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Git pretty — justin hileman dot infoThis chart is from the presentation Changing History, or How to Git Pretty. Check it out to learn how to use this IRL. So…What Do I Make? (Dan Mall)Oud maar goed: "Reports are in from Twitter, Medium, and the like; we can’t make full comps, use Photoshop, or even utter […]

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Niet Hitler maar Breivik is het model voor Schild en Vrienden – Jan Blommaert (en z’n gedachten)Wie de laatste dagen aandachtig heeft gekeken naar wat over Schild en Vrienden naar buiten is gekomen ziet snel waar ze de mosterd hebben gehaald. Niet bij het VNV van de jaren 1930, en evenmin bij het VMO van […]

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Microsoft will soon automatically transcribe video files in OneDrive for Office 365 subscribers | TechCrunch yay! Luke’s Surprising and Oft-Ignored Views on Marriage and Resurrection | Is That in the Bible? Of all possible guests at a society wedding, an apocryphal Apostle was the worst. ‘Parkeren in Gent en Antwerpen is veel te goedkoop’ – […]

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Je mag tegenwoordig niks meer © Wannes Daemen We zijn geen racis­ten, we zijn geen vrou­wen­ha­ters. Maar onze gedra­gin­gen en tra­di­ties heb­ben wel racis­ti­sche of vrouw­on­vrien­de­lij­ke kant­jes. Als we dat dur­ven zien, dan zal er onge­twij­feld een en ander ver­an­de­ren aan wat we doen en zeg­gen. Google Web Designer Create engaging, interactive HTML5-based designs and […]

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Stage 9 | A virtual recreation of the Star Trek TNG sets in Unreal Engine 4The aim of the Stage 9 project is to recreate the entirety (inside and out) of the Enterprise-D from Star Trek The Next Generation in Unreal Engine 4 with a focus on attention to detail. The eventual goal is to […]

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The un-celebrity president: Jimmy Carter shuns riches, lives modestly in his Georgia hometownJimmy Carter finishes his Saturday night dinner, salmon and broccoli casserole on a paper plate, flashes his famous toothy grin and calls playfully to his wife of 72 years, Rosalynn: “C’mon, kid.” She laughs and takes his hand, and they walk carefully through […]

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What Caused the Dinosaur Extinction? – The AtlanticA Princeton geologist has endured decades of ridicule for arguing that the fifth extinction was caused not by an asteroid but by a series of colossal volcanic eruptions. But she’s reopened that debate. Jeremy Corbyn for U.K. prime minister – Opinion – Israel News | Haaretz.comAnyone who wants […]

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How Facebook, Twitter, YouTube have taken a new job as content cops – AxiosTogether, the moderation disputes and privacy debates point to a future in which Facebook and its peers face a tough choice: Get good, fast, at being quasi-governments themselves — or hand the mess back to real governments and return to writing code and […]

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It’s Nice That | Adobe has added 665 new Monotype fonts to Creative CloudTypographers of the creative world rejoice! Christmas has, sort of, come early this year: Adobe and Montoype have just snuck down the chimney, glugged the port, polished off Rudloph’s carrot, and deposited 665 new fonts from 41 type families under the tree. […]

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How I gained commit access to Homebrew in 30 minutesIf I were a malicious actor, I could have made a small, likely unnoticed change to the openssl formulae, placing a backdoor on any machine that installed it. If I can gain access to commit in 30 minutes, what could a nation state with dedicated resources […]

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The Three Horizons of innovation and culture change‘Three Horizons thinking’ is an effective method for making sense of and facilitating cultural transformation and exploring innovation and wise action in the face of uncertainty and not-knowing. Enduring Ideas: The three horizons of growth | McKinsey & CompanySteve Coley, a director emeritus in McKinsey’s Chicago office, describes […]

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Adobe Flash’s Gaming Legacy — Thousands upon Thousands of Titles — and My Efforts To Save ItAllow me to summarize. In less than two years from the time of this article, hundreds of thousands of games are likely to disappear from the internet, forever. Simply no longer playable. Hundreds of millions of views, likes, 5-star […]

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Overlijden prof. em. Raoul Van Caenegem — Faculteit Recht en Criminologie — Universiteit GentOh nee. Mijn zowat favoriete prof aan de universiteit is niet meer. Zijn boeken A Historical Introduction to Private Law, A Historical Introduction to Western Constitutional Law en Judges, Legislators and Professors zijn meer dan aangeraden, ook voor wie geen rechten studeert. […]

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De nieuwe schoolstrijd: excellentie versus gelijke kansen – De StandaardWie zegt dat ons onderwijs tegenwoordig onvoldoende excellentie stimuleert, heeft een punt. ‘De zesjescultuur’ noemen de voorstanders van excellentie het. Niet dat die enig effect zou hebben op leerlingen met een achterstand, want de ‘verloren groep’, die zelfs het laagste niveau niet haalt in de PIRLS-test, […]

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Opinion | How to Survive Your 40s – The New York TimesIndeed, the strangest part of the 40s is that we’re now the ones attending parent-teacher conferences and cooking the turkey on Thanksgiving. These days, when I think, “Someone should really do something about that,” I realize with alarm that that “someone” is me. She […]