Ook wel grappig: de mannen

Ook wel grappig: de mannen van No-Shadow Kick.

Hi, there! Searching for “olsen twins nude”? “olsen twins naked”? Maybe “nude olsen twins”? How about “naked nude Olsen Twins fucking naked”?

You know, we had to rename & move the original page that was here because advanced retards like you were smearing your creepy asses all over our bandwidth. All because some dumb search engine – technological miracle that it is – strung together the words “olsen” “twin” and “nude” together out of a mostly-innocent page of free mp3 downloads from the rocking Massachusetts band No-Shadow Kick. Somehow – though the search engine results didn’t sound very porny…though there was no hint of fucking, no promise of hot wet girl-on-girl action – somehow you still thought:

“Man, maybe there’s some pitchers thar!”

Incidentally, what the hell is wrong with you? not only is there nothing particularly special about these two bland little teens, but on top of it, I think it’s pretty common knowledge that there ARE NO pictures of the olsen twins naked.

Or nude. Or fucking.

So here you are, undies in a bundle, looking for FAKE PICTURES of SOMETHING THAT DOESN’T EXIST. And on top of it, YOU PROBABLY KNOW IT. That’s NICE. Your grandparents fought WARS and suffered HARDSHIPS so you would be allowed the freedom and opportunity to make a mess on your own lap. Good Jesus. Can’t you just look at normal porn like everyone else?

Christ I swear you’re so stupid, you’d probably cross the street just to step in dogshit.

En voor wie zich afvraagt waar het over gaat: Mary-Kate en JaneAshley [merci stijn] Olsen, die samen Michelle speelden in Full House. En nu de baas zijn van een media-imperium met een stuk of 200 werknemers: boeken, video’s, muziek, films, een kledinglijn, games, schoolgerief, enfin K3 maar dan in ‘t echt. En voor meer geld: een miljard of zo dollar, volgens schattingen in 2001.

En ze doen ook geen pijn aan de ogen.

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