En gelàchen dat we hebben!

Een uur zitten brielen met een tv-kaart die weigert te werken, en dan:

DirectX 9.0b TV Tuner Hotfix (KB825116)

Patch applies to:
Windows XP or 2000

Windows XP or 2000

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This hotfix is a classic case of Microsoft making tweaks to an update and creating new problems in the process. DirectX 9.0b was released on in July 2003 to address the MIDI security issue discovered in earlier versions of DirectX. Even though Microsoft mainly pushed the 9.0b download as a security fix, they slipped in a small number of non-security fixes. One of these ‘fixes’ caused several TV Tuner capture card/driver combinations using video formats other than NTSC (such as NTSC-J, PAL, SECAM) to no longer initialise correctly on Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003. Symptoms include loss of capture functionality, black screen, crashes and an inability to set/retain the capture settings. This hotfix corrects the flaw and it only applies to DirectX 9.0b (and TV cards running PAL, SECAM etc).

The real pesky side of this problem is that Microsoft don’t provide an uninstall or rollback feature for DirectX, so even if you guessed that the problem with your TV tuner card was DirectX 9.0b, there was little you could do about it – except wait up to 6 weeks for this update.

Wery wery wery funny.

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