Qadaffi vertelt zinnige dingen in

Qadaffi vertelt zinnige dingen in dit interview met de Washington Post:

What do you think of the U.S. approach to Iraq?
The issue of Iraq is a strange story. It takes us to the boundary of irresponsibility. What is the danger Saddam poses?

You must know Saddam?
I know him well.

Is he rational?
I don’t think so. But even if he is not rational or wise, he does not constitute a threat.

But President Bush thinks he does.
We don’t know who poses a greater threat — the American president or Saddam Hussein.

The U.S. has a formidable military. Will Saddam stay and wait?
Despite the fact I do not agree with him, what is being done against him now is not the right thing. He doesn’t deserve this.

On what do you disagree with Saddam?
Over the war he waged against Iran, over his invasion of Kuwait and on the Kurdish issue. I have supported the Kurds.

En hij is ook wel grappig:

Israel’s Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said that Libya, with the help of Iraq, would be the first Arab country to develop a nuclear weapon. What is your response?
He is crazy. He is just dragging America behind him everywhere he goes. We regret that Sharon has become the president of America.

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