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Hexspeak – Wikiwand
Hexspeak, like leetspeak, is a novelty form of variant English spelling using the hexadecimal numbers. Created by programmers who wanted a magic number, hexspeak words can serve as a clear and unique identifier with which to mark memory or data.

The Fatal Pinch
Many startups go through a point a few months before they die where although they have a significant amount of money in the bank, they're also losing a lot each month, and revenue growth is either nonexistent or mediocre. The company has, say, 6 months of runway. Or to put it more brutally, 6 months before they're out of business. They expect to avoid that by raising more from investors. That last sentence is the fatal one.

Tim Burton Confirms Winona Ryder Will Return For Beetlejuice 2 via
Keaton told us on February 13 that he was in if Burton was, and on October 17 he mentioned that they were waiting for a script; but now Burton is here to set the record straight — “Beetlejuice 2″ is happening, and some very familiar faces will return.

David Mumford | Can one explain schemes to biologists
The sad thing is that this was rejected as much too technical for their readership. Their editor wrote me that 'higher degree polynomials', 'infinitesimal vectors' and 'complex space' (even complex numbers) were things at least half their readership had never come across. The gap between the world I have lived in and that even of scientists has never seemed larger. I am prepared for lawyers and business people to say they hated math and not to remember any math beyond arithmetic, but this!? Nature is read only by people belonging to the acronym 'STEM' (= Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and in the Common Core Standards, all such people are expected to learn a hell of a lot of math. Very depressing.

How NASA Stays Beautiful | Co.Design | business + design
NASA has a better grasp of design than any other government agency. The U.S. space agency has several teams devoted solely to data visualization and graphics, and its materials have a consistent design language that’s pretty much the best compared with any other arm of federal bureaucracy.

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maandag 15 december 2014 in Links. Permanente link | Geen reacties | Vinyl Tap | Past Episodes
Two hours of music and stories from one of Canada's musical legends. Playing with The Guess Who, Bachman Turner Overdrive and as a solo act, Randy Bachman has provided a veritable soundtrack to the last thirty years of popular music. Now he's come to CBC Radio to play his favourite songs and tell stories from his life on the road and in the studio.

The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Chord | Kevin Houston
In 2004 a mathematician claimed to have discovered this musical holy grail by applying mathematics. Once and for all, the riddle was solved because, after all, mathematics is not wrong and you can’t beat the scientists with their fancy abstract toys. Except there was a problem. He got it horribly wrong. Here, for the honour of all mathematicians, I would like to put the record straight — or at least straighter. The mathematical tale of the Beatles’ Magical Mystery Chord is a tale of 18th century mathematicians, the study of heat, Karaoke tricks and a measure of luck.

Whisper it quietly, the book is back … and here’s the man leading the revival | Books | The Guardian
James Daunt is a bookseller with a penchant for stories (Anna Karenina is one of his favourites), who is also an inveterate risk taker. In 2011, he watched a Russian oligarch named Alexander Mamut make an insane bid for commercial suicide. And then he volunteered to join him. Mamut’s crazy venture (“Nobody invests in bookshops to make money,” says Daunt) was his bid for Waterstones, then an ailing chain, burdened with several million pounds of debt. Daunt’s reckless career move was to join Mamut as his CEO, a job widely seen as a poisoned chalice. Many Waterstones-watchers predicted various dire scenarios. Sometimes, however, stories have happy endings.

Procedural worlds, statistical analysis, image processing and PRNG exploitation for the lulz | Sam Hocevar
It was suggested on the #gnaa IRC channel that the movie Gayniggers from Outer Space (GNfOS), from which the organisation takes its name, be upvoted to the IMDb top 250 as an emotional tribute to this cult movie. The GNAA not being 4chan, they did not have an army of idiots to carry out their deeds; they had to use imagination, skill and technology instead.

Planning A Front-end JavaScript Application -Telerik Developer Network
Planning a front-end web application is about more than just picking a few JavaScript solutions to aid in the architecture and testing of a web application. While this might be where much of the front-end community focuses, seasoned developers know that building enterprise-grade software is much more than this. In this article, I am going to describe 16 steps that front-end developers should go through when planning a front-end web application. These steps aim to cover the entire life-cycle of a front-end application.

