Ik ben aan ‘t kopen

Ik ben aan ‘t kopen bij ThinkGeek, en wat ziet mijn lodderig ook daar staan bij de bak Jolt?

A Powerful And Unique Coffee/Cola Blend

The bold folks over at Jolt just got even bolder. Take two of the most stimulating, delicious, and natural sources of caffeine and combine them into one masterful blend and you’ve got Jolt Espresso. Touted as the World’s Strongest Beverage – each can unleashes a whopping 120 milligrams of caffeine. Watch out!

So, whenever you want maximum stimulation that tastes good, open up your fridge and grab a few of these puppies. You won’t be let down.

Case of 24 8.4 ounce cans of Jolt Espresso. Yum.

Note: We Cannot Ship Any Caffeine To Sweden Or Belgium.

What the fuck hebben wij die gasten misdaan??

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