*Not* a quagmire I tell you!

They’re bound to run out of steam, aren’t they? I mean, look at the surrounding countries, they’re not fanatics are they? The Kurds, the Palestinians, marsh Arabs, and all that?

Sh*t, the number of attacks against coalition forces is now at 33 a day (up from the 25 a day average before this week).  Of course, we don’t hear about 30-31 of those that don’t result in fatalities.  Here is an interesting chart on fatalities in Iraq since the end of the conventional war:

 Deaths per Hour


 (1 per 149)



 (1 per 40)



 (1 per 27)



 (1 per 57)



 (1 per 42)

October (1/24)


 (1 per 24)

 Total / Average


 (1 per 40)

[John Robb’s Weblog]

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