The Lurker: How A Virus Hid In Our Genome For Six Million Years – Phenomena
In the mid-2000s, David Markovitz, a scientist at the University of Michigan, and his colleagues took a look at the blood of people infected with HIV. Human immunodeficiency viruses kill their hosts by exhausting the immune system, allowing all sorts of pathogens to sweep into their host’s body. So it wasn’t a huge surprise for Markovitz and his colleagues to find other viruses in the blood of the HIV patients. What was surprising was where those other viruses had come from: from within the patients’ own DNA.

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You can take down Pirate Bay, but you can’t kill the Internet it created – The Washington Post
In the late hours of Tuesday night, the Pirate Bay abruptly disappeared from the Internet, the result of a surprise raid on the site’s servers by Swedish police in Stockholm. But forget the big-picture questions of Internet freedom or intellectual property. The real problem, for millions of Internet-users, is how am I going to watch TV?

Alternese (JBR Uchronlang)
What would English be like if 1066 hadn't happened?  I don't mean that in the “freakish calendric anomaly” sense, obviously; I mean it in the ordinary sense of allohistorical linguistics.  I've already got “what‐if” pages about the languages of 3,000 AD and 40,000 BC, but now I'm taking a step sideways in time to consider an “alternative history”: a world where William the Conqueror never earned that name, where Greece is the centre of the most prosperous and stable economy on the planet, and where the only city with an anglophone population of four million is Wolverhampton.  How different would the language sound, if you were visiting that city and eavesdropping on some casual conversation about the weather?

Als de premier ersatz is – De Standaard
Het besef dat een vakbondsleider harakiri pleegt als hij het besparingspakket van het regeerakkoord slikt, bestaat niet. De emotionele en politieke intelligentie van Dehaene, Martens en zijn fluisteraar Fons Verplaetse voor de besognes van de syndicale leiders ontbreekt compleet bij deze ploeg. Te veel regerings- en kabinettenvolk komt uit een totaal andere sociale klasse en is zich nauwelijks bewust van de relativiteit en vooringenomenheid van de eigen dogma’s. Anderen zijn allergisch voor alles wat vakbonden dierbaar is en willen eindelijk met het Belgische syndicalisme en overlegmodel afrekenen. Zo omarmt het ultraliberalisme het Vlaamse separatisme en wordt de communautaire breuklijn verder uitgediept.

Theo Francken: bewijs ons een dienst en vertrek ;-) –
Iemand die geen schroom voelt om het vrije verkeer van personen te beschrijven als het ontspringen van de dans, die is diep doordrongen van de suprematie van de overheid op het individu. Iemand die de daaraan ontleende macht gebruikt om het laatste woord te halen in een persoonlijke mediavete, die is het staatsmanschap op een nog diepere intellectuele en stilistische grond onwaardig. Iemand die dat alles, ten slotte, afsluit met een verdomde smiley en kapittelt als een maatschappelijke dienst, die is voorbij ontsporing en smakeloosheid. Het is een wonde op het Belgische politieke gelaat. Een misselijkmakende schande. De knipoog-smiley is geen detail. Het is de essentie. Slechts het meest arrogante masker van de macht knipoogt in het aangezicht van onrecht.

Rafi Eitan: ‘Peres And Rabin Knew Pollard Was Planted In US Armed Forces’ » – The Online Voice of Torah Jewry
The former head of the allegedly rogue clandestine organization that ran Jonathan Pollard confirmed Sunday for the first time that the prime minister and defense minister at the time knew full well that Israel had a spy within the US armed forces.

College rape: Campus sexual assault is a serious problem. But the efforts to protect women are infringing on the civil rights of men.
Colleges, encouraged by federal officials, are instituting solutions to sexual violence against women that abrogate the civil rights of men.

