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Links van 1 juli 2016 tot 10 juli 2016

Vegetarians Found To Have More Cancer, Allergies And Mental Health Disorders
A cross-sectional study taken from the Austrian Health Interview Survey AT-HIS 2006/07 found that vegetarians are actually less healthy than normal eaters. Subjects were matched according to their age, sex, and socioeconomic status leaving 1320 people – 330 vegetarians, 330 that ate meat but still a lot of fruits and vegetables, 300 normal eaters but that ate less meat, and 330 on a more carnivorous diet.  After controlling for variables, they found that vegetarians did have lower BMI and alcohol consumption but had poorer overall health. Vegetarians had higher incidences of cancer, allergies, and mental health disorders, a higher need for health care, and poorer quality of life.

Kingdom Death: Monster is the $400 board game borne from bloody nightmares | Ars Technica
You'll never encounter a more brutal game than the pen-and-paper monstrosity that is Kingdom Death: Monster. Let's rattle off every one of its negatives

Why we are calling for a ban on vets offering homeopathic remedies | Danny Chambers | Science | The Guardian
The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons should listen to more than 1,000 vets and end pseudo treatments for sick animals

Nobel laureates urge Greenpeace to stop opposing GMOs | Reuters
More than 100 Nobel laureates called on the international environmental group Greenpeace on Thursday to end its opposition to genetically modified crops, saying there is a scientific consensus they are safe and can benefit society.

How Oracle’s business as usual is threatening to kill Java | Ars Technica
It's amazing—there's a company here that's making us miss Sun.

Links van 27 mei 2016 tot 15 juni 2016

Ramadan 2016: Israel ‘cuts off water supply to West Bank’ during Muslim holy month | Middle East | News | The Independent
Almost 200,000 Palestinians in the West Bank do not have access to running water, and require permission before collecting it themselves, according to a report by Amnesty International.

A few months ago, I brought to light the insane state of today’s advertising…
These ads destroy performance, leech bandwidth by 10s of megabytes, and are served by major ad networks, including Google's own AdX and AdSense.

Reading Recommendations: grrm

How to Win the Coding Interview — Dev Mastery
Let’s be honest, most developers don’t love having to write code as part of an interview process. Some have even threatened to quit the business over it. But it’s not going to change any time soon. So, if you’re serious about getting a job, you need to understand how to succeed at these interviews. I’m here to help. We’re going to go over what I look for in a coding interview and by the end, you should have a pretty good idea of how to succeed.

Kom van de bank en scoor voor België, meneer De Wever – Apache
Het zou oneerlijk zijn om De Wever en de N-VA te verwijten dat ze onder één hoedje spelen met de casinokapitalisten. Wat men hen wel kan verwijten is dat ze in het grote theaterstuk dat de politiek is, geen ruimte laten voor dialoog. Elke tegenstem wordt gezien als een aanval en de monotone, neoliberale, conservatieve en nationalistische monoloog mag niet worden onderbroken. Ze voeren politiek theater van de meest lamentabele soort op: wij zijn goed en alle anderen zijn slecht. Waarom? Omdat de kiezer dat zo heeft gewild. Voorwaar een gevaarlijke gok met in 2018 en 2019 verkiezingen voor de deur.

Links van 5 mei 2016 tot 25 mei 2016

Why Viggo Mortensen Is Off the Grid
This summer, the quintessentially un-Hollywood Viggo Mortensen stars in a film about a father of six who rejects the world to raise his kids completely off the grid. How much does this character resemble the actor himself? Let's start with his flip phone.

BBC – Earth – The bizarre beasts living in Romania’s poison cave
Movile Cave has been cut off for millions of years. Its air is thick with harmful gases, yet it is home to an array of strange animals

Panama Papers: Saudi Arabia king sponsored Netanyahu’s campaign — Middle East Observer
In March 2015, King Salman has deposited eighty million dollars to support Netanyahu’s campaign via a Syrian-Spanish person named Mohamed Eyad Kayali. The money was deposited to a company’s account in British Virgin Islands owned by Teddy Sagi, an Israeli billionaire and businessman, who has allocated the money to fund the campaign Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Uber picks up ex-EU digital chief Neelie Kroes—after cooling-off period | Ars Technica UK
Kroes' new role has not surprised many observers in Brussels: she regularly weighed in on the company’s battles with local authorities in the city. The Uber post falls outside the commission's 18-month conflict of interest period, which has been designed to prevent so-called “revolving door” appointments.

