Helemaal niet slecht gevonden. Tommy

Helemaal niet slecht gevonden. Tommy Franks is absoluut geen aap. Ik kan mij inbeelden dat de enige mensen die hier kwaad om kunnen zijn, de bazen van de wapenbedrijven zijn.

Precision-guided dollars

General Tommy Franks, the US army commander during the Iraq war, now confirms that special forces succeeded in bribing a number of important Iraqi commanders to put down their arms.

“I had letters from Iraqi generals saying: ‘I now work for you’,” General Franks said.

This information may go some way in explaining why the defence of Baghdad had all but evaporated when the US forces entered the city.

“What is the effect you want?” a senior Pentagon official said. “How much does a cruise missile cost? Between $1m and $2.5m. Well, a bribe is a PGM [precision guided missile) ­ it achieves the aim but it’s bloodless and there’s zero collateral damage.

Apparently, equipping special forces with serious amounts of hard currency had great success in Afghanisan, and now also Iraq.

[Secular Blasphemy]

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