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How Not to Write an API — On Coding — Medium
One common pattern I see is that most APIs have a REST or NVP based API at it’s core. Then they generally have some method if signing a request. Following that is more than 1 way to send different types of data, between JSON, XML or a file stream. But one pattern always puzzles me. The documentation on these core APIs are usually lacking. Instead, they develop SDKs for specific languages. Now, on the surface, that make sense. Let’s make it easy to use our API in your language of choice. But that idea is flawed.

Programming Modern Systems Like It Was 1984
Imagine you were a professional programmer in 1984, then you went to sleep and woke up 30 years later. How would your development habits be changed by the ubiquitous, consumer-level supercomputers of 2014?

Dementia, Alzheimers and the Wanderers
Six in 10 people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia become lost at least once. Why do they wander, and how do we stop them?

[48924] Please Offer An Excel Export Option
Data is ultimately meant to be consumed by people. This may come as a shock, but most people are not computer programmers. They are not going to read your CSV with Python and process it with Pandas or Numpy. They are not versed in the libcsv API, nor do they possess ambitions to convert your CSV to JSON in order to build a web mashup. Of the grammar of graphics, they know nothing. In all likelihood they are going to open your CSV file in Microsoft Excel 2004, or if you're lucky Microsoft Excel 2007, and they are going to spend hours building pixelated pie charts, bar charts, and 3D line graphs. You might not use Excel to analyze data, but they almost certainly will. So why not accommodate their intentions as well as you can? Isn't programming fundamentally about helping users achieve their goals?

Revealed: victims of UK’s cold war torture camp | UK news | The Guardian
A few were starved or beaten to death, while British soldiers are alleged to have tortured some victims with thumb screws and shin screws recovered from a gestapo prison. The men in the photographs are not Nazis, however, but suspected communists, arrested in 1946 because they were thought to support the Soviet Union, an ally 18 months earlier.

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Stop giving Wikipedia money | Newslines – The Story of Everything
Don’t donate to Wikipedia. It doesn’t need the money, and anything you donate will not go to the people who actually created the pages that you like. It doesn’t even go to the admins who help check the content. It doesn’t go to content creation at all.

The Real Mr. Difficult, or Why Cthulhu Threatens to Destroy the Canon, Self-Interested Literary Essayists, and the Universe Itself. Finally. | The Los Angeles Review of Books
I may as well state my claim in as straightforward a way as possible: H. P. Lovecraft, he of the squamous and eldritch, is wrongly derided as a bad writer. Lovecraft is actually a difficult writer.

Francken: ‘Kinderen niet op weg naar school van bus plukken … – De Standaard
"Het is niet de bedoeling dat minderjarigen op weg naar school van de bus worden geplukt met het oog op hun uitwijzing. Dat heeft staatssecretaris voor Asiel en Migratie Theo Francken (N-VA) woensdag in de Kamer verklaard." Allez, da's toch sympathiek van Francken.

Girls and Software | Linux Journal
When we call a man a "technologist", we mean he's a programmer, system administrator, electrical engineer or something like that. The same used to be true when we called a woman a "technologist". However, according to the new breed, a female technologist might also be a graphic designer or someone who tweets for a living. Now, I'm glad that there are social media people out there—it means I can ignore that end of things—but putting them next to programmers makes being a "woman in tech" feel a lot like the Programmer Special Olympics.

The Shape of Rome » Ex Urbe
The new Mayor of the city of Rome, Ignazio Marino, just announced his intention to destroy one of the city’s central roads, the Via dei Fori Imperiali, and turn the area around the old Roman Forum into the world’s largest archaeological park.  Reactions have ranged from commuters’ groans to declarations from classicists that this single act proves the nobility of the human species.

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Dan Grover | Chinese Mobile App UI Trends
One day, for the fun of it, I started writing a list in my notebook of all the things that are different between apps here and those I’m accustomed to using and creating back in the US. When I finished, I was surprised by how long the list was, so it seemed fitting to flesh it out into a post.

Is My Startup Burn Rate Normal? | Hacker News
If you're not filling an efficiency gap, and you're not making money, you're not a business. You can fail one of those criteria and be either a parasite or a charity, but you need both to be a business.