30 years later, QBasic is still the best | Personal Registry Editor
Noah has been asking me repeatedly to teach him how to make his own video games. And for the past 5 months, I have been looking for the holy grail of language/IDE for kids in the hope of turning that spark of interest into a memorable experience… My quest has led me to endless forums, through which I have tried countless suggestions: SmallBasic, Pico-8, Smalltalk, Scratch, etc. I have even inquired of the Great Oracles of StackOverflow, to no avail. After 5 months, I ended up with a disappointing conclusion: nothing is even close to what I had back in another era. 30 years later, QBasic is still the best when it comes to discovering programming.

Links van 27 april 2016 tot 5 mei 2016

Microsoft’s hover gestures for Windows phones are magnificent | The Verge
It's not clear whether Microsoft will ever bring its 3D Touch work to the market. The software giant is largely retrenching from its Lumia Windows phones, and rumors suggest the company is focusing on a "Surface Phone" launch for next year. While Windows Phone might not have a competitive advantage on the app side, this type of 3D Touch interaction is truly innovative and unique. We just might never get the chance to test it in reality to see if it works as well as Microsoft's concepts.

Washington Should Prepare for Saudi Arabia’s Collapse – The Atlantic
It can’t last. The U.S. better get ready.

Tektonische verschuivingen – De Standaard
Geen foute analyse, mijn gedacht.

John Boehner slams Ted Cruz: ‘I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life’
Boehner harshly denounced Sen. Ted Cruz as “Lucifer in the flesh” during a discussion Wednesday night at Stanford University.

Postcards From Google Earth

Links van 19 april 2016 tot 26 april 2016

Nokia is buying digital health firm Withings for $191 million | The Verge
Nokia has announced plans to acquire Withings — a French consumer electronics company focused on digital health — for €170 million ($191 million) in cash. The acquisition will significantly boost Nokia's portfolio of wearables and fitness devices, bringing 200 Withings employees and products — including its Activité smartwatch, E-ink fitness tracker, and Bluetooth thermometer — into Nokia's advanced technologies division.

O Reader! My Reader – The Awl
Google Reader was launched in 2005, when everything was still okay and BuzzFeed hadn’t been founded yet, and it was shut down on July 1, 2013. To my mind, that is the day the Internet died, and what we are experiencing now is purgatory. Make yourself comfortable.

Lieve familie, vrienden en collega’s, | metronieuws.nl
Maar dan tot slot het volgende: gefeliciteerd nageboorte van een mislukte gastarbeidersgeneratie. GEFELICITEERD. Ik denk dat jullie ouders, die huis en haard verlaten hebben om jullie een thuis in vrijheid en veiligheid te bieden, trots zijn op jullie. Jullie ouders die jarenlang hun familie gemist hebben, onder erbarmelijke omstandigheden geleefd en gewerkt hebben zodat jullie, hun kinderen het beter zouden krijgen in het leven dan zij. GEFELICITEERD met jullie totaal mislukte Nederlanderschap. GEFELICITEERD met jullie loyaliteit aan een stel berggeiten uit Turkije, geitenneukers zo je wilt, die jullie volgen zodra ze oproepen tot NSB-gedrag. Enig idee wat een NSB’er was? O wacht nee, die lessen over de Tweede Wereldoorlog zijn geschrapt he? Ja, dank voor het weg met ons. Ik feliciteer jullie Nederturken met je NSB-gedrag. Jullie zijn de reden dat ik vastzit in Turkije.

Sorry ARIMA, but I’m Going Bayesian | Stitch Fix Technology – Multithreaded

A Protocol for Dying – Hintjens.com
Time for my last article. I could probably write more, yet there are times for everything and after this, my attention will be focused on the most comfortable position for my bed, the schedule for pain killers, and the people around me.

