En van on the fritz

En van on the fritz gesproken: Jurgen Burckhardt van Duitsland (tja). Naar het schijnt wint hij vaak de Kaiser-klasse in baard- en snorrenwedstrijden. Tja. Voor zijn werk is hij fotograaf, en hij heeft zelfs zijn eigen website.

The Handlebar Club: Do you maintain “a hirsute appendage of the upper lip, with graspable extremities”? Or maybe you keep a secret stash of moustache wax in your cabinet. If so, you may be able to join this exclusive club. Open to men who brazenly boast facial hair that extends well beyond the bounds of their face, this proud organization has been going strong since 1947. With mustachioed members all over the world, the club boasts an entertaining photo gallery that will shock and amaze with feats of extreme facial follicles. After many decades of club hijinks, they’ve developed quite a history of huge moustaches. So, if you ever find yourself in London sporting facial hair that defies reason, feel free to stop by their monthly meeting and throw back a pint with these handlebar heroes.