A eulogy for RadioShack, the panicked and half-dead retail empire –
This may very well be RadioShack's final holiday season. Jon, a former employee, looks back on a strange, craven, five thousand-fingered strip-mall monster from a forgotten age.

Why I don’t like hackathons, by Alex Bayley aged 39 1/2 | Infotropism
The result is that people build quick hacks that are cute and flashy, but have little depth. Meh.

What I Wish I’d Known About Emacs
The admission of emacs into the editor war is something of a misrepresentation. That emacs can be used as a text editor is incidental to its nature as a computing environment.

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A Country Known Only by Name | Articles | Inference: The International Review of Science
There is no need to introduce Alexander Grothendieck to mathematicians: he is one of the great scientists of the twentieth century.

De Franstalige nota van Elke Sleurs (N-VA): ‘Schandalig gebruik van de taal van Molière’ – België –
"Cette loi est devenu datée et, bien que dans la législature précédente l'intention était de le réformer, il n'est pas arrivé." — heeft iemand al de voor de hand liggende foute grap gemaakt dat het welicht door een mentaal gehandicapte vertaald werd?

Andere regels dan op papier? – De Standaard
Ja kindjes, echt waar. Vroeger, toen werden er élke dag miljoénen "kranten" gedrukt, met het nieuws van de vorige dag erop. Van die enorme bladeren papier, elke dag opnieuw. Jaja, ongelooflijjk hé?

How the World’s First Computer Was Rescued From the Scrap Heap | WIRED
Eccentric billionaires are tough to impress, so their minions must always think big when handed vague assignments. Ross Perot’s staffers did just that in 2006, when their boss declared that he wanted to decorate his Plano, Texas, headquarters with relics from computing history. Aware that a few measly Apple I’s and Altair 880’s wouldn’t be enough to satisfy a former presidential candidate, Perot’s people decided to acquire a more singular prize: a big chunk of ENIAC, the “Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer.”

Fossil hunters unearth galloping, dinosaur-eating crocodiles in Sahara | Science | The Guardian
Fossil hunters have uncovered the remains of primitive crocodiles that "galloped" on land and patrolled the broad rivers that coursed through north Africa one hundred million years ago. The skeletons of five creatures that walked with dinosaurs – and ate them – were unearthed in remote and rocky regions of what are now Morocco and Niger during a series of expeditions in the Sahara desert.

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The Shazam Effect – The Atlantic
By studying 20 million searches every day, Shazam can identify which songs are catching on, and where, before just about anybody else. “Sometimes we can see when a song is going to break out months before most people have even heard of it,” Jason Titus, Shazam’s former chief technologist, told me. (Titus is now a senior director at Google.)

Google Algorithm Change History – Moz
Each year, Google changes its search algorithm around 500–600 times. While most of these changes are minor, Google occasionally rolls out a "major" algorithmic update (such as Google Panda and Google Penguin) that affects search results in significant ways. For search marketers, knowing the dates of these Google updates can help explain changes in rankings and organic website traffic and ultimately improve search engine optimization. Below, we’ve listed the major algorithmic changes that have had the biggest impact on search.

Facebook Has Finally Killed Organic Reach. What Should Marketers Do Next? | Forrester Blogs
After years of pushing brands’ reach lower with one hand (and opening marketers’ wallets with the other) Facebook has finally announced the end of organic social marketing on its site.

The Online Photographer: Urgent Controversy? No
I've mentioned that people often point me to things, and occasionally lots of people point me to the same thing. That's the case with an article in an otherwise useful British newspaper by an otherwise sensible British critic titled "Flat, soulless and stupid: why photographs don’t work in art galleries." The writer doesn't actually make an argument. He just says he wishes people wouldn't put photographs in art galleries. This is in one sense a bit like saying he just wishes people wouldn't let black people and Jews fully participate in society—which is to say, it's baldly retrogressive, and blatantly bigoted—but he doesn't even advance an argument for his opinion; it's apparently the result of some dyspeptic musings while attending a particular exhibit he didn't enjoy.

