Microsoft doet een zet in MMORPG. Uit de FAQ:

What is Mythica?
Mythica is a next-generation MMORPG based on Norse mythology and developed and published by Microsoft Game Studios. In Mythica,
you begin the game as a fallen mortal warrior who has ascended to
Valhalla, the Norse after-life for heroes. In Valhalla, Odin the
AllFather grants you immortality and enlists you in the battle against
Chaos that rages across all the planes of existence. Fight well and
achieve glory for Asgard, and you too will achieve godhood.

How will Mythica be better than existing MMORPGs?
Mythica will advance the genre in a number of ways. The most innovative feature we will introduce is Private Realms, which are locations that exist only for your adventuring party. Thanks to Private Realms,
you?ll be able to experience the richness of a single-player or small
group RPG experience within the larger social setting of an MMORPG. In
order to provide a ?god-like? gaming experience, we will also be
introducing a number of enhancements in solo and party combat, magic,
and character development. Keep checking this Web site and the FAQ for
more updates.

When will Mythica be released?
Mythica is scheduled to release in 2004.

Het filmpje op de home page ziet er ook veelbelovend uit.

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