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Links van 7 november 2017 tot 9 november 2017

Johnstown Never Believed Trump Would Help. They Still Love Him Anyway. – POLITICO Magazine
Polling continues to show that—in spite of unprecedented unpopularity—nearly all people who voted for Trump would do it again. But as I compared this year’s answers to last year’s responses it seemed clear that the basis of people’s support had morphed. Johnstown voters do not intend to hold the president accountable for the nonnegotiable pledges he made to them. It’s not that the people who made Trump president have generously moved the goalposts for him. It’s that they have eliminated the goalposts altogether.

My web app died from performance bankruptcy @ tonsky.me
Basically, Chrome broke half of user websites, the ones that were relying on touch/scroll events being cancellable, at the benefit of winning some performance for websites that were not yet aware of this optional optimization. This was not backward compatible change by any means. All websites and web apps that did any sort of draggable UI (sliders, maps, reorderable lists, even slide-in panels) were affected and essentially broken by this change.

Trump and the Authoritarianism of Fails – Talking Points Memo
Incompetence and authoritarianism aren’t incompatible or even in tension. Historically they tend to go together. Incompetence and failure borne of ineptitude tend to show up both as a cause and outcome of democratic breakdown and collapse. Small-d democratic government is hard, by design. It’s meant to be. It should be. But it’s not just hard. It relies on a particular package of skills: persuasion, inspiration, patience, canny use of patronage, threats, carrots and sticks, both consensus building and fight. Look at a Lincoln, an FDR, a Reagan – whatever you think of the different men’s politics, successful presidents are almost quite good at using this toolkit.

Something is wrong on the internet – James Bridle – Medium
Tiens, iets meer mainstream mensen beginnen te ontdekken wat h3h3 al een eeuw geleden zei: "Someone or something or some combination of people and things is using YouTube to systematically frighten, traumatise, and abuse children, automatically and at scale, and it forces me to question my own beliefs about the internet, at every level. Much of what I am going to describe next has been covered elsewhere, although none of the mainstream coverage I’ve seen has really grasped the implications of what seems to be occurring."

Zappaland the Hard Way | IRK THE PURISTS
What interests me is a simple question: why isn’t Frank Zappa better-known, and better-liked, than he is? Why don’t more people ‘get’ him?

Links van 14 november 2013 tot 15 november 2013

The Algorithm That Thinks Like A Human ⚙ Co.Labs ⚙ code + community
“We should be careful not to underestimate the significance… of this milestone,” says Facebook cofounder Dustin Moskovitz, an advisor to a six-person startup that is reinventing artificial intelligence.

7 Fantastic Ways To Distinguish Between Sense And Nonsense
What can be said at all can be said clearly, and what we cannot talk about we must pass over in silence.

Hey, designer!
Curated articles and resources for web designers and developers.

Why the tech press is ignoring Zulily’s huge IPO – The Term Sheet: Fortune’s deals blogTerm Sheet
Zulily is profitable. It's also growing, with $439 million in revenue over the first nine months of 2013, compared to $202 million for the year-earlier period (and, of course, Q4 is when it makes its largest dollars). In other words, it's a real business. Bo-ring.

Google+ YouTube Integration: Kind of Like Twilight, Except In This Version When +Cullen Drinks BellaTube’s Blood They Both Become Mortal, But +Cullen Is Still An Abusive Creep, Also It Is Still Bad | Vi Hart
The choice between having to use Google+ and never commenting on YouTube again is laughably easy for me. I invested so much into my YouTube channel, and they’re taking that investment and threatening to throw it away if I don’t also start investing in Google+. No thank you Google, but you’ve already made me regret investing so much into you the first time. Do you really think I’m going to do it again?

Lazy harp seal, he does not behave proactively

Mijn nieuw lijflied voor de week!


Meer van dit? Klickety klick. Maar zeg niet dat ik u niet gewaarschuwd heb. 


Moh, kijk nu. Primer is in zijn geheel te zien op YouTube:

’t Gaat over reizen in de tijd, en alles. En ’t is een beetje complex, ge moet uw hoofd redelijk bij houden.


