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Links van 24 oktober 2017 tot 31 oktober 2017

Stop doing user interviews. Start having conversations.
If you can level up by remembering your user interview skills and also relaxing and having a conversation, the person you’re talking to is going to be that much more engaged. If they’re engaged, what they tell you will be more natural, your insights will be deeper and learnings more nuanced. If they’re disengaged, you’ll get your yes, no answers, but they won’t feel like going deep, sharing their feelings, and opening up to you.

Sketching Interfaces – Airbnb Design
As the design systems movement gains steam and interfaces become more standardized, we believe that artificial intelligence assisted design and development will be baked into the next generation of tooling.

How Human Memory Works: Tips for UX Designers. – UX Planet
Knowing how memory works, designers can create human-centered interfaces which correspond to the natural abilities of the users, save their effort and boost usability.

Bende van Nijvel
Heeft u een vraag of informatie over de Bende van Nijvel? Contacteer ons via » info@bendevannijvel.com

‘Reality shrivels. This is your life now’: 88 days trapped in bed to save a pregnancy | Life and style | The Guardian
Months before she was due to give birth, disaster struck for Katherine Heiny. Doctors ordered her to lie on her side in bed and not move – and gave her a 1% chance of carrying her baby to term

Shrews Shrink Their Heads to Survive Winter
Right now, as autumn descends upon the Northern Hemisphere, many animals are preparing for the frigid and lean winter months. Bears are going through a serious bulking phase. Hares and stoats are changing the colors of their coats. Oh, and shrews’ heads are shrinking. New research shows that the skull of at least one variety of shrew actually shrivels in size every winter. The research team, led by scientists at Germany’s Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, not only discovered that the shrews sport this surreal, skull-wilting ability, but that they shrink their skulls repeatedly and on a seasonal cycle.

Links voor 24 oktober 2017

Mobile First, Desktop Worst – prototypr
Mobile First should not be taken as an opportunity to over-simplify and, by the same token, Desktop First should not be taken as an opportunity to pile on complexity.

Facebook moving non-promoted posts out of news feed in trial | Technology | The Guardian
Facebook is testing a major change that would shift non-promoted posts out of its news feed, a move that could be catastrophic for publishers relying on the social network for their audience. A new system being trialled in six countries including Slovakia, Serbia and Sri Lanka sees almost all non-promoted posts shifted over to a secondary feed, leaving the main feed focused entirely on original content from friends, and adverts.

The problem with the Romans is they always try to walk it in
Using Latin phrases is often just verbal bullying, Bullingdon style. So let’s translate phrases into football.

Booking.com — UX Analysis and Responsive Redesign – uxdesign.cc
Zo'n old school artikel begot. Maar wel nostalgisch en wijs: "As a wanderlust and UX designer, I decided to challenge myself by redefining the user experience of Booking.com landing page."

The sad humanity of American Captain, the best anti-superhero comic about superheroes
“American Captain” gives us Steve Rogers (and to a lesser extent his peers) struggling with downtime, professional frustration, 21st century confusion, and post-traumatic stress. We look through the keyhole of the summer blockbuster and find the muted lifeworld of a sickly kid, now a grown man who can bench-press a car, but can’t figure out online banking. He’s the character who is both most and least like the reader, out of place in every room he enters. Steve is racked with guilt: not over losing Bucky, like he always is in the comics, but for not being able to protect his mother from his alcoholic father. For leaving the comm on so Sharon Carter could hear his plane crash. For forgetting to return The Hobbit to the NYPL before he was frozen in the ice. He’s thrilled to discover there’s a new Hobbit movie, but panics at the flame and explosions in the theater. He argues, sometimes passive-aggressively and sometimes aggressively, with everyone, including Nick Fury and Bruce Banner. He is marching, in kindness and honor, to his own destruction.

Links voor 23 oktober 2017

The Mind-Boggling Physics of a Standing Double Backflip | WIRED
Humans can do things. Awesome things. Case in point: this human, named Aaron Cook. Cook can do some serious tumbling (just check out his YouTube channel), but he can also do something extremely difficult—a standing double back tuck (backflip).

Brexit: deals and no deals | Flip Chart Fairy Tales
There are several stages to go through before we agree our future relationship with the EU and a number of points at which it could come to grief. A Cliff Edge Brexit is in no-one’s interest and a Chaotic Brexit would be a disaster. The former ministers who have urged the prime minister to walk away from the talks really should know better. ‘No deal is better than a bad deal’ is the silliest soundbite to come out of the Brexit process. ‘No Deal’ is a bad deal. About as bad as it gets. It’s not something that anyone should be wishing on this country.