Oxford students shut down abortion debate. Free speech is under assault on campus – Telegraph
An attempt to hold a reasonable debate about abortion in Oxford was called off after students threatened to disrupt it. Tim Stanley, one of the debaters, writes that the authoritarian Left has become everything it claims to hate.

Freedom of speech dies a little more as SJWs shut down Oxford University abortion debate via
An attempt to hold a reasonable debate about abortion in Oxford was called off after students threatened to disrupt it. Tim Stanley, one of the debaters, writes that the authoritarian Left has become everything it claims to hate.

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Microsoft puts Docker on Windows clients — Tech News and Analysis
Microsoft said today that users can now run Docker inside a Windows machine and manage Linux-based containers with the new Docker Command Line Interface for Windows. The news follows up on Microsoft and Docker’s recent partnership to ensure that Docker can run nicely on the Azure cloud and Windows Server.

Uber has an asshole problem – Vox
A conviction that the rules don't (or shouldn't) apply to you is fine when you're battling a taxi mogul who compares your business to ISIS. But it's extremely unattractive when you start talking about compromising customer user data for the purposes of blackmail. And it's completely insane when that kind of recklessness leads you to talk to journalists about the oppo tactics you're planning to deploy against other journalists.

Book design inspired by Edward Tufte – LaTeX Template on writeLaTeX
Edward Tufte is a pioneer in the field of data visualization, and his works inspired the creation of two LaTeX classes for books and handouts. Here we present the excellent sample book produced by the The Tufte-LaTeX Developers pre-loaded into writeLaTeX for you to use as a starting point for your own work.

Chrome is dying
I don't usually like death metaphors for software but it really seems to apply to Chrome on the Mac. It just keeps getting more and more impossible to use.

‘De verkeerde tax-shift: gepensioneerden betalen meer belasting, GDF Suez minder’ – België –
De bakkers, kleermakers, elektriciens, bloementelers, caféhouders, kappers, schoonheidsspecialisten en garagisten die een NV of BVBA hebben opgericht, hebben net zo min als de kleine KMO's het grote eigen vermogen om de notionele interesten te laten spelen. Zij staan onder voortdurende concurrentie van de multinationale spelers op hun terrein. Maar daar waar hun mastodont-concurrenten slechts 6,7 procent vennootschapsbelasting betalen, betalen zij vaak meer dan 20 procent vennootschapsbelasting, of gewoon de volle pot van 33,99 procent. De fiscale stabiliteit van de regering bevordert de grootste spelers, en dat is ook ten nadele van de zelfstandige middenklasse van ons land.

België derde hoogste vermogensbelasting? Geen sprake van
Tegenstanders van een vermogenswinstbelasting zwaaien met rapporten waaruit moet blijken dat de vermogens in ons land al heel zwaar belast worden. Wie de cijfers even onder de loep neemt, snapt meteen: hier klopt niets van.

How a $47 Shrimp Treadmill Became a $3-Million Political Plaything – The Conversation – Blogs – The Chronicle of Higher Education
It is disingenuous for the Republican-controlled House Committee on Science, Space and Technology to promote the idea that scientists are wasting millions of taxpayer dollars to run shrimp on treadmills based on a 30-second video clip. Given that every teaspoon of seawater can contain millions of bacteria, it does not take a mental giant to understand that the health of marine organisms and the safety of the seafood we eat are closely related.

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Amazon Finally Added a Long-Needed Feature to the Kindle | TIME
On Friday, Amazon rolled out a software update that includes “Family Library,” a feature that will allow two adults and up to four children to share content on one Kindle. The adults can decide whether they want to share all or just a portion of their books with other users tied to a device, and each adult can separately make annotations and bookmarks in the same e-book.

Video: Rosetta mission scientist Dr Matt Taylor cries during apology over ‘offensive’ shirt – Telegraph
Fuck dit soort "feministen" — "In recent days the heavily-tattooed London scientist had become a firm favourite with the public for his unlikely appearance and enthusiastic interviews. But the shirt has divided opinion, with many women in the science community accusing Dr Taylor of sexism."

