I wonder what Radio Free

I wonder what Radio Free Blogistan makes of me. Here I am on top of the Salon rankings by page-reads for the last couple of days, and they can’t make heads or tails of the entire blog.

Should I clue them in on why I suddenly shot to the top of the ratings? Would they actually care?

I saw the reverse cowgirl’s blog (deservedly) shooting past me when she got a mention on Radio Blogistan, and I still see pornographer’s picks (undeservedly) sitting up there at #4–I don’t know about the other Salon bloggers, but I’m getting totally anal about checking Salon’s rankings page as I see myself slowly but surely creeping up from 17th position to 12th position.

Oh well, any day now the Veronique De Cock story is going to blow over and I’ll be back at my regular 150 or so hits per day. And I’ll be able to go back to having fun with the referers. Finding stuff like “Mike’s apartment password” (that’s been a while!) or eyesore (“tipoog” in Flemish, check it out on Google), or “Martine Tanghe”. Ah, those were the days… my first mention on Google… the day my weblog overtook my job description at Netpoint… Mmmm.

Look at me, barely a month and a half on Salon and an old fart already. Tch.

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  1. Actually I was trying to think of something clever to say about Veronique de Cock and trying to place you in Flanders or the Netherlands but I was coming up dry.

    I like the idea of myself as a tastemaker, but I suspect Scott’s link to reverse cowgirl, JRobb’s links, a couple of well-places other smart-sex blogs linking to her, etc., had a lot more to do with her exciting success lately. She is climbing the all-time list right quickly given the headstart some of us got.

    Now I have a reason to link to you in my salonika category, though. This conversation, thanks to your English-language post and my referrer log.

    I still don’t get the Veronique story, btw. Just found a lot of photo pages on google.be and beyond.

    I would confess to obsessing on rankings and patterns. More often now I look at other people’s referrers to find out what is stimulating the traffic. It’s not always sex or a taste-making blog, but usually it is.

  2. Well, how interesting that you made a comment in english. I wrote about you Sunday in my non-Salon blog. To wit:

    Michael Vuijlsteke?s site is Number 1 with a bullet today on Salon Blogs. Looks like a lot of folks have been searching for ?Veronique de Cock?, and Michael must be the place to find it. I wonder, is that a porn star or a chicken casserole? I mean, the site is written in German?

    Maybe today I’ll write a note about RFB and their decision to link to you. Just weird.

    I mean, is the trick gonna be that we check you out everyday to see if you write something else in the Queen’s tongue? Count me out on that gambit, but if RFB (which I read regularly) reports that you speak again, I’ll click in.

    Well, good luck whoever you are. I do hope you beat Pornographer’s Picks. (Of course I hope everyone beats Pornographer’s Picks)

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