Welcome – Mild-Mannered Superman
Why are the Fleischer Superman shorts still remembered today, 75 years later? Because the studio had the money to really spend time on the animation. The story goes that the Fleischers thought doing an adventure serial would be too much work, so they tripled their normal asking price, thinking Paramount would immediately balk. Instead, Paramount wrote the check. The result is an absolutely beautiful set of hand-drawn short films that stand the test of time and are still an inspiration to animators today.

Design Principles

EXCLUSIVE: US Preparing to Put Nuclear Bombers Back on 24-Hour Alert – Defense One
The U.S. Air Force is preparing to put nuclear-armed bombers back on 24-hour ready alert, a status not seen since the Cold War ended in 1991. That means the long-dormant concrete pads at the ends of this base’s 11,000-foot runway — dubbed the “Christmas tree” for their angular markings — could once again find several B-52s parked on them, laden with nuclear weapons and set to take off at a moment’s notice.

Links van 21 oktober 2017 tot 22 oktober 2017

Peter Cook – Wikiwand
In 1961, Cook opened The Establishment, a club at 18 Greek Street in Soho in central London, presenting fellow comedians in a nightclub setting, including American Lenny Bruce. Cook said it was a satirical venue modelled on "those wonderful Berlin cabarets … which did so much to stop the rise of Hitler and prevent the outbreak of the Second World War"

Actieve versus niet-actieve mensen. Hoe zit dat nu juist? – Jan Blommaert (en z’n gedachten)
Het begrippenpaar “actief – niet-actief” klinkt buitengewoon objectief maar het is opvallend hoe de begrippen meteen ook moreel worden geëvalueerd. We kunnen dat zo stellen: "Actieve mensen zijn goed bezig; niet-actieve mensen zijn parasitair en moeten geactiveerd worden." Bovendien zijn deze begrippen ook politiek ingekleurd, en wel op deze manier: "Actieve mensen hoeven geen solidariteit tentoon te spreiden tegenover niet-actieve mensen; deze laatsten worden “in de hangmat gehouden” door socialisten en vakbonden."

Danish numbers
Danish has a rather weird number system.

The Crushing Disappointment of L’Arpège – Eater
Throughout my three-hour meal, a small Pomeranian accompanying a diner sitting behind me barked regularly (albeit at reasonable volume). Waiters ran into each other as if it was everyone’s first day. A staffer set a stack of dirty glasses and empty wine bottles on a trolley inches from my table—and left it there. A runner blew his nose a few feet away; seconds later, he handed me a small casserole dish. There was no toilet paper in the bathroom.

The Staggering Impact of China’s ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative – The Atlantic
Unlike the United States and Europe, China uses aid, trade, and foreign direct investment strategically to build goodwill, expand its political sway, and secure the natural resources it needs to grow. Belt and Road is the most impressive example of this. It is an umbrella initiative of current and future infrastructure projects. In the next decades, China plans to build a thick web of infrastructure around Asia and, through similar initiatives, around the world.

We Can’t Stem the Tide of Language Death – Los Angeles Review of Books
In fact, pitch plays such a huge role in Seenku that it can be “spoken” through music alone, most notably on the traditional xylophone. At last month’s Eid al-Adha celebrations in Burkina Faso, I witnessed a Seenku speaker approach a xylophone player and hold a conversation, but the musician never once opened his mouth: all communication was through the rapid-fire notes he played on the xylophone. This xylophone language accompanies all cultural activities in the village, including funerals, initiation rites, and even traditional healing, but fewer and fewer people are able to understand it. Young people are increasingly reliant on Jula, a major regional language, which gives them access to the city and all that it entails. Before long, the xylophone language will become simply music, aesthetically pleasing but devoid of the immense knowledge that it has contained for generations.

Google and the Resurgence of Italian Design – prototypr
It brings a welcome relief to the ponderously serious design that we see from many other companies, Apple most notably, where there doesn’t seem to be much fun in the design process. And that comes through in the resulting products.

De boemerang van #metoo – De Standaard
Vrouwen gebruiken #metoo om verschillende soorten ongepast gedrag aan te klagen: van obscene commentaren over billenknijpen tot seksuele intimidatie en aanranding. Dit is onfair voor de beide uiteinden van de keten. Wie als zesjarige betast of gepenetreerd werd, vindt wellicht niet dat zijn verhaal recht wordt aangedaan door een hashtag die ook verwijst naar vuilgebekte mannen, zonder onderscheid te maken.