De angst van De Wever | Jan Blommaert (en z’n gedachten)
En De Wever liegt nog maar eens.Geconfronteerd met de woorden van Mayeur, dat De Wever de dokwerkers best “aan de bron” had kunnen tegenhouden, beweerde De Wever dat dit geen enkele juridische basis zou hebben. Wel, wie het Antwerpse politiereglement van 2014 leest, beginnend met artikel 102 op p34, zal daar lezen dat (a) er geen onaangevraagde en niet-goedgekeurde “demonstraties” mogen plaatsvinden in bepaalde zones van de stad, incluis De Keyserlei bij het Centraal Station. (b) Dat de Burgemeester zeer grote bevoegdheden heeft in het beteugelen van overtredingen hierop.

BBC News – Researchers ‘appalled’ as EU chief scientist role is axed
The EU Commission confirmed that the position held by Prof Anne Glover since 2012, would not be extended. Prof Glover had incurred the wrath of green groups with her open support for genetically modified crops.

Who built this Siberian summer palace… and why?
With its island location and towering square walls that were once impenetrable, it looks at first glance to be an ancient fortress or kremlin to keep out enemies. Others believe the 1,300-year-old structure in rural Siberia has more mystical properties and might have been a summer palace, monastery, or even an astronomical observatory. Whatever it is, more than a century after it was first explored, archaeologists are no further forward in discovering the secrets of Por-Bajin, who built it or why. Most likely constructed in 757 AD, the complex has fascinated and frustrated experts in equal measure since it was located in the middle Tere-Khol, a high-altitude lake in Tuva, in the late 19th century.

‘De prachtige samenleving’ van Bart De Wever | Bleri Lleshi’s Blog
Al wat misloopt in België is de schuld van de socialisten. Alsof de socialisten België en Antwerpen op hun eentje hebben geregeerd. Met Di Rupo was er de afgelopen 3 jaar een socialistisch premier, maar van 1980 tot 1999 was de premier iemand van CD&V. Tussen 1999 en 2008 was Guy Verhofstadt (Open Vld) premier. Kortom de afgelopen 35 jaar was er slechts 3 jaar een socialistische premier en toch vind De Wever het doodnormaal om van socialistisch beleid te spreken. De Wever weet zelf heel goed wie aan de macht was de afgelopen decennia, maar het gaat hem om framing en een zondebok zoeken: de socialisten.

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The Sixth Stage of Grief is Retro-Computing — The Message — Medium
Hour after hour, this terrible fever. What the hell am I doing? I kept asking myself. Why am I forcing a fine new machine to pretend it is a half-dozen old, useless machines?

Dit is de beste Belgische strip – De Standaard
MBWAHAHAHAHAHA. "De Kiekeboes: Album 26 is door bezoekers van de Boekenbeurs en luisteraars van Radio 1 verkozen tot beste Belgische strip aller tijden." Fuck you, Luisteraars van Radio 1.

“Radicale Vlamingen steken tientallen wagens in brand in Brusselse moslimwijk” Over beeldvorming van minderheden en de bedenkelijke logica van Bart De Wever | youssefkobo
Waarom distantieert Bart De Wever zich niet van de vernielingen die de Antwerpse havendokwerkers hebben veroorzaakt? Ik hoor u al denken “Op wat slaagt dat nu? BDW was radicaal tegen die nationale stakingsdag” So what, Belgische moslims zijn radicaal tegen ISIS en toch vraagt De Wever aan hen om zich er van te distantieren. Waarom zou een Belgische moslim zich moeten distantieren voor wat andere moslims aan de andere kant van de wereld uitspoken als de Antwerpse burgemeester zich nog niet eens distantieert/verontschuldigt voor wat zijn burgers hebben uitgericht in Brussel

