Links van 10 juli 2014 tot 14 juli 2014

Clone-a-beacon: iBeacon and the proof of location issueIn our previous issue, I covered the basics of using iBeacons in iOS and Android apps, today I want to show some privacy and security issues, as well as how to clone and fake beacons such as Estimote, Shopkick, and how to get location based app rewards without […]

Links van 7 november 2013 tot 8 november 2013

disney princesses with dope beardsWhat it says on the tin: Disney princesses with dope beards (118) Marc Bodnick’s answer to Facebook-Instagram Acquisition (April 2012): In light of the exuberant tech market that has emerged in 2013, did Instagram sell too early? – QuoraWelcome to the land of ridiculous hyperbole: "Facebook's aggressive strategy to acquire Instagram […]