Links van 19 oktober 2017 tot 21 oktober 2017

I Am Miko Peled, And I Support Jeremy Corbyn’s Courageous Call to “End the Oppression of the Palestinian People” – American Herald Tribune
For nearly two years Zionist groups in the UK and particularly within the Labor Party have been conducting a witch hunt to rid the Labor party of Corbyn supporters, in the hopes of weakening Corbyn himself. The most common and thus far successful tactic was to claim that they are anti-Semitic. Some fifty members of Labor were suspended including the former mayor of London Ken Livingston. But the comments made by these members, many of whom have dedicated their lives to fighting racism, fighting for the disenfranchised and promoting tolerance, were not anti-Semitic but rather out of line with the official Zionist platform. This is a platform which allows no discussion regarding the holocaust and no discussion on the ongoing oppression of the Palestinian people by the “Jewish State.”

Brief aan staats­secretaris Zuhal Demir – De Standaard
U beweert dat wij, wetenschappers, ‘schelden als politici’. Ik daag u uit om één fragment in het Jaarboek aan te wijzen dat op een ‘scheldpartij’ duidt. Behoudens als u vaststellingen die u niet bevallen, per definitie daaronder rekent. Dan zitten we met een serieus probleem en is een ernstig gesprek, waartoe u oproept, maar dat u nu al twee keer uit de weg bent gegaan, niet mogelijk. Zo’n debat moet méér zijn dan ballen heen en weer kaatsen.

OVERZICHT. Zoveel zwakke weggebruikers raakten in uw gemeent… – Het Nieuwsblad
Zucht. Niet echt nuttig, dus: "Een belangrijke kanttekening bij de cijfers is dat het gaat om slachtoffers langs gewestwegen. Dat zijn wegen waarvan niet de gemeenten bevoegd zijn voor de infrastructuur maar het Vlaams Gewest. Het enige wat de gemeenten kunnen doen om de situatie te beveiligen zijn maatregelen als gemachtigde opzichters opstellen of bloembakken plaatsen. Ongevallen met zwakke weggebruikers op andere wegen zijn niet opgenomen in deze cijfers."

Trump judicial nominee: I discriminate against gay people, and trans kids are part of “Satan’s plan” – Vox
“Guess what? I attend a conservative Baptist church. We discriminate, all right. On the basis of sexual orientation, we discriminate,” Jeff Mateer said in a 2015 speech at the National Religious Liberties Conference. “Does that mean I can’t be a judge? In some states, I think that’s true, unfortunately.” The remark isn’t the only anti-LGBTQ comment Mateer has made over the years. He also argued that same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, that marriage equality is a “challenge” for Christians, and that transgender children are part of “Satan’s plan.”

Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 is what the next MacBook Pro should be (but almost certainly won’t) | ZDNet
Apple has gone from leading the way when it came to high-performance laptops to getting mired in mediocre updates and gimmicks such as the Touch Bar. On the other hand, Microsoft is pushing the boundaries and creating powerhouse laptops aimed at professionals and creative types.

Links van 18 oktober 2017 tot 19 oktober 2017

My Interview With a Rohingya Refugee: What Do You Say to a Woman Whose Baby Was Thrown Into a Fire? – The New York Times
As I walked out of the refugee camp, my phone rang. The instant I said hello, my wife could hear it in my voice.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“I just finished the worst interview of my life,” I said.

Iran’s Khamenei: We’ll observe Deal if Europe does, despite “Charlatan,” Trump
Iran’s clerical Leader, Ali Khamenei, said on Wednesday that he did not intend to engage in a tit for tat with Donald Trump, who had attacked Iran in a speech last week. “Naturally, I do not want to spend time right now in replying to the fables and falsehoods of this charlatan president of the republic. . .” He added that replying to such as Trump is “a waste of time.”

The Story of CSS Grid, from Its Creators · An A List Apart Article
On October 17th, Microsoft’s Edge browser shipped its implementation of CSS Grid. This is a milestone for a number of reasons. First, it means that all major browsers now support this incredible layout tool. Second, it means that all major browsers rolled out their implementations in a single year(!), a terrific example of standards success and cross-browser collaboration. But third, and perhaps most interestingly, it closes the loop on a process that has been more than 20 years in the making.

Warning of ‘ecological Armageddon’ after dramatic plunge in insect numbers | Environment | The Guardian
The abundance of flying insects has plunged by three-quarters over the past 25 years, according to a new study that has shocked scientists. The cause of the huge decline is as yet unclear, although the destruction of wild areas and widespread use of pesticides are the most likely factors and climate change may play a role. The scientists were able to rule out weather and changes to landscape in the reserves as causes, but data on pesticide levels has not been collected.