‘The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari’ Sparkles with Life in New 4 | Indiewire
It's almost hard to believe that the horror classic "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" was released a little more than 95 years ago. The quintessential German Expressionist silent film still strikes fear in its viewers today, thanks to its dedicated and haunting art direction and disturbing mise-en-scéne of jagged edges, highly contrasting use of light and the incorporation of oblique and curving sets. And that terror is about to reach totally new levels with a brand new 4k restoration, thanks to the Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Foundation.

Lettre ouverte à Jan Jambon – Belgique – LeVif.be
Personne n'a dansé après les attentats, Monsieur Jambon. Vos amalgames racistes ne cacheront pas longtemps votre incompétence. La Belgique mérite mieux que vous. Notre sécurité à tous nécessite mieux que vous. Personne n'a dansé après les attentats, mais après votre démission, nous danserons. Moi en tout cas, je danserai.

Links van 16 april 2016 tot 18 april 2016

Media Websites Battle Faltering Ad Revenue and Traffic – The New York Times
85 cents of every new dollar spent in online advertising will go to Google or Facebook, said Brian Nowak, a Morgan Stanley analyst. (…) Facebook also announced that it would open up Instant Articles — which encourage publishers to post their content directly to Facebook — to “any publisher.” (…) the rate at which links to outside websites are shared on Facebook,
compared with videos and Instant Articles, has declined. (…) Mr. Denton, once known for harsh assessments of the media business, struck a conciliatory tone. “The Instant Articles deal seems great,” he said in an interview last week. “Users get relevant stories and relevant ads. It’s the realization of that particular Internet dream."

Opinie: Dit mag niet overwaaien als het zoveelste Wetstraat-relletje | Standpunt | De Morgen
Dit mag niet overwaaien als het zoveelste Wetstraat-relletje. Ofwel is er een ernstig veiligheidsprobleem, ofwel heeft een vicepremier in de federale regering een significant deel van de bevolking die hij moet beschermen, moedwillig gestigmatiseerd met een islamofoob discours zonder bewijs. Dan zal de minister zelf mee de veiligheid en samenhorigheid in het land in gevaar gebracht hebben. Dat zou onaanvaardbaar zijn. Dit is niet iets dat je in de nek van een verbindingsofficier kunt schuiven.

Two despised frontrunners, two dying parties and a deeply broken system: How did we get here? – Salon.com
Trump and Clinton may be the two most hated frontrunners in history, dueling symbols of a duopoly in decay

Dag Laurens – De Standaard
En daar is hij, de akeligste en tegelijk mooiste zin van het jaar: "Als hij de rug rechtte om van zijn fles Spa te drinken, zag ik hem in profiel. Voor we zoogdieren werden, waren we vogels."

Neoliberalism – the ideology at the root of all our problems | Books | The Guardian
It may seem strange that a doctrine promising choice and freedom should have been promoted with the slogan “there is no alternative”. But, as Hayek remarked on a visit to Pinochet’s Chile – one of the first nations in which the programme was comprehensively applied – “my personal preference leans toward a liberal dictatorship rather than toward a democratic government devoid of liberalism”. The freedom that neoliberalism offers, which sounds so beguiling when expressed in general terms, turns out to mean freedom for the pike, not for the minnows.

Links van 12 april 2016 tot 15 april 2016

Hillary wins! Named most corrupt politician of 2015
She's in a dead heat with Trump, loses to several Republicans in the polls, and can't seem to shake that pesky Bernie Sanders, but nevermind the bad news, it's time to score a win for Hillary: The nonpartisan watchdog group Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT) named Hillary Clinton at the top of it's worst ethics violators for 2015!

The murder, the error, and the terror (an introduction to Israeli Newspeak) – Mondoweiss
Can’t we just have it easy, and assume Al Sharif was guilty, because he is Palestinian? Can’t we just take it for granted that he was a terrorist? As the terms are twisted, so are our minds. Israel’s Supreme Court factually legalised torture in 1987 by calling it ‘moderate physical pressure’. The Americans followed the lead in their ‘war on terror’ from 2001, calling it ‘enhanced interrogations’. In this ‘heat of battle’, in this ‘war on terror’, anything can happen. Anyone can be a terrorist. And murder – well, that just has to be open to discussion. Orwell was a prophet.

