Humor! Penn, de grote helft

Humor! Penn, de grote helft van Penn & Teller, werd gefouilleerd tijdens een routine-luchthaven-controle. Hij was er niet mee akkoord, en riep er de politie bij.

En waar dat nog grappig is, is dit hier echt wel scary stuff: een soort vergelijking tussen nazi-Duitsland en de VS na de Homeland Security Act.

Under the U.S. Homeland Security Act (our rights again given away freely by a bipartisan Congress), 22 U.S. agencies are combined in order to achieve “total information awareness” on every American citizen. The government will soon be amassing a file on every American that includes every magazine subscription, credit card purchase, Web site visit, medical record, library record, bank deposit or withdrawals, every airline purchase, as well as judicial, divorce records, and so on. This will be recorded in a central data base, not by a publicly accountable authority, but by the Pentagon, which already operates in total secrecy from the American public.

The Justice Department announced a plan to use its newfound power to designate U.S. citizens as “enemy combatants” to place such people in concentration camps. Declaring them “enemy combatants” would strip them of their constitutional rights, their access to the courts and allow the government to indefinitely hold them without trial.

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