20 Things Men Can Do RTFN to Support Women – Helen Rosner – Medium
Here we are, now, having to say “as far as I know” about our good dude friends, because the truth is that probably plenty of guys are good dude friends unless you’re the one or two or fifteen women they crossed a line with, whether or not they realize they crossed a line. I haven’t been personally assaulted by this guy, I guess is the only thing I can really say.

How to make nightmarish spider legs to gift to the most arachnophobic of your friends and family.

Welcome to the Devil’s Kitchen! ⋆

LIVIN farms – The first home farm for edible insects – Buy the first farm for edible insects and some roasted mealworms
Start a food revolution out of your kitchen with the Hive™ and grow healthy, delicious and sustainable mealworms in your home.

#hashtaghoeren | Filip Aerts blogt
Word. "De sexy hashtag lokt vooral de aandachtshoer, die de kans ziet om voortrekkertje te spelen en, zeker als het om collectieve verontwaardiging gaat, zich te verwarmen aan de straling van de gegarandeerde ego-hypernova."

Links van 17 oktober 2017 tot 18 oktober 2017

John McCain’s Final Act Is War Against Trump
When he thumbs-downed the Republican health-care plan three months ago, McCain shocked the news media and members of both parties. He had previously displayed barely any interest in the issue at hand, and for more than a decade served as a largely reliable partisan vote that belied his reputation as a “maverick.” Indeed, the maverick legend had grown so stale that many people, especially liberals, dismissed it as nothing but a legend. But McCain is making it perfectly clear that, in the final chapter of his political career, he has gone into opposition again.

Wijkbewoners meten zelf hoe snel auto’s rijden: het resultaa… (Gent) – Het Nieuwsblad
“De resultaten zijn onthutsend”, zegt buurtbewoner Jan Moesen. “Van de 1.506 voertuigen die we controleerden, reden er 1.204 te snel. Dat is net geen tachtig procent.” De bewoners waren vijf dagen in actie en controleerden negen uur lang tijdens de spitsuren, onder andere op de Meulesteedsesteenweg en in de Voorhavenlaan, de Londenstraat en de Voormuide.

Working at Google seemed like a dream job. The reality has been a tedious, pointless nightmare. – The Washington Post
My resume will have that holy header, Google, above a few bullets — though after this essay I can probably forget about references — but what words will follow the bullets? Evangelized? Shaped the world? Facilitated cross-functional optimizations? How will I answer some future interviewer who inquires: What did you do as a talent channels specialist?

I Watched 15 Hours of ‘Fox & Friends’ and I Want to Die – VICE
Watching the show is like dropping down a bottomless pit. Eventually, you no longer feel like you're falling—the constant whoosh of half-truths and gleefully delivered apocalyptic provocations becomes your new equilibrium. It no longer matters what the story is or where it comes from—above you or below you, left or right—it feels like it is coming for you. It's news as a planet-covering hurricane of hatred and misfortune heading right toward your family, with outrage as the only available defense.

The Tall Stovepipe-Style Hat: An Indispensable Part of Welsh Women in National Costume From the 19th Century ~ vintage everyday
First appeared during the 1830s, the Welsh hat worn by women as part of Welsh national costume is a tall stovepipe-style hat, similar to a top hat, or the capotain. It is still worn by women, and particularly schoolgirls, in Wales on St David's Day, but rarely on other occasions.

Links van 14 oktober 2017 tot 17 oktober 2017

One person’s history of Twitter, from beginning to end
Twitter was built at the tail end of that era. Their goal was giving everyone a voice. They were so obsessed with giving everyone a voice that they never stopped to wonder what would happen when everyone got one. And they never asked themselves what everyone meant. That’s Twitter’s original sin. Like Oppenheimer, Twitter was so obsessed with splitting the atom they never stopped to think what we’d do with it.

North Korea: Where can its missiles reach? – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Just how much of the world is at potential risk?

@20 (Ftrain.com)
I'm in the middle right now. Young company, young kids, unfinished book, 40s, sore back, facing bariatric uncertainties and paying down the mortgage. 20 years is arbitrary nonsense. A blip. Our software is bullshit, our literary essays are too long, the good editors all quit or got fired, hardly anyone is experimenting with form in a way that wakes me up, the IDEs haven't caught up with the 1970s, the R&D budgets are weak, the little zines are badly edited, the tweets are poor, the short stories make no sense, people still care too much about magazines, the Facebook posts are nightmares, LinkedIn has ruined capitalism, and the big tech companies that have arisen are exhausting, lumbering gold-thirsty kraken that swim around with sour looks on their face wondering why we won't just give them all our gold and save the time. With every flap of their terrible fins they squash another good idea in the interest of consolidating pablum into a single database, the better to jam it down our mental baby duck feeding tubes in order to make even more of the cognitive paté that Silicon Valley is at pains to proclaim a delicacy. Social media is veal calves being served tasty veal. In the spirit of this thing I won't be editing this paragraph.

