Yeah yeah yeah. So I

Yeah yeah yeah. So I pre-ordered my Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at Amazon like the rest of the world.

They’re really good books, don’t get me wrong. But surely they’re not that good, are they? They’re not Moby Dick good. They’re not even, in my opinion, Terry Pratchett good.

Whatever–I’m definitely curious to see if the fifth book is any good. I’ve had my grubby little paws on a bootleg internet version (hasn’t everybody?), but I refuse to believe that the 333 pages of drivel I’ve read the first few chapters of was the Real McCoy.

“The electric fire flew across the room” is one sentence Rowling’s just read on TV in the Jeremy Paxman interview, and that’s not in there. So that settles that.

I found the last book predictable in its inpredictability. Erm. If that makes sense at all.

Oh well. One more day and we’ll know everything. I think I’ll have a quick look to see the status of my order at Amazon.

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