Look ma, how clever. Om het (min of meer) met de woorden van Molly Holzschlag te zeggen:

Now some folks seem to get upset when memes like this emerge, claiming that it’s an “in” joke and so on. In many ways, that complaint is accurate, but I hope people can see why this sort of thing is so much fun, and not only for speakers, but for the audience as well. I’ve noticed that whenever conference speakers bond, they are able to provide a far more unified and relevant experience for delegates, as well as help to smooth out rough spots or modify the direction more easily as we will compare notes on audience skill level and so forth. Also, this sort of thing isn’t limited to just speakers, but delegates get involved too, just like the UI9 photo meme. At the risk of over-using my word, despite that this fun might appear to be very ego masturbatory, it’s all done with good intention.

Ons kent ons kent ons kent ons.

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