Goed gezegd Bush!

Zo mag ik het horen:

“The long-suffering Palestinian people deserve better. They deserve true leaders, capable of creating and governing a Palestinian state,” Bush said.

He said leaders of “a new Palestine” should use “peaceful means” in their governance and “create the reformed institutions of a stable democracy.”

The president made pointed remarks about Israeli policy, saying the Jewish state “should freeze settlement construction, dismantle unauthorized outposts, end the daily humiliation of the Palestinian people and not prejudice final negotiations with the placements of walls and fences.”

On the other hand, he said, Arab nations “should end incitement in their own media, cut off public and private funding for terrorism, and establish normal relations with Israel.”

He also urged all leaders to “strongly oppose anti-Semitism, which poisons public debates over the future of the Middle East.” [CNN]

En nu nog zien of hij er met zijn volle gewicht achter gaat staan natuurlijk. VN-troepen in Palestina! Geen wapens meer aan Israel uit de VS! Een einde aan de corruptie rond Arafat! De muur en de nederzettingen weg!

’t Zou wat zijn, moest dat lukken.

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