How to make the perfect naan bread | Life and style | The Guardian

Clinton’s dismal approval ratings prompt Dem fears | TheHill
“The No. 1 reason that her favorability is so bad is that you have large numbers of Americans who say they don’t trust her,” he said. “I could make it sound more complicated than that, but that’s really what it is. Voters see her as the ultimate politician, who will do or say anything to get elected.”

Renal Support Network: Gout and CKD – A New Era of Hope
The victim goes to bed and sleeps in good health.  About two o'clock in the morning, he is awakened by a severe pain in the great toe; more rarely in the heel, ankle or instep.  This pain is like that of a dislocation, and yet the parts feel as if cold water were poured over them.  Then follows chills and shiver and a little fever.  The pain which at first moderate becomes more intense.  After a time this comes to full height . . . So exquisite and lively meanwhile is the feeling of the part affected, that it cannot bear the weight of bedclothes nor the jar of a person walking in the room.

Links van 2 april 2016 tot 10 april 2016

Malcolm Gladwell got us wrong: Our research was key to the 10,000-hour rule, but here’s what got oversimplified – Salon.com
Yes, it takes effort to be an expert. But Gladwell based 10,000-hour rule in part on our work, and misunderstood

Mounting data suggest antibacterial soaps do more harm than good | Ars Technica
Whether you’re coming home from an airport fluttering with international germs, a daycare full of sticky-fingered toddlers, or just a grimy office building, scrubbing your hands with bacteria-busting soap seems like a great idea. But the data that have washed up on the cleansers in recent years suggest that they actually do more harm than good—for you, those around you, and the environment. Scientists report that common antibacterial compounds found in those soaps, namely triclosan and triclocarban, may increase the risk of infections, alter the gut microbiome, and spur bacteria to become resistant to prescription antibiotics. Meanwhile, proof of the soaps’ benefits is slim.

GAP Kids pulls and apologized for ad people thought racist. Nobody blinked at last years ad. | Adland ®
The two girls so physically intertwined are actually sisters. The black girl, Lucy Dinknesh Lubensky, who is so very clearly a quiet shy girl as you can see in the pre-release video at The Mail, is Brooke Smith's daughter, and the taller girls is Fanny Grace Lubensky, also Brooke Smith's daughter. Looking at Brooke's twitter, it's apparent that she is quite annoyed with this whole thing.

Inside the Eye: Nature’s Most Exquisite Creation — National Geographic Magazine
Machtig boeiend.

Karl Rove’s Handbook
In researching the Republican strategies (syn: Karl Rove), I came across an interesting analysis of the G.W. Bush (syn: Karl Rove's puppet) re-election campaign that may be of interest.  It is the closest thing to a "Rove's" handbook that I've seen.  It discusses both the tactics used and suggests responses/countermeasures.   Medical cautions:  Do not view if you suffer from high blood pressure, fits of rage, manic depression or thoughts of suicide.  Do not read if you have a history of computer abuse. Remove all sharp or throwable items from arms lenght before reading. You should be 18 or older, or view with supervision. Side effects:  Viewing may result in damage to household property, yelling, screaming, or thoughts of revenge.  Temporary hair loss, ringing in the ears and eye gouging have also been reported after viewing.

Links van 30 maart 2016 tot 2 april 2016

Netanyahu: Anti-Israel ‘slander and lies’ caused Brussels attack | The Times of Israel
Allez, dat weten we dan ook, dus: “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman said Saturday that a shooting attack at the Brussels Jewish Museum that killed three people and critically injured a fourth was caused by anti-Israel attitudes in Europe.”

Hillary Clinton’s Support Among Nonwhite Voters Has Collapsed
In short, the Clinton campaign is in the midst of an historic collapse — much of it due to the unraveling of support for Clinton among nonwhite voters — and the national media has yet to take any notice.

