest. De 300 asielzoekers die nu in het centrum zijn, hoeven nog niets te betalen. Wie er nu nog bijkomt, betaalt 50 euro. Die mensen hebben heus wel geld. Ze komen bij ons binnen met computers en iPhones. Dat zijn geen sukkelaars, hoor.

Dan toch geen volksraadpleging over Gents circulatieplan | circulatieplan Gent | De Morgen
De marge van 4.000 handtekeningen leek groot genoeg maar er bleken heel wat dubbele exemplaren bij te zijn. Sommigen zetten zelfs tot vijf keer hun krabbel.

Die dubbele handtekeningen zijn niet de enige reden waarom het vereiste aantal meer dan waarschijnlijk niet gehaald wordt. Zo tekenden er een pak mensen die niet in Gent gedomicilieerd zijn, of naar een andere gemeente verhuisden sinds ze hun handtekening zetten. Er zitten ook handtekeningen bij van mensen jonger dan 16, mensen die tekenden met een fictieve naam of met de naam van hun winkel.

Circulatieplan verdeelt Gent: “Wie bloedbad roept, creëert … (Gent) – Het Nieuwsblad
Imago is nu alles. Ga niet overal uitkramen dat het slecht gaat. Als iedereen hard roept dat het een bloedbad is, dan creëer je een bloedbad. Dan komt niemand meer.

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