Open Brief van Schepen van Onderwijs aan Minister van Onderwijs
"Overal in Vlaanderen worden op scholen mosselsoupés, kaas- en wijnavonden en spaghettifestijnen georganiseerd om investeringen te dekken en sociale steunkassen te vullen. Maar een schoolbestuur uit de Brugse Poort, het Rabot of Nieuw Gent roeit met heel andere riemen. Deze ouders kunnen zich geen spaghetti-avond permitteren. Een gezin met vier kinderen is er zijn halve weekbudget voor maaltijden aan kwijt. De situatie van een school uit het rijkere De Pinte die met een kaas-en wijnavond 4 000 euro ophaalt, valt niet te vergelijken met de scholen in een grootstedelijke context. 'Vertrouwen en ruimte geven' wordt 'trek uw plan' als het gepaard gaat met een besparing op deze scholen, op deze leerlingen."

How did the first world war actually end? | Paul Mason | Paul Mason
For Hitler, the German workers’ role in ending the war became the “stab in the back”: it was his ultimate justification for eradicating the German labour movement after 1933. In the British imperialist version of events the Kiel sailors become useful ancillaries: Yanks and tanks turn the western front and, naturally, the Germans throw the towel in once their front starts to crumble. But to social historians the German workers’ role in ending the war is no surprise. Because exactly 100 years ago this week, they had also turned out in their hundreds of thousands to try and prevent it starting. The German socialist party was a massive social institution – with libraries, schools, choirs, nurseries – and during the fatal slide to war they called their members onto the streets in every major city.

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How to become a data scientist in 8 easy steps: the infographic | DataCamp Blog
After being dubbed “sexiest job of the 21st Century” by Harvard Business Review, data scientists have stirred the interest of the general public. Many people are intrigued by this job, namely because the name has an interesting ring to it. But it is exactly the name that also raises a lot of questions. Because what is a data scientist and what do data scientists do exactly? Many of us who devote their lives to data science have frequently been confronted with questions like these.

Intellektuelle und der Mauerfall – Wie haben wir geirrt! | Cicero Online
Tjaha. "So viel steht fest: Es gab weit und breit keinen Politiker, der den Deutschen im Jahre 1990 den folgenden einfachen Satz zugemutet hätte: Die Wiedervereinigung wird unendlich viel kosten, aber sie ist wert, was sie kostet."

De post-betoging blues | Jan Blommaert (en z’n gedachten)
De structuur van de rellen begint stilaan vorm te krijgen. Antwerpse havenarbeiders gingen over tot vandalisme; hierop kwam een overreactie vawege de oproerpolitie, wat dan tot de verwachte escalatie leidde met havenarbeiders, vergezeld van een aantal infiltranten van politie en extreemrechts, in een veldslag met de oproerpolitie. De toevallig samengetroepte pers smulde ervan.

De Rechtzetting » Hevige rellen ontaarden in ordelijke betoging
De organisatoren van het amok benadrukken dat slechts een honderdduizendtal geëngageerde burgers betrokken waren bij de ordelijke betoging. ‘We doen er alles aan om het te vermijden, maar je kunt nooit helemaal uitsluiten dat er zich bij willekeurige geweldplegingen zo’n verwaarloosbare massa losscheurt die weigert deel te nemen aan zinloze vernielingen,’ aldus de Waalse metallo Sylvain le Malin.

Waar zijn de 89’ers? – De Standaard
De Muur was open omdat iedereen zei dat hij open was. En omdat iedereen zei dat alles veranderd was, was alles ook veranderd.

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‘Er zijn er die punker worden, ik werd de Marokkaan’ – De Standaard
‘Ik krijg media-aandacht omdat ik Marokkaan ben. En ik gebruik dat. Keihard. Het zou dom zijn om dat niet te doen. Daarom gaan onze eerste twee films ook over allochtonen. Het zou heel lastig worden als we gewoon een Vlaamsch verhaal hadden gemaakt. Maar het is niet de bedoeling dat we in dat thema blijven steken. Onze derde film wordt iets totaal anders. Een sciencefictionfilm als we dan al in Hollywood zijn. Of desnoods een samoeraifilm in Japan.’

