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The Flawed History of Graphical User Interfaces – Member Feature Stories – MediumThe most useful thing we can do, when trying to imagine a desirable future for computing, is to try to forget the entire Macintosh legacy and send our minds back to 1976—because that’s when all the innovation and meaningful design stalled out in […]

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Comment la fistule anale de Louis XIV a permis la création de l’hymne britannique “God Save the Queen” ?Les Anglais ont aujourd'hui, sans certainement le savoir, comme hymne national, un air qui a été composé pour le cul du roi Louis XIV Responsive design – Owl Studios – MediumThis is a deep-dive into the role of […]

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Learn TensorFlow and deep learning, without a Ph.D. | Google Cloud BlogThis 3-hour course (video + slides) offers developers a quick introduction to deep-learning fundamentals, with some TensorFlow thrown into the bargain. Font Psychology: New research & practical insights | Cognition TodayLet us take a scientific look at the role fonts & typography play in […]

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What Is Third-Wave Antiracism? – The AtlanticThe new normal is, “If you don’t like it, cry loudly and then louder, because you’re always right and they’re just bad.” When someone attests to his white privilege with his hand up in the air, palm outward—which I have observed more than once—the resemblance to testifying in church […]

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The benefits of migrating GOV.UK Pay’s codebase to the GOV.UK Design System – Technology in governmentAs GOV.UK Pay continues to grow, we need to make sure our apps can handle the increased amounts of traffic, transactions and visitors. We also need to make sure our developers can make frontend improvements quickly and easily. I recently […]

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PewDiePie’s Battle for the Soul of the Internet – QuilletteWere there a public protocol that allowed video to be shared as easily as hypertext, there would be no need for YouTube. Were HTTP sufficiently robust to handle two-way links, there might not be a need for Google. Were there a public protocol for identity, Facebook […]

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2018: When VS Code Eclipsed Visual Studio IDE — Visual Studio MagazineAs unlikely as it would seem, providing a free, performant and versatile code editor was probably a requirement for Microsoft to complete its journey to open source advocate. Random UO anecdote #2 – Raph’s WebsiteIn Ultima Online, horses were pants and players were maps […]

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How to Write a Git Commit Message Tips on using AWS to host WordPress with HTTPS – TrapezeCongrats, you should now have your WordPress set up with HTTPS using AWS’s SSL certificate! Why Most Software is Broken – Fintech with Todd – MediumMost software is broken but yours does not have to be. You can […]

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Cosmic Airburst May Have Wiped Out Part of the Middle East 3,700 Years AgoSome 3,700 years ago, a meteor or comet exploded over the Middle East, wiping out human life across a swath of land called Middle Ghor, north of the Dead Sea, say archaeologists who have found evidence of the cosmic airburst. My beautiful […]

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Christopher Tolkien and the legacy of his father J.R.R. Tolkien: The Steward of Middle-earthNow, after more than 40 years, at the age of 94, Christopher Tolkien has laid down his editor’s pen, having completed a great labor of quiet, scholastic commitment to his father’s vision. It is the concluding public act of a gentleman and […]

Links van 17 november 2018 tot 20 november 2018 – Everything I Learned in Design SchoolThat's why this website exists. This is a list of everything I've found useful in my journey of learning design, and an ongoing list of things I think you should read. This is for budding UX, UI, Interaction, or whatever other title designers. How the Ballpoint Pen Changed […]

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code challenge – Build a working game of Tetris in Conway’s Game of Life – Programming Puzzles & Code Golf Stack ExchangeIn Conway's Game of Life, there exist constructs such as the metapixel which allow the Game of Life to simulate any other Game-of-Life rule system as well. In addition, it is known that the […]

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Weta, largest insects on Earth, are the zombies of New Zealand (That’s Wild!) | When animals hibernate, they breathe every now and then; their hearts beat, their brains keep working, and if prodded they can awaken. The Weta don’t hibernate, though. They die. Zero heartbeat, zero breaths, zero brain activity, zero life. They are […]

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How Toto’s ‘Africa’ Became the New ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ – Rolling StoneNothing sums up 2018 like the fact that Toto’s “Africa” has become our unofficial anthem. It’s a song that’s ridiculous by definition — an Eighties ode to Africa by a bunch of L.A. rock dudes who’d never set foot in the place. But something […]