Koninklijke Munt stopt met munten slaan | BRUZZ
Minister van Financiën Johan Van Overtveldt (N-VA) gaf als reden dat door de komst van de euro en de toename van elektronische betalingen er minder euromunten nodig zijn en dat de Europese Commissie erop aandringt om muntoverschotten van andere Europese landen over te nemen. “In Duitsland, dat vijf munthuizen heeft, en Frankrijk is er een overproductie,” zegt André Toujour, afgevaardigde van de onafhankelijke vakbond Nuod. “Ik vraag me dan af: waarom werd er niet beter onderhandeld?” Ook Nederland heeft een overschot aan kleine rosse centjes sinds alle bedragen daar afgerond worden. Al enige tijd worden voorraden van 1-eurocentjes overgekocht en moet de Belgische Munt, in plaats van zelf munten te slaan, de oude centjes van onze noorderburen opnieuw verpakken.

Penguins starving to death is a sign that something’s very wrong in the Antarctic | John Sauven | Opinion | The Guardian
The awful news that all but two penguin chicks have starved to death out of a colony of almost 40,000 birds is a grim illustration of the enormous pressure Antarctic wildlife is under. The causes of this devastating event are complex, from a changing climate to local sea-ice factors, but one thing penguins, whales and other marine life don’t need is additional strain on food supplies.

Links van 12 oktober 2017 tot 13 oktober 2017

Debunking Jimbo: Slippery Google tries to evade European privacy • The Register
2014 ondertussen al. Time flies. "Google’s latest celebrity recruit, Wikipedia cofounder Jimmy Wales, recently gave an extraordinary performance on the BBC's Andrew Marr Show. We want to share with you what he said – verbatim – with expert commentary. It’s about the decision of a top European court that Google cannot be exempt from the Continent's privacy and data protection laws."

Rechter razend op instelling die jongen naar huis stuurt | Antwerpen | Regio | HLN
De tweede jongen moest op bevel van de jeugdrechter terugkeren naar Dennenhof. “De politie heeft mijn zoon rond 17 uur afgezet in Dennenhof”, zegt de mama van de zestienjarige. Onmiddellijk nadat de politie was vertrokken, is hij door de opvoeder buitengezet. Die heeft zijn zak met kleding uit het raam van de eerste verdieping gegooid en gezegd: “Pak uw fiets en rij naar huis.” Dan heeft die opvoeder mij gewaarschuwd dat mijn zoon onderweg was.”

In embarrassing display, Trump flubs test on how money works | MSNBC
Yesterday afternoon in Harrisburg, during a speech on taxes, he pushed a related point: “Very proudly, just in the stock market alone, we have increased our economic worth by $5.2 trillion, that’s right, since Election Day. $5.2 trillion. Think about that, that’s a quarter of the $20 trillion that we owe.” This is gibberish. They’re the remarks of someone who doesn’t know what the national debt is. Or how the nation’s finances work. Or even how money works.

Former Republican member of congress: ‘Trump is unhinged. We are waiting to get tax bill through before impeachment’ | The Independent
'He’s not listening to anyone. Not a soul. He’s got the nuclear codes and, well, it scares the hell out of me. It’s starting to scare all of them'

Restoring Original Visual Studio Code Icon
A lot of people don’t like the New Visual Studio Code (aka VS Code or just Code) icon and they prefer the old icon better. I am one of these people.

Links van 8 oktober 2017 tot 10 oktober 2017

Mensa offers to host IQ test for Trump and Tillerson | TheHill
Bring on the IQ test — Mensa says it’s willing to host President Trump and secretary of State Rex Tillerson in a battle of the brains. In an interview with Forbes published Tuesday, Trump suggested he and Tillerson — who allegedly once called the commander in chief a “moron” — go head-to-head in an intelligence quotient showdown. The State Department has denied Tillerson ever made the comments.

