* THICK DEFINED: because you people are wrong!!!!
* Round, like ASS is supposed to be
* The problem with HIP HUGGERS
* Wrong choice of clothing
* INSTA-ASS panties: Steps to TRANSFORM your soggy/sloppy/long/tiny ass into a FOTO PERFECT ASS!
* White girls trying to act like they have ass
* WHITE LIES: The ‘nice’ White-girl ass theory

And such choice theories as

Thongs makers know about white chicks with no ass so they created this TRIANGLE design to lay on the part of the woman’s behind, which isn’t actually her ass, but isn’t quite her back either (I’ll call it the “MYSTERY SPACE”). This is to HIDE the fact that the chick has NO ASS and that this strange space is all exposed. The Illusion: it looks like the ass is inside the triangle too, so the ass looks fuller. (see pic) Also other clothing is used to drape over the flat mystery space

Groots! …allemaal te vinden op The Assmatrix, website van iemand die het helemaal heeft voor derrières van zwarte madammen. [via Fleshbot]

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