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How we <i>really</i> watch a movie – scanners
Whenever research confirms something we feel we already knew intuitively, or from our own experience, there are always people who'll scoff and say, "Well, I could have told you that!" And maybe they could have, but that's not the point. Science is a discipline involving systematic observation and empirical evidence, not unverified hunches. Movies, of course, are optical illusions — photographic, electronic and/or mechanical phenomena that exploit the peculiarities of our eyes and brains… and elicit all manner of feelings. They are science and they are sometimes art, and the methods of studying one or the other can be complementary.

Stupid Man Commercials

Prop-Driven ‘Rail Zeppelin’ Is Many Kinds of Awesome | Autopia |
Time again for an outrageous pre-war German vehicle design. You’ve already seen the Nazi rocket plane built to nuke New York from orbit. The propeller-driven aluminum train Schienenzeppelin is miles tamer but every bit as magnificent. And unlike the Amerika Bomber, it really ran — at 140 mph in 1931!

Office Fridges
Documenting the inner lives of office fridges, one photo at a time. A project by Moncef Belyamani.

Elders over misschien hetzelfde

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