Dat was al eens heel lang geleden: ik ben actief bezig in een flamewar.

Voorlopig al onder meer het volgende naar mijn hoofd gesmeten gekregen:

Michel, of all the braindead nonsense you spew, I am just going to pick out one thing you said: Perhaps they were genuinely convinced some of the WMDs they sold Saddam in the eighties still weren’t past their use-by-date. Please provide evidence for this absurd claim. No, IndyMedia urls will not do.

(waarna ik hem URL’s geef)

Michel, Michel, Michel. Are you really this dumb? This is material that countries until quite recently sent and sold each other all the time.

Aaaaah wijs!

Terugschieten natuurlijk:

Jan, Jan, Jan. Let’s not patronize each other, shall we? 🙂

Do you have any sources for *your* assertion? That it’s completely normal for countries to sell each other anthrax by the vat? Botulism? Salmonella?

Ah heck, why not patronize each other? Did you actually *read* those articles? Are you familiar with the term “dual-use technology”? You know, like those aluminium tubes Bush talked about in his state of the union?

I’ll save you the trouble of following the links again:

(citaat uit artikel volgt)

En over een ander stuk:

We have already established you can’t read, Michel. […] Re (a) the word “specifically” is included to distinguish between armed guards and soldiers

waarna ik

Jan, I’m sure you know the ad hominem attack is just about the last resort… (a) doesn’t actually say “specifically”, it says “specially”

Aaah wijs. Zoals ik zei, ‘t was al lang geleden.

NB: remember boys and girls—arguing over the internet is like running in the special olympics… even if you win, you’re still a retard.

Niet, uiteraard, dat ik iets wil beginnen over mindervalide medemensen of zo. Verre van! Sommige van mijn beste vrienden zijn idioten!

update: hé bah, no fair. ‘t Is bijgelegd.

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