Oh the humanity of it

Oh the humanity of it all! H@x0r Google

Welcome to the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, Muppetational web site around. Anyone growing up in the ’70s caught at least a few episodes of the rousing variety show known as “The Muppet Show”, and the creators of this incredibly in-depth site have painstakingly profiled each episode. Start with season one, which featured guest hosts Paul Willams and Phyllis Diller among others, then work your way through the remaining seasons. After you’ve dissected each episode, scoot over to the Character Guide and read about every Muppet to ever appear on the show. The list starts with Abe, a tap dancer who made a cameo in episode 56, and ends with the Zuchinni Brothers, a group of daredevil Italian brothers. Whether you’re looking for obscure characters like the Mackerel or trying to find information about Kenny Rogers’ guest-hosting gig, Kermitage will indubitably provide the facts.

The Memory Hole
This recently launched site takes a cue from the likes of The Smoking Gun and Internal Memos and exposes unscrupulous business practices and politics. The site’s tagline, “rescuing knowledge, freeing information,” perfectly explains editor Russ Kick’s goal
— to present information that “other people don’t want you to see or would rather you quietly forgot.” Read the U.S. Tobacco intra-company memo discussing its 9-year-old customers, then learn about Army Secretary Thomas White’s changing biography, in which his 11 years as an Enron executive have ostensibly disappeared. The site is updated several times a week — check back often for material that many people would prefer remain hidden.