Sic transit gloria mundi: Arts

Sic transit gloria mundi: Arts & Letter Daily is niet meer. RIP, gasten.

The magazine Lingua Franca and its parent company University Business LLC filed for bankruptcy earlier this year (Trustee, Robert L. Geltzer, of Tendler, Biggins & Geltzer, 1556 Third Avenue, Suite 505, New York, NY 101128). We understand that the assets of University Business, including this Website, are to be auctioned in New York City on October 24, 2002. For further information, we suggest contacting the Trustee.

Since the filing, Arts & Letters Daily has been kept afloat by the goodwill of its editors, Tran Huu Dung and Denis Dutton, and it is now time for them to move on. They will continue to supply content on other similar sites with which they are associated: Denis Dutton?s and Tran Huu Dung?s
Philosophy & Literature site; Vicki Hyde?s SciTech Daily Review and Business Daily Review. Ian Pitchford?s Human Nature Review has fine science reporting, Douglas McLennan?s Arts Journal is our favorite for arts news, and Google News is invaluable for newspapers and magazines.