‘Privacy op de weg. Niet nodig volgens Jan Jambon’ – Nieuws – Data News.be
De N-VA blies dit weekend dus opnieuw leven in het omstreden voorstel, een wetsvoorstel waar Jan Jambon al sinds 2016 druk aan bezig is. De regering wil één jaar lang alle verplaatsingen die u met uw voertuig doet, of dat nu een wagen, motor of brommer is, gaan bijhouden. Zij gaat er dus de facto van uit dat wij allen misdadigers (in wording) zijn. Het gaat hier immers niet om gerichte controle of een signalisatiemogelijkheid van een verdachte nummerplaat, het gaat hier om het bijhouden van een onnoemelijke grote dataset van verplaatsingen, en dus identiteitsgegevens. Dat dit fout is, staat buiten kijf. Elk wetsvoorstel dient de proportionaliteitstoets te doorstaan. Het recht op privacy is geen absoluut recht. Dat impliceert dat men van dit recht kan afwijken wanneer daar een gegronde en zwaarwichtige reden toe is. Dat is echter in casu niet het geval. Het bijhouden van alle verplaatsingen van alle Belgen gedurende één jaar, is niets meer dan massasurveillance – een term die zelfs de anders zo voorzichtige Privacycommissie zelf naar voor schuift.

(19) The Nightmare Letter: A Subject Access Request under GDPR | LinkedIn
I had drafted a letter a few years ago detailing the worst kind of personal information access request that a Canadian company could receive under PIPEDA. I thought it might be useful to update that as a subject access request under GDPR, and present it as a worst-case situation (with thanks to Paul Breitbarth for reviewing this and offering some insights from a regulator's point of view). You might simply use this to make a case to your organization about what it could potentially receive.

How I learnt to loathe England | Prospect Magazine
So let me try to be as Dutch as I can, and say that I left the UK feeling disappointed, hurt and immensely worried. We did not leave because of Brexit. My wife and I are both Dutch and we want our children to grow roots in the country where we came of age. We loved our time in London and have all met people who we hope will become our friends for life. But by the time the referendum came, I had become very much in favour of the UK leaving the EU. The worrying conditions that gave rise to the result—the class divide and the class fixation, as well as an unhinged press, combine to produce a national psychology that makes Britain a country you simply don’t want in your club.

If macOS High Sierra shows your password instead of the password hint for an encrypted APFS volume – Apple Support
Fijne bug.

Links voor 6 oktober 2017

Apple gave Uber’s app ‘unprecedented’ access to a secret backdoor that can record iPhone screens | Business Insider India
Uber's iPhone app has a secret backdoor to powerful Apple features, allowing the ride-hailing service to potentially record a user's screen and access other personal information without their knowledge. The existence of Uber's access to special iPhone functions is not disclosed in any consumer-facing information included with Uber's app, despite giving the company direct access to features so powerful that Apple almost always keeps them off limits to outside companies.

AIM will shut down after 20 years – The Verge
It’s a sad moment: AIM, AOL’s long-running instant messenger service that was core to many people’s first social experiences on the internet, will shut down once and for all on December 15th. AOL announced the shutdown today, acknowledging that people now communicate in new ways online, so AIM is no longer needed.

Catalonië is niet het voorbeeld – De Standaard
Marta Torrecillas, de vrouw van wie alle vingers van de linkerhand zouden zijn gebroken, trok dinsdag op de sterk onafhankelijkheidsgezinde zender TV3 haar verhaal in. Ook van haar beweringen dat ze onheus was betast, bleef niets over. Beelden toonden dat ze zichzelf ter aarde had geworpen toen ze werd gesommeerd het stembureau te verlaten. Aan één vinger had ze toen al een gewrichtsontsteking.

Antwerpse schepenen op het matje bij Bart De Wever omdat ze … (Antwerpen) – Het Nieuwsblad
Opvallend: ongeveer een kwart van de boetes zijn te vinden bij het schepencollege. De acht schepenen verzamelden twee jaar geleden 32 overtredingen en vorig jaar 37. Het gaat om snelheidsboetes, parkeer- en verkeersovertredingen.

The Forgotten Hillary Clinton Voter: A Profile Of The Not-So-Silent Majority
When given a choice between a blatantly sexist, incompetent man who spewed violence at every turn and a calm, controlled woman who had steered our country through troubled waters for the better part of a decade, 46.4% of the voting populace pulled the lever for the nightmare we are currently living. The threat of nuclear war, racism in the White House, and the slow bleed out of Constitutional rights was more palatable than a woman who didn’t “smile enough” and seemed “too prepared.”

