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Why Is It So Hard to Predict the Future? – The Atlantic
Credentialed authorities are comically bad at predicting the future. But reliable forecasting is possible.

Untergunther – Restoration of the Pantheon clock
The Untergunther is a French team whose activity is to restore the invisible parts of the heritage in total clandestinity. In November 2005, the Untergunther infiltrated the Pantheon of Paris and, with the help of the professional clockmaker Jean-Baptiste Viot, started to restore the abandoned monumental 1850 Wagner clock before its irreversible state of defacement.

The ‘Dark Ages’ Weren’t As Dark As We Thought | Literary Hub
So great is the weight of “the Dark Ages” on our shoulders that it is almost impossible not to think of the makers of this wonky church slithering about on the mud floor cursing the way the roof was leaking and how nobody could design a door that shut properly, resigned to the occasional fiasco when the walls would simply fall in on the gurning, fur‐clad, battle‐axe‐wielding communicants. In practice, these now non‐existent buildings would have been extremely beautiful—drawing on Roman and Byzantine models, and stuffed with all kinds of wonderful stuff from the Roman Empire which now no longer exists.

Tibetan Musical Notation Is Beautiful | Open Culture
The examples of musical notation you see here came from the appropriately-named Twitter account Musical Notation is Beautiful and typeface designer and researcher Jo De Baerdemaeker. At the top is a 19th century manuscript belonging to the “Yang” tradition, “the most highly involved and regarded chant tradition in Tibetan music,” notes the Schoyen Collection, “and the only one to rely on a system of notation (Yang-Yig).”

Why Designers Should Understand Code – Prototypr
Every now and then, it’s common to find designers getting angry with developers. This often happens when developers miss some details which they might consider as minute but of great importance to the designer. Things like the right alignment of a button which developers may not pay attention to are some of the features designers deem critical to their UX. This makes such negligence too far down the backlog for comfort. As a designer who has experienced the world of developers, I can say that the reason I think we get so angry them is mostly because we don’t understand their world. This applies also to developers who easily get angry with us designers because of their lack of understanding of design.

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