Belgische inflatie spurt weg van Europees gemiddelde | De Tijd
Dat België een ‘in­fla­tie-ei­land­je’ in een Eu­ro­pe­se zee van ne­ga­tie­ve in­fla­tie is hoofd­za­ke­lijk te wij­ten aan de be­las­ting­ver­ho­gin­gen die de ver­schil­len­de over­he­den door­voer­den: naast de Tur­tel­taks was er ook nog de (fe­de­ra­le) btw-ver­ho­ging op elek­tri­ci­teit en de (Vlaam­se) ver­ho­ging van het in­schrij­vings­geld voor ho­ge­re stu­dies.

De verkeerde ‘wij’ en ‘zij’ – De Standaard
Amen. En fuck Mia Doornaert. “Het is ‘wij’ tegen ‘zij’, schrijft Doornaert flink. Maar ze vergist zich van tegenstander. ‘Wij’ zijn degenen die zoeken naar universele waarden op basis van diverse (religieuze en seculiere) levensbeschouwingen. ‘Zij’ zijn de fundamentalisten (religieuze en seculiere) die dat weigeren. Doornaert vraagt om een eerlijk debat. Maar door religieus geïnspireerde mensen bij voorbaat te stigmatiseren, vergiftigt zij veeleer het debat en creëert ze onnodige maar vooral hoogst gevaarlijke polarisering.”

Hands-On: The Vacheron Constantin 57260, The Most Complicated Watch In The World (Exclusive Live Photos, Thoughts)
57 complications. 2,826 individual components, 242 jewels, 957 grams, 10 patents, 31 hands, 85 different prototypes, 16 kg of drawings, eight years, one client, untold millions.

Links van 24 maart 2016 tot 28 maart 2016

Why is David Cameron so silent on the recapture of Palmyra from the clutches of Isis? | Voices | The Independent
In the end, it was the Syrian army – and its Hizballah chums from Lebanon, and the Iranians, and the Russians – who drove the Isis murderers out of Palmyra

So You Wanna Be a Chef— by Bourdain | Michael Ruhlman
I am frequently asked by aspiring chefs, dreamers young and old, attracted by the lure of slowly melting shallots and caramelizing pork belly, or delusions of Food Network stardom, if they should go to culinary school. I usually give a long, thoughtful, and qualified answer. But the short answer is “no.”

Blandly. A Full-Service Integrated Digital Blanding Agency

Google’s AI won the game Go by defying millennia of basic human instinct – Quartz
The AlphaGo-Lee Sedol matchup was an intense contest between human and artificial intelligence. But it also contained several moves made by both man and machine that were outlandish, brilliant, creative, foolish, and even beautiful. Deconstructing the gameplay helps explain why AlphaGo’s achievement is even more notable than it may seem on the surface and points to a fascinating future for AI.

VW’s $1.85 Million Bugatti Escapes Cuts as Successor Eyed – Bloomberg Business
Ondertussen, in een andere wereld… “The clientele between Bentley and Bugatti is remarkably different,” Wolfgang Duerheimer, who returned to his post as Bentley CEO and president of Bugatti in June after 2 years, told reporters in July. “The Bentley customer on average owns 8 cars. The average Bugatti customer has about 84 cars, 3 jets and one yacht.”

The scariest thing about Brussels is our reaction to it | Simon Jenkins | Opinion | The Guardian
Paranoid politicians, sensational journalists – the Isis recruiting officers will be thrilled at how things have gone since their atrocity in Belgium

Links van 19 maart 2016 tot 21 maart 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Belgian Intelligence Had Precise Warning That Airport Targeted for Bombing – World News – Haaretz – Israeli News Source Haaretz.com
Dus die lekken uit het onderzoek hebben er direkt toe bijgedragen? Goed werk, mensen. “Abdeslam’s arrest was apparently the trigger for Tuesday’s attacks, due to the concern in ISIS that he might give information about the planned attacks under interrogation, particularly in the light of reports that he was cooperating with his captors.”

Angola’s Wikipedia Pirates Are Exposing the Problems With Digital Colonialism | Motherboard
Wikimedia and Facebook have given Angolans free access to their websites, but not to the rest of the internet. So, naturally, Angolans have started hiding pirated movies and music in Wikipedia articles and linking to them on closed Facebook groups, creating a totally free and clandestine file sharing network in a country where mobile internet data is extremely expensive. It’s an undeniably creative use of two services that were designed to give people in the developing world some access to the internet. But now that Angolans are causing headaches for Wikipedia editors and the Wikimedia Foundation, no one is sure what to do about it.

Interview: Fifty Foot Combo gaat al 20 jaar luid, wild, sexy en ranzig door | NMTH
HOERA! “In plaats van luide rauwe energieke sexy rock’n roll doen jonge bands meer aan emo-tsie, singersongwriter en pathos. Saai. Dus nemen wij het dan maar zelf weer op.”

A transcript of Donald Trump’s meeting with The Washington Post editorial board – The Washington Post
Waanzin. Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump visited the editorial board of The Washington Post on Mar. 21. Here is audio of the full, unedited interview.

Jambon: “Nu niet snelsnel nieuwe maatregelen afkondigen” – De Standaard
Ik had er op gehopét maar ik hield mijn adem niet in. Onterecht, zo blijkt. Leve Jan Jambon! — De N-VA-minister waarschuwt ook niet toe te geven aan de terroristen “door de aard en de ziel van onze samenleving te veranderen”. “Dat is waar ze op uit zijn. We zijn een samenleving die gebaseerd is op vrijheid, op waarden die vrijheid en democratie hoog in het vaandel voeren. Zij richten hun aanvallen daarop. Het slechtste wat we nu zouden kunnen doen, is die waarden omkeren om ons te verdedigen tegen die agressie.”

Opinie: Nooit meer oorlog, was dat niet uw slagzin, dames en heren flaminganten? | Zinzen | De Morgen
Christenen, die niet meer christelijk zijn, nationalisten die hun eigen ideologie verraden, liberalen en socialisten die hun humanisme bij de schroothoop zetten : erbarme dich, mein Gott !

Links van 12 maart 2016 tot 17 maart 2016

Erdogan claims fighting terrorism outweighs democracy in Turkey | News | DW.COM | 16.03.2016
"Democracy, freedom and the rule of law," have "absolutely no value any longer," President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told local leaders in Ankara on Wednesday. "Those who stand on our side in the fight against terrorism are our friend. Those on the opposite side, are our enemy," he said in the televised comments, according to DPA news agency. Turkey will employ "an iron fist against terrorism" and "fight Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) militants," Erdogan told a televised gathering of local district leaders in Ankara Wednesday. The president also made critical remarks about the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), which has 80 seats in parliament. "Wherever you run, our soldiers, police and village guards will find you there and do what is necessary," the president said.

Martin Kettle: Gout is no joke. This I know from painful experience | Opinion | The Guardian
a female GP of my acquaintance, who has had four children by natural delivery, who assured me that gout is indeed worse than childbirth

Up yours, Brutus!
whether Julius Caesar said et tu or kai su to the young man stabbing him, it meant the same thing: “Back at you, punk!” or better yet: “Up yours, Brutus!”

AlphaGo shows its true strength in 3rd victory against Lee Sedol
By move 32, it was unclear who was attacking whom, and by 48 Lee was desperately fending off White’s powerful counter-attack. I can only speak for myself here, but as I watched the game unfold and the realization of what was happening dawned on me, I felt physically unwell.

Johan Van Overtveldt, une certaine idée de l’incompétence – Belgique – LeVif Mobile
L'opposition crie, déplore l'incompétence et le manque de professionnalisme de Johan Van Overtveldt. Même certains partenaires au gouvernement s'en torsadent un peu bruyamment le pharynx. Il s'en fout, Johan Van Overtveldt. Parce qu'à la fin, il aura ce qu'il voulait depuis le début : moins d'Etat donc moins de Belgique.

Links van 9 maart 2016 tot 10 maart 2016

Millions of ordinary Americans support Donald Trump. Here’s why | Thomas Frank | Opinion | The Guardian
Now, let us stop and smell the perversity. Left parties the world over were founded to advance the fortunes of working people. But our left party in America – one of our two monopoly parties – chose long ago to turn its back on these people’s concerns, making itself instead into the tribune of the enlightened professional class, a “creative class” that makes innovative things like derivative securities and smartphone apps. The working people that the party used to care about, Democrats figured, had nowhere else to go, in the famous Clinton-era expression. The party just didn’t need to listen to them any longer.

Researchers Identify Virus and Two Types of Bacteria as Major Causes of Alzheimer’s – Neuroscience News
A worldwide team of senior scientists and clinicians have come together to produce an editorial which indicates that certain microbes – a specific virus and two specific types of bacteria – are major causes of Alzheimer’s Disease. Their paper, which has been published online in the highly regarded peer-reviewed journal, Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, stresses the urgent need for further research – and more importantly, for clinical trials of anti-microbial and related agents to treat the disease.

Sysdig | 3 ways that Kubernetes changes monitoring
As Kubernetes matures, and more companies move to leveraging containers in production, we’re seeing a change in how DevOps teams approach monitoring. As one of our customers recently blogged about, Kubernetes has significantly changed how they bring their service to market. Now we’re seeing that type of change ripple into monitoring and troubleshooting Kubernetes-orchestrated environments.

Dit is niet mijn Europa – De Standaard
Dit is niet het Europa dat ons beloofd is. Dit is een farce, en een gevaarlijke bovendien. Dit maakt mensen boos, vervreemdt ons van het Europese ideaal en spreidt het bedje van de antipolitiek. Omdat er geen andere keuze is, blijf ik desondanks een Europeaan en een voorstander van Europa. Maar vergeet niet, dames en heren in Europa, de kruik gaat zolang te water tot ze breekt.

Hunt for the grey ghost
Ten years previously in Pakistan, they had captured a snow leopard hunt on film for the first time ever. "It was a big iconic sequence for the series," says Anderson. It was his task to revisit snow leopards for the Planet Earth sequel. However, nobody knew the whereabouts of the "star" snow leopard that they had filmed before.

The Custodian of Forgotten Books – The New Yorker
In Brussels, Brad Bigelow, a former I.T. adviser for the U.S. Air Force, has made a hobby of rescuing neglected books and writers from obscurity.

Links van 2 maart 2016 tot 8 maart 2016

3,900 Pages of Paul Klee’s Personal Notebooks Are Now Online, Presenting His Bauhaus Teachings (1921-1931) | Open Culture
the Zentrum Paul Klee made available online almost all 3,900 pages of Klee’s personal notebooks, which he used as the source for his Bauhaus teaching between 1921 and 1931

Mystery in Miniature by Christopher Benfey | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books
Perhaps one must be a “clairvoyant of the small” (to borrow a phrase from Robert Walser, the Swiss writer who spent his final years obsessively filling scraps of paper with microscopic writing) fully to appreciate the remarkable life and astonishing graphic creations of Matthias Buchinger, who was born without hands or feet in Nuremberg in 1674 and never grew beyond the height of twenty-nine inches. An itinerant magician, musician, writing master, and artist active in Britain and the Continent, Buchinger combined a Grub Street readiness to produce fancy illustrated documents on demand (family trees, coats of arms, wedding announcements, and the like) with a Germanic piety so that, by some wizardry, curls of hair turn into threads of minuscule sentences from the Bible, and sturdy capital letters sprout leaves and tendrils.

Ugly Female Bat-Disgrace of Worst Traitor
Koreans satirize Park Geun Hye as a tailless bitch of Chongwadae but the DPRK zoologists say that she has the similar mode of existence to a bat, when viewed in the light of her acts of treachery. She might have the same surname and the same family origin as the bat in every aspect and her appearance resembles the ugly look of the bat. The thrice-cursed acts she has done so far were prompted by her same deformed mode of existence as that of the bat. She behaved like a bat which lives in such dingy place as cave. Upon hearing the news of the DPRK's successful first H-bomb test, she hastily ran down to the bunker of Chongwadae, unaware that the waistband of her skirt slipped down and her shoes came off, stunning even her confidants.

What to expect as a new CEO — Medium
These are tips I’ve learned after years of hard work. I haven’t built a “big company” and I’ve made plenty of mistakes of my own along the way. Take them as you will. That said, I would loved to have had this advice when I got started.

Earlier mixture from modern humans into Neandertal populations · john hawks weblog
The Neandertal storyline for the period from 70,000 to 40,000 years ago is increasingly a story of unremitting introgression from Neandertals into other populations wherever they met. Partial ancient genomes from Oase and ‘Ust Ishim show evidence for Neandertal introgression between 60,000 and 45,000 years ago in multiple events; the Denisova genome shows evidence for Neandertal introgression, and of course different legacies of ancient introgression from Neandertals can be found in western and eastern Eurasian populations today.

Links van 29 februari 2016 tot 1 maart 2016

Dissolving the Dead · thewalrus.ca
DALE HILTON can show you fear in a bagful of dust: 160 pounds of once-living human, pressure-cooked, baked, and pulverized into soft white powder fine enough to sprinkle over French toast. The ground bones sit in clear plastic on a counter, next to a pacemaker, a false hip, and a pair of breast implants extracted from some of the eighty bodies Hilton has disintegrated at his bio-cremation facility in Smiths Falls, Ontario, an hour’s drive southwest of Ottawa. “It’s a lovely product,” he says, looking proudly at his handiwork.

The City States of Europe | Big Think
“The 21st century will not be dominated by America or China, Brazil or India, but by the city,” writes Parag Khanna. The author of several books on global strategy, Khanna argues that (some) cities, as islands of good governance in an increasingly unstable world, will become the cornerstone of a new world order.  That new world order won’t be a “global village” of nation states, for globalisation is corroding national sovereignty. Rather, it will be a loose network of semi-independent city states, perhaps resembling the Hanseatic League and other medieval trading alliances.

Who Killed James I? | History Today
The accusation that James I was murdered by his favourite, the Duke of Buckingham, may have been a false one but it was widely believed and helped to justify the execution of Charles I. Alastair Bellany and Thomas Cogswell explain.

Twitter Has Lost More Than $2 Billion in 10 Years
When Twitter went public back in 2013, it was an unprofitable company. More than two years later, that hasn’t changed. In fact, the company revealed in its annual 10-K filed Feb. 29 that it has lost more than $2 billion in total since launching a decade ago.

BBC – Earth – How our ancestors drilled rotten teeth
Long before humans invented writing, the wheel and civilisation, they learned how to drill rotten teeth to relieve the pain of tooth decay

Practices, research, and ideas from Google and other organizations to put people first.

Hackathon Be Gone
Last weekend I attended the MHacks: Refactor hackathon on behalf of my company. I acted as a representative of my company as well as a mentor for the hackers. I saw a lot of amazing projects and helped a lot of students. The energy of the students and their output was phenomenal. Needless to say, the entire experience was rewarding. However, the more of these events I attend, the more disgusted I become with the process.

New Korean War Will Lead US to Final Ruin
A touch-and-go situation is now prevailing in the Korean peninsula due to the confrontational hysteria of the US imperialist aggression forces that have deployed in south Korea their special operation troops from all arms and services. Under this grave situation the Supreme Headquarters of the Korean People’s Army announced a crucial statement carrying the fixed will of all servicepersons and civilians in the DPRK to bring the US imperialist aggressors to the final doom. The statement turned the whole country all at once into a scene of towering hatred toward the aggressors.

A Visual Look at 2 Million Chess Games
We’ll take a look at more than 2 million games, taken from the MillionBase PGN database. I ignored any Chess960 games contained, but in total there are 2,197,113 games. I was interested to see what kind of visualizations I can do, and what patterns would be revealed by considering so many games. It was the biggest collection of games I could find, spanning games from 1801 up to 2013, and players with ratings between 215 (wow!) to 2861 (I wonder who that is?). So I think it’s a pretty good representation of chess games all around.

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