Links van 3 oktober 2017 tot 5 oktober 2017

Humanity Still Producing New Art As Though Megadeth’s ‘Rust In Peace’ Doesn’t Already Exist – The Onion – America’s Finest News Source
The deluded people churning out this worthless garbage just can’t seem to reconcile themselves to the fact that their pathetic little sculptures and films and novels and whatnot will always pale in comparison to the brilliantly inspired, heart-stopping tempo shift halfway through ‘Holy Wars… The Punishment Due.’” At press time, a spokesperson from the Centre Pompidou in Paris confirmed the museum’s plans to throw out the contents of an entire wing and leave a massive, pure white space where the track “Lucretia” will be played on loop at full volume.

Why philosopher Jeremy Bentham’s severed, stolen, and poorly preserved head is back on display – Home | As It Happens | CBC Radio
'I will concede that, yes, putting the severed head of a 200-year-old dead utilitarian philosopher in an exhibit is bizarre.' – Subhadra Das, curator

De vermoeide hyperbool en het einde van de beschaving | diggit magazine
Een probleem vereist een oplossing gebracht door een probleemoplosser; maar een catastrofe vereist een redding gebracht door een held – zo zitten frames in mekaar.

Courageous Senators Stand Up to American People | The New Yorker
Senator McConnell agreed that yesterday’s vote “sent a powerful message,” adding, “If the American people think that just because they voted us into office and pay our salaries, benefits, and pensions, we are somehow obliged to listen to them, they are sorely mistaken.”

Na het referendum: ‘De Catalaanse regering wist maar al te goed dat dit zou gebeuren’ – Wereld – Knack.be
Democratie en pluralisme als basis van de nieuwe Catalaanse staat, luidt de onderliggende boodschap. Ironisch genoeg kan net het referendum die test niet doorstaan. De beslissing om het referendum uit te schrijven werd in het Catalaanse parlement met een gewone meerderheid goedgekeurd, en niet met een tweederdemeerderheid zoals de Spaanse grondwet dat voorschrijft. De beslissing werd zonder noemenswaardig debat door het parlement gejaagd. Ook de opzet van het referendum was op vele vlakken problematisch: er waren geen kieslijsten en er was geen minimale vereiste opkomst. Het Spaanse Grondwettelijk Hof oordeelde vooraf dat het referendum illegaal was, waardoor nee-stemmers – volgens peilingen tot voor zondag de meerderheid in Catalonië – geen enkele reden hadden om te gaan stemmen.

Links van 27 september 2017 tot 1 oktober 2017

De lotgevallen van de Witte: Over privileges, rechten en macht. – Jan Blommaert (en z’n gedachten)
Wat het “white privilege” verhaaltje dus niet doet, is de macht zoeken waar ze werkelijk ligt. Neen, ze smeert de macht uit over een oneindig aantal “witte mensen”, zodat ze in wezen onzichtbaar wordt en nooit onder vuur komt te liggen. Een witte dakloze “bewust maken” van z’n historisch privilege, of een witte deskundige van het spreekgestoelte weghonen omdat hij vanuit z’n privileges spreekt: dàt wordt nu voorgesteld als een strijd tegen de macht. De echte macht zal daar hartelijk om lachen.

Microsculpture – The Insect Portraits of Levon Biss
De meest ongelooflijke foto's ter wereld. Beloofd.

Black Group Wants Fewer African Students | The Daily Caller
Help, mijn ironiemeter is ontploft. "Black Students United takes issue with the fact that there are more African and Caribbean students on campus when compared to black students. The group defines black students as those who come from black families that have lived in America for two or more generations. While the group said it doesn’t mind the university trying to recruit African students, they want the college to pay more attention to black students whose families have been affected by years of white supremacy."

Jihadi’s van eigen bodem – De Standaard
Coolens zegt dat hij zo veel mogelijk communisten wilde doden en dat hij daar nog steeds achter staat. Zijn geweten is zuiver. Als je communisten vervangt door ongelovigen, dan is het niet overdreven Coolens als een jihadi te betitelen. Zijn hoofd was op hol gebracht door haatpredikers zoals Cyriel Verschaeve, die na de oorlog door de Belgische justitie bij verstek ter dood werd veroordeeld, maar die nog altijd geëerd wordt met straatnamen. Wie zich afvraagt hoe dat mogelijk is, vindt het antwoord in de ontwikkeling van een Vlaamse collectieve herinnering waarin oostfronters met heldendom worden geassocieerd en het verzet met onverantwoorde daden en het geweld van de straatrepressie.

The city fit for no-one – BBC News
Quentin Sommerville is on the streets of Raqqa with Syrian Democratic Forces. He finds a city devastated by IS rule and Western-led bombardments. Civilians are trapped – with many being used as human shields.