My favorite flavor of popsicle is dick



’t Was tijd om het internet nog eens te gebruiken waar het internet voor moet gebruikt worden.

En nog!

Links van 22 januari 2012 tot 24 januari 2012

A Brief, Incomplete, and Mostly Wrong History of Programming Languages via reddit.com
1964 – John Kemeny and Thomas Kurtz create BASIC, an unstructured programming language for non-computer scientists.

1965 – Kemeny and Kurtz go to 1964.

Cyberlocker Ecosystem Shocked As Big Players Take Drastic Action | TorrentFreak
While the shutdown last week of Megaupload and the arrest of its founder and management team was certainly dramatic, a situation of perhaps even greater gravity is beginning to emerge.

Loper OS » Why Skin-Deep Correctness — Isn’t, and Foundations Matter.
All you will ever get from Apple is a “Worse Is Better“, taxidermic imitation of orthogonal persistence.

The Quest of the Historical Jesus by Albert Schweitzer
The Quest of the Historical Jesus. A Critical Study of its Progress from Reimarus to Wrede.

Radiofy – Converteer playlists van op de radio naar Spotify-playlists
Radiofy laat u toe om doorheen de playlists van de VRT-radiozenders te bladeren en de muziek ook meteen te beluisteren via Spotify en/of YouTube.

Links voor 28 mei 2011

"Literally Unbelievable"
Stories from The Onion as interpreted by Facebook

YouTube – Black Sabbath – War Pigs (Live in Paris 1970)
The mighty Sabbath unleashing War Pigs.



Spore viraal

Doe eens aan virale marketing, zullen ze gedacht hebben daar bij de mannen van Spore.

De creature editor van Spore is tegenwoordig te downloaden. Het ding doet (lang) niet alles dat het finale spel doet, maar toch al genoeg om een idee te geven.

Op geen tijd heeft een mens dan een beestje gemaakt, dat kan rondlopen en dansen en bang zijn en blij en alles.

En dan zit er een filmtoestelletje in, dat automatisch het fimpje naar YouTube uploadt:

Nee serieus: proper gedaan.

En ik denk dat als ik dit aan Louis toon, dat hij niet meer van de computer weg te branden is. Al is het helemaal geen computermens.

En men kan daar dus wel degelijk vanalles in maken, in die editor. Ik dacht, ik probeer eens iets spinachtigs, en jawel hoor:

Ik vermoed dat we heel veel stomme dingen gaan zien, zoals mijn poging tot mensachtige alhier:

…maar ook heel erg mooie, denk ik. Aftellen naar de volledige versie, zeker?

Niet voor gevoelige zielen

Darth Vader en Zoon.


I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like.

[via Kottke, en zie ook]


Whiteboards heersen. En animatie heerst. En hoe frustrerend is het niet om te zien wat sommige mensen kunnen, gegeven tijd en talent…

Eikes YouTube

Is dat mijn gedacht, of zijn de banner ads op YouTube tegenwoordig écht wel heel erg vies?

Clipboard Image (1)

Die “WINNER” was dus een pulserend rood-groen-geel-magenta geval in Flash.

Een andere pagina gaf een paginabrede advertentie in het Chinees waarop Firefox zelfs crashte (vandaar geen schreen shot).

The shape of things to come of wat?

update: opnieuw! Een andere Chinese Japanse ad, pop-op deze keer en wel screen shot:



Cockles warmed

“Bitching and grumbling about life in general from the perspective of an old guy who’s been there and done that”. Groots, en fantastisch.

Eerste poging. Tweede poging. En toen lukte het, en de rest is geschiedenis. Yahoo, Digg, BBC, …

The vicar and the police questions.
Re: Who are you….Who, Who…Who, Who.

Telling it all part 1.
Telling it all part 2 (a very quick trip to my conscription into the Armed Forces).
Telling it all part 3 (change of direction).
Telling it all part 4 (self employed, marriage and children).

Het internet is een machtige plaats, soms.

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