Links van 16 mei 2012 tot 29 mei 2012

Système DYou can tell you've got your competitors rattled when they start producing knocking copy about you. It's a testament to the success of OpenStreetMap that TomTom, the troubled, declining manufacturer of satnavs (PNDs) and geodata vendor, has published a rather cynical example of FUD about "open-source maps". reddit, I’ve answered a lot your questions […]

Links van 9 maart 2011 tot 10 maart 2011

URL Hunter!An experimental game using the URL bar as the game screen. The patter of little feet. | MetaFilterKid Crazy: Why We Exaggerate the Joys of Parenthood. All parents know that having kids is a blessing, even if researchers don't agree. Researchers have known for some time that parents with minors who live at home […]

Don your tinfoil hats

Grappig om zien: trek uw Firefox open, ga naar Tools > Options > Privacy > View Cookies. En ga dan uw cookies af op zoek naar __utmz en __utma en gelijkaardige. Die cookies worden namelijk gezet door Google Analytics, en zijn dus een gemakkelijke manier om te zien wie er allemaal Google’s gratis websitestatistiekenpakket gebruikt. […]