Links van 26 september 2017 tot 27 september 2017

How to Hold in Your Poop in Embarrassing Situations: 10 Steps
It’s harder to hold in poop if your muscles around your rectum are weak. If your nerves are damaged in that area, you might not even know a stool has come out. See a doctor in such cases.

The Boys of Brexit: Tony Blair and Nigel Farage – The New York Times
It seems like an impossible feat. But Tony Blair has done it. He has made himself even less popular in Britain.

Tony Blair Says the Left Has Lost Its Way – POLITICO Magazine
Tony Blair thinks Americans are way too worried about Donald Trump—and not enough about Bernie Sanders.

First “Blade Runner 2049” Reactions Are Ecstatic – Dark Horizons
oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy; "Denis Villeneuve’s “Blade Runner 2049” had its first screenings for press the other day, and while full reviews are not yet allowed – first social media reactions are now out. Here’s a sampling of the reactions from the journalists and critics in attendance, and the word is incredible with labels of it being a sci-fi masterpiece and one that could even be an awards contender. Certainly, the response is overwhelmingly positive."

God is een vluchteling – David Dessin | Polis
God is terug en woont in Europa. Ruim de helft van de migranten in de Europese Unie behoort tot het christendom. 13 miljoen van hen zijn afkomstig van buiten Europa (tegenover 12 miljoen moslims). Ook onder de recente vluchtelingenstromen zijn er veel christenen. Hoe kan het ook anders? Twee derde van de 2,2 miljard christenen woont buiten Europa, vaak als minderheden in door oorlog en honger bedreigde gebieden. Toch horen we daar amper iets over. Vanwaar die vreemde blindheid voor vervolgde christenen?

Links van 24 september 2017 tot 26 september 2017

(703) Xenia Fox- My ALIEN ENCOUNTER That Wasn’t a Dream, Relaying Messages in Lucid Dreams – YouTube
I am legally changing my name to first name Xenia, last name -Fox this year. I will be a rich and famous billionaire for 24 talents/near future careers. Perfection is the fun journey of forever expanding potential as long as the being never gives up and is always productive.

De aangekondigde dood van Witte de With – De Groene Amsterdammer
Dat zij zich al 26 jaar inspannen voor een kritisch discours, dat zij een open oog hebben voor ‘diversiteit’, dat er allerlei kunstenaars ‘van kleur’ in de zalen zijn vertegenwoordigd, het mocht wat. Daarin is het instituut juist pervers, aldus de activisten: ‘Het is niet de eerste keer dat een in hoofdzaak witte culturele instelling de kritiek van Zwarte en niet-Zwarte Mensen van Kleur afzwakt door zich die kritiek op hetzelfde moment eigen te maken, te co-opteren, in een poging zich zo immuun daarvoor te maken.’

Publishing with Apache Kafka at The New York Times | Confluent
This article describes a new approach we developed to solving this problem, based on a log-based architecture powered by Apache KafkaTM. We call it the Publishing Pipeline. The focus of the article will be on back-end systems. Specifically, we will cover how Kafka is used for storing all the articles ever published by The New York Times, and how Kafka and the Streams API is used to feed published content in real-time to the various applications and systems that make it available to our readers.

Helaas ben ik geslaagd voor de lerarenopleiding – De Standaard
Gemotiveerd begon ik drie jaar geleden aan de lerarenopleiding secundair onderwijs aan de HoGent, met als vakken muzikale opvoeding en wiskunde. Ik voelde van bij het begin dat de opleiding niet was wat ik hoopte. Al snel zag ik de motivatie bij medestudenten en mezelf verdwijnen. Ik zocht naar positiviteit en creativiteit in de opleiding. Iets wat vooral bij de lectoren en de organisatie ver te zoeken was. Hoe is het mogelijk dat een opleiding die draait rond onderwijs, de zin voor lesgeven doet verdwijnen?

Michel moet klaarheid scheppen | ericvanrompuy.be
In Vlaanderen zoekt de grootste partij systematisch de polarisatie op met de vreemdelingen, de vakbonden, de Walen en de andersdenkende politieke partijen en verenigingen. N-VA staat voor een model van tweedracht: zij en de rest. Dit staat haaks op het DNA van CD&V. Als meerderheidspartij worden wij meegesleurd in een samenlevingsvisie die de onze niet is. Wouter Beke sprak vorige week over N-VA als een VB-light. Deze week kregen we met het optreden van Francken hiervan het zoveelste bewijs. SHAME ON YOU, Mijnheer Francken. Hoelang nog?

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