Salon rankings. Well, the

Salon rankings. Well, the race is on. Will I catch up to the (on vacation) Plan B blognovel to become the number two all-time Salon blog after Scott? Or will the Cowgirl lap me before I make it? For all I know I may have plateaued (that can’t be the right spelling) already. It’s embarassing to be beaten by both halves of filchyboy (I still don’t get what’s up with his site being registered at two usernums?it really cuts into his rank!). At our current differential, RevCow will outstrip me in twelve days or fewer. I just have to hope Plan B’s vacation lasts that long! Nevertheless, I’m afraid I’ll be back in third place again before long even if I do make it to the coveted (if meaningless) number two spot. I shouldn’t count out Michel Vuijlsteke either, especially not if he spots another topless model sometime soon. At least I’m keeping ahead of the anonymous Pornographer. [Radio Free Blogistan]

Count me out. I’m laying low. I don’t want any more hits on my blog.

The byline for my weblog translates to “Always wanted to keep a diary”. And that’s exactly what I wanted to do on my blog: write down my personal thoughts & feelings, jot down a link or two, keep in touch with people I know but don’t see (or phone or e-mail) as often as I should, perhaps share a photo or two of my kids with the world at large.

I used to have around a hundred hits a day, and that was fine. I could smile at odd referers–an early one was that a colleague of mine once mentioned a couple of voyeur-style porn sites to me, and ever since then I’ve been getting hits from searches for “boygirlbang password” and “mike’s apartment password”.

I basically wrote pretty much what I wanted. I wrote in my native tangue, and I thought no-one I didn’t know would ever notice the site or spare it more than a passing glance if they did.

And then I mentioned the De Kock woman. And that got me all those hits. And writing personal things started feeling awkward.

It just wasn’t fun anymore. OK, I’ll admit, the first few days *were* a bit exhilarating. But that got old real fast.

So right now I’m laying very low, taking special care not to mention anything that might attract attention of the Veronique De Kock kind to me.

I’ll gladly see myself gently sliding down the ratings.

And then I’ll take up the keyboard again, and write my magnum opus on website usability! And dethrone Jakob Nielsen! HA! And people’ll read me because they’re interested in what I say! Ha! And I’ll start raking in money! And I’ll be able to stop working and renovate our house! And buy a real library for all my books! And buy even more books! Ha! Ha!

[sorry for that, got caught up for a moment there 🙂 ]