‘Laat de gewone taalgebruiker bepalen wat goed Nederlands is… – De Standaard
De voorvechters van het ABN hebben in de jaren 60 en 70, vanuit een goedbedoeld streven naar emancipatie, het omgekeerde bereikt van wat ze beoogden. Ze hebben de Vlaming mismeesterd, hem in de richting van een kromtaal gestuurd. Hij leerde de regeltjes van de Noord-Nederlandse norm wel, maar omdat die zo tegen zijn taalgevoel indruisten, raakte hij vooral in de war en paste hij ze niet of verkeerd toe.

Addicting Info – American Bible-Thumper Travels To Scandinavia, Freaks Out After Discovering How Secular They Are (VIDEO)
An excruciating discussion with a humanist over coffee ends with the humanist telling McLain, “In short, I have no need of a god. To put it bluntly.” McLain stares off into space, his mind melting.

The reddit Front Page is Not a Meritocracy – Todd W. Schneider
if a post is on reddit's second (or third, or fourth) page, what are the chances that it'll make it to the first page?

Product – Databricks
A unified platform for building Big Data pipelines – from ETL to Exploration and Dashboards, to Advanced Analytics and Data Products.

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The formula that explains why all hipsters look the same
Ever wondered why those who rail against conformity appear to favour the same types of clothes, trundle around on the same fixie bikes and all sup on the same rare Bolivian coffee beans from the same pop-up cafes in the same trendy neighbourhoods of their city?

Amsterdom Presents… 8 Mile and Abbey: Eminem Meets The Beatles |
8 Mile and Abbey: Eminem Meets The Beatles – Amsterdom

106 IDF Ex-Generals, Spy Chiefs Urge New Peace Bid – J.J. Goldberg –
In what appears to be the largest-ever joint protest by senior Israeli security personnel, a group of 106 retired generals, Mossad directors and national police commissioners has signed a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urging him to “initiate a diplomatic process” based on a regional framework for peace with the Palestinians.

I Hope Twitter Goes Away – The Blagoblag
Lately I've been reflecting on why I hate Twitter so much.

Eleven countries studied, one inescapable conclusion – the drug laws don’t work | Society | The Guardian
Eight month study shows legalisation policies do not result in wider use, and the US should be watched with interest

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Weber’s Germany: The Veterinarian Totalitarian – Alternate History Discussion Board
“When we train an animal we speak to it in human tongue and treat it as though it was human – to reasonable extents. We use words as our first recourse and violence as our last. Convince an animal it is human and it will follow our commands to the death. The Slavic peoples will never make achievement and their lands will never prosper without the firm hand of the Germanic people at their leash. As we train our hounds and our bullocks and our horses, so too must they be trained to accept their servitude.”

Deinocheirus: The “Terrible Hands” Finally Get a Body. And it’s WEIRD.
The most important lesson may be that dinosaurs are going to continue to surprise us. As Lee and coauthors write at the end of their paper, “The discovery of the original specimen almost half a century ago suggested that this was an unusual dinosaur, but did not prepare us for how distinctive Deinocheirus is—a true cautionary tale in predicting body forms from partial skeletons, even for animals in which the relationships are known.”

Why we retired the feedly URL shortener | Building Feedly
As part of the feedly web and mobile 24 update, we retired the feedly URL shortener. It felt like the right thing to do for users and makes us a better citizen of the Web.

LOST CASTLE on Behance
In 1979 the Castle of Mesen was protected as a monument, but because of procedural errors that protection was undone in the following year. A new recent application for protection as a monument was not feasible. The refusal was due to the poor state of the buildings and the fear of high restoration costs. In 2010 the church, chapel and classroom buildings have been demolished.

vpro achterwerk – Max Laadvermogen
Het is sportdag en Max moet verplicht moet sporten. Hij ziet dit niet zitten en probeert te doen alsof hij gewond is. Zijn maatje Albert heeft zojuist een EHBO-cursus gedaan en probeert Max te helpen. Midas legt uit hoe je nepwonden kunt maken die heel echt lijken.



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