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Here comes the science

‘t Was voor de rest wel een goed programma, How Art Made the World. De bijhorende test op de website weet me te vertellen:

Of the styles of art we picked for the experiment, your answers suggest you like Cubism. Looking at a cubist painting is a bit like gazing into a shattered mirror – the image is fragmented and you can see it from different angles.

In the personality profile you had a high intellectualism score, which suggests you like to think about abstract ideas and have a creative imagination.  People who are the same age and sex as you are most likely to prefer Impressionism. People who also score highly in your dominant personality trait are most likely to prefer Impressionism.

Allez dan.

Voor de rest een fijne avond alweer op BBC2: de finale van University Challenge, en verder bewijs dat Everything BBC Three Comes To BBC Two Eventualee: Vic and Bob in Catterick!

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  1. Bij mij ook cubisme, blijkbaar. En “in the personality profile you had a high conscientiousness score, which suggests you have a strong sense of responsibility and a good eye for detail.”

    Die testen van BBC zijn wel tof. Alleen jammer dat er weinig goede impressionisten te zien waren 😉

  2. Bij mij abstracte kunst: nu had ik daar eigenlijk geen test voor nodig om dat te weten, maar enfin, alles voor de wetenschap zeker?

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