Links van 18 januari 2017 tot 22 januari 2017

Trump Blasts Media For Reporting Size Of Inauguration Crowd“It was almost raining — the rain should have scared them away — but God looked down and he said ‘we are not going to let it rain on your speech’…and then it poured right after I left,” Trump said. In fact, a light rain fell through […]

Links van 24 november 2016 tot 11 december 2016

A boy wonder from the 1780s shows us where school maths gets it wrong – MediumSchool maths lets students frisk around the edges of problem solving, but keeps them firmly rooted in the rote acquisition of disjointed knowledge. The Dominance of Google and Facebook in One ChartOver the next couple years, digital advertising is expected […]

Links van 21 januari 2014 tot 29 januari 2014

Post mortem – Thanks & lessons learned | Notes from the trenchesLessons learned – Don’t operate in a market where a single player can arbitrarily decide to kill you. Especially don’t work in a market that’s controlled by an entity that explicitly refuses to communicate with you (or anyone else) or to explain their guidelines. […]