Links van 23 mei 2018 tot 25 mei 2018

Israeli court approves razing West Bank Bedouin village | World news | The GuardianIsrael’s supreme court has ruled in favour of demolishing a Palestinian Bedouin village in the occupied West Bank, despite a campaign by European governments to save it. The court ruled that the village was built without the relevant building permits. Such permits […]

Links voor 8 november 2013

/dev/null as a ServiceWe support BigData! Amazon Analytics Service (beta)AND SO IT BEGINS. "Introducing a simple, cross–platform mobile analytics reporting service for your app or game" Thermosaurus radiatorThermosaurus is a heat exchanger with a Tyrannosaurus as a backbone. The item is highly efficient and energy-savvy, thanks to its complex structure that includes a skull, spine, ribs, legs, and tail bones